The Rain

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the rain ruined their plan.
He called her. It couldnt be reached.
“What if she was there alone waiting? in such this hour? in such this rain?”

Submitted: June 20, 2016

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Submitted: June 20, 2016



The Rain


Checking the time, he was wildly thinking about her. It was raining heavily outside, he could see that from the window of the cafe, where he had decided to relax himself before a text arrived.

It was an hour ago that he got a text message in his university fb group where she said she wanted to meet everyone at their former school. Sadly, the rain ruined their plan. All of their friends apologized her for not being able to meet. Everyone had seen and replied the text, except her.

It was the meeting time. Still, she did not reply nor see the text. He became to worry. “What if she was there alone waiting? in such this hour? in such this rain?” He called her. It couldnt be reached. “Her phone is dead as always.” he thought.

Made up his mind, quickly paid his bill and got into his raincoat, departed very fast to the meeting place, he only prayed that she was not there, safe at home. Even if he wanted to be fast, the rain force was just too strong for a motorbike to go forward. The traffic jam was everywhere. It took him two hours to reach there. Exhausted in driving and soaked in rain, he wanted to give up once he reached the front gate. “If she did come here, she would have gone home.” He was about the turn back. It came like a flash to his mind. “She couldn’t go back in such this rain and all of these jams, idiot!”

Quickly, he decided to go in and take a look for her. Just passed the gate, there was a shouting voice calling his name from the left, “Piseth!” he turned. A small figure holding umbrella, running towards him, he was in his whole mind sure that it was her. He was frozen there. a part of his mind was releasing to see her safe but it was more than that. It was that he was able to see her again after all these times, 3 years ago after their graduation ceremony.

“Piseth! It is really you. Why did you come? I thought no one came?” as she reached him.

“Because you couldn’t be reached and you didn’t even checked FB. Everyone said they couldn’t come. I was near here, so I came to check if an idiot like you is here waiting.” He calmly replied.

She laughed loudly, “Who is an idiot? Who wouldn’t know no one would come in such this rain? I was here before rain. So, I was waiting and checking if anyone stupid enough to come.”

He knew that was coming from her for sure. He didn’t argue back, “So what now?”. “Just come inside first” as she said and turned back to where she was from; he slowly followed her.

Parked his motorbike, took off his raincoat, and marched towards her, waiting at the bench.

Once he reached her, he could see her eyes red and swollen. Her face was white. He was shocked and was about to ask. “You know, I was hastily waiting them. Slowly, I gave up. I knew no one came. I wanted to go home but couldn’t. I was here alone. Once I saw you, I thought I was imagining. but when I was sure it was really you. I was over the moon. There was someone who actually came.” as she continued he could feel her trembling voice. “I was crying running towards you. Why did you actually come here? it is really because of me?” He stood there looking at her. He never saw her being this weak. The Her, he knew was strong and independent. She never let anyone see her weak side, let alone her tear. He thought it should be time, time that he was afraid the most, time that he might lose her forever, the time for confession

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