Jews in the nazi

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Jews were slaughtered. They were being killed, by the Germans. A boys life has been ruined, his parents, his loyalty, friends, childhood...

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016



Adi sat next to the pond and wandered, he looked at the lanterns. "Adi!" His friend shouted behind him. "Wanna play air planes?" he asked. Adi only nodded. Both of them imagined that they were flighing. Friends streched their hands out to the sides, and ran rounds around the tree. "Die! Die! Brr, brrr" they imitaded the shoots. "Ahhh! I'm dead!" Adam fell down and acted as dead. They both laughed, and started walking home. 

"Papa!" He exclaimed as he came back home. His father stretched his arms to the sides and smiled. "Hello little man!" Mother came from the kitchen. "Mama? Today me and Adam found a rabbit!" he shouted. "Thats intresting. Did he have a shirt?" she asked. "No mama, rabbits don't have shirts!" Adi exclaimed. Mother came closer and started tickling him as he loughed out loud. "Mama! Stop!" he screamed out of laughter. 

"Adara..." Father called Mother as she walked to him. When Mother came back, her face was pale. "Adi, we have to leave now..." she whispered. "Why? I love it here! I love my friends! Don't make me leave..." he rapped his hands around her legs. "Adi! We have to leave NOW!" Mother repeated. "Mam-aaa" he whined. "DON'T YOU HEAR ME?! WE'RE LEAVING! NOW!" Adara screamed. Adi walked back, and ran to his room. He laid in his bed and sobbed. Not because he's leaving. Because he could see the fear in Mothers eyes. She had never shouted at him. 

Someone knocked at the door, Father came in. "Adi... we have to go." he whispered. Father started packing his clothes. When he was done, he picked his son up and led him outside. "Adi, now we have to run, we can't waist any time..." Mother muttered. Adi nodded, and all of them ran... And left their home and childhood behind...


Soon they reached a house, there were people. A girl ran out and called her mother. "Mama!" she shouted. A woman came out and walked towards the family. "Are you cigerates?" she asked in a hidden language. "Yes we are..." they whispered. She nodded and led them downstars to a hidden room. There they hid the whole night and went to sleep. 


"We don't have any stupid jews..." Adi woke up and heard the woman talk to someone. "SHOW THEM! YOU UGLY PIG!" someone shouted. Seemed like a man. There were sudden sounds. Soon the men came down to the cellar, turned the whole room round. But didn't find anything, unlit a soldier called them to a the secret rooms door. "Break the door..." someone said. "Papa..." Adi started shaking his father. "Adi? What?" father asked as he stretched his hands. Adi only pointed at the door. "Adara..." fahter woke up mother. "No..." mother started crying. "We have to hide..." Father warned them. "We can't ther-" mother was interrupted, the soldiers came and looked around. In the very corner, a family of three were sitting still. "WE HAVE THEM!" a soldier shouted. Ten more men came in and started kicking and punching mother and father. "MAMA! PAPA!" Adi screamed and a soldier grabbed him and dragged him out. "YOU PIG! HOW DARE YOU HIDE?" a soldie shouted as he kicked the parents. "ADI!" Mother screamed. "MAMA! NO LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" the boy punched the man in the uniform. He looked the boy, let him fall to the ground and started slapping and hitting him in the face. "ANIMALS! YOU ALL SHOULD BE GONE!" he shouted. "PAPA! HELP!" Adi screamed like a wild animal. "ADI!" father shouted, but silently. Soon there was silence. Adi ran to the cellar and found his father dead. "PAPA!" he screamed and held on to him. As he looked at mother, she was barely alive. "LET ME GO!" a woman screamed. "LET GO OF MY DAUGHTER!" the woman screamed again. Soon Adi found out that the woman who hid them was being brought to them. The soldiers kicked and punched her. Then another man came and pointed the gun at the girls face. "MOTHER!" she screamed. "NO!" a gun shot was heard, and the girl fell to the ground. "ADELINE!" the woman shouted. The same soulder shot the woman as she fell down, dead...

"PAPA! MAMA!" Adi screamed through his tears. A soulder picked him up and dragged together with his mother, who was barely breathing, her face and arms were all bruised up and colered in blood. "Alon..." Mother whispered, as she looked at ther husband, laying on the ground...

Soon they were brought to a caradge, the soldiers tied them and whipped them as they had to pull the carrage. Mother was behind, being dragged. Where Adi had to be at the front. The soldiers whipped and whipped him all the way. He had to wear stripped pyjamas with a number 34763. "FASTER YOU! WHORES!" a soldier kept shouting and hitting the jews. They moaned out of pain. 

When they arriven the soldiers untied them and got them into a group. The men stood around them and led to small houses. Inside there were tonse of beds, and the smell was horrifying. But Adi didn't care. He just laid in one of them and fell to sleep. 

The next morning he woke up from the sound of an agressive whistle. Everyone went out and set to work. Adi had to carry rocks place to place, his mother had the same job. But she was so weak, she couldn't do it. "Mama, let me help you..." he offered his help and took her rock with his. "Mama, sit down and rest..." But mother only shook her head and hed to work. 

The whole month Adi strugguled in his life. And everyday he would look at the chimney, Twice a week a horrid smell would come out... and on the same day a group of jews would be missing... His life broke. It broke to a million pieces... he would be whipped for doing one step wrong. His legs started getting weaker and weaker. He could see his bones by one look. Hunger was the only thing he felt, as well as hurt, not only outside but inside. He felt broken for being missjudged, by the soulders. 

One day Adi found his mother on the ground, hit by a rock. "Take care, just don't give up, fight for your life. We jews are the same at the others. Don't froget that..." she muttered "Mama?" he asked. No answer. "Mama?" he shook her. "Wake up! The solders are comming!" he shook her, but she didn't move. When the soulders came, they picked Mother up and carried her somewhere. "MAMA!" Adi screamed as he ran after the soulders. He tried taking her away, but he only got a kick. "PIG GET AWAY!" the soulder shouted. Adi fell down and started hitting the ground. "NO!" he screamed. He lost his mother, father, his soul. Now he was left. Alone to fight....

On that faithful day, Adi was resting in his bed when someone let out a shot next to his house. All of the jews in that hut had to go out, where the soulders led them to a house. "TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF!" the soulders shouted. "What?" everyone started murmuring as they took the pyjamas. Adi felt nothing until all of them were pushed in a room. Everyone squished there. Adi looked around and saw all the men crying. He didn't know why. As all of them waited, the lights went off. They screamed out of fear. Something started spraying in there. "NO! LET US OUT!" the jews bangged to the door, but no one opned it. One by one they fell down. The gas burned Adi's inside, he couldn't breath, his body was strugguling. His body fought to stay, but soon stopped. So Adi too. He collapsed on the others. His heart stopped. His dreams stopped. His pain stopped. It was in peace. At last... Everyone laid there, until fire apeared, and the smoke came out throught the chimneys, with the smell. Adi was a part of it. His mind was driven away, it drove away somewhere, somewhere where he was meant to be....


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