Your thought lead you the way

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Your thought make you.

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016




We need food because it fuels the body and laughter fuels the soul. 

Words and thoughts are VERY powerful.

-if words can make ice freeze differently imagine what we do to ourselves having negative thoughts all the time. 

We have managed to disconnect with ourselves to a point that we just don't care. We are the same species, but feel different. We are all capable to feel the same things, so why are people harming each other and hurting animals? We can't understand how they are numb to human connection, and human feelings. We all need to connect with ourselves and begin to care for each other, because love only creates love. Everyone, in the end, all want to feel: respected, loved, and appreciated. Money, luxuries, and fame, too. But those things don't fulfill our souls, people do. And if we feel appreciated, loved, and respected, we feel happy. Therefore, if unexpected things were to occur we wouldn't take it so badly because we feel happy, and something that happens beyond our control shouldn't alter our good-moods. When you begin to spread love, love returns to you, when you share things, people will share with you, when you help others, they will help you back, when you appreciate others, they will appreciate you for it, in return. So it all begins with you, what you manifest. You're the owner of your own decisions, not Anyone else, and when you learn that it's no ones fault,  but your own for creating your own manifestations, you begin to get in touch with your self and begin to cherish yourself, your body, And your soul, making decisions that make you feel good, instead. what you give people, they give back to you. When a person is happy inside they begin to feel love and treat others how they like to be treated, that's the only way the world come to peace. If people can follow one simple rule "treat others how you want to be treated" than maybe, we wouldn't be in such a hateful world.

Allowing things get the best of us only disconnects us from our true-self. Control your thoughts, and your feelings will decipher. You are the creator of your life, your thoughts control your decision, and those decisions created your life. We subconsciously think in our heads every second, and those thoughts create our paths. 

Everything begins with the mind. So, Control it. Make the right choices
for yourself, stop punishing yourself because you feel unloved, unappreciated, and disrespected. No one can serve you something you aren't giving. Give it and it will be given back.

When you learn to value yourself and not let things get the best of you is when things will begin to shift for you. What you tell yourself, is what becomes your reality. So words do have power, it changes our moods, and the moods hurt our physical, emotionally. Emotions and words create our lives. So begin to change those emotions to happy ones, and use positive words. 

Fighting with people and name calling only hurts yourself. You think by arguing and proving points is hurting them? If that person is what I've become you're not injuring me, only yourself, because your upset, and I am not. Learn to express yourself in a positive manner. Because the first word you use in a sentence and last resonates inside of you. 

Example: "I am sick" the only two words that stay with you in your conscious is "I sick" try to manifest your thoughts, by having a positive mind. Learn to express in a positive way. 

Example: "I am okay" the two words that stay in your subconscious mind is "I, okay" learn to always express anything bad In a positive way, and see the change that begins when controlling your thoughts, as one. 

If you can't comprehend my statement, and the point of my blog, than, maybe, you are not ready to face that reality check of yourself. Everyone can only open up to their ability. Make your ability worth wild, you're the controller of what you want to believe, or hear.

Notice my whole post starts with "we and it ends with one" because in this world; "WE ARE ONE"

Wisdom happens when you learn from yourself and experience. Do I feel I have grown? Yes, definitely. My reaction to things are always understanding, and forgiving. I am not afraid to tell people how I feel about them, because having real emotions about people or a certain someone is part of our human experience, embrace what you have inside and share it with others, you will be so appreciated, loved, and respected for only being yourself. 

I was remembered by being an asshole once upon a time, now, I'm memorable and useful in helping others. Even if they aren't agreeing or listening, something seeps through, and to me, that is all that matters.

A.Layton. Namaste ???????? <----- helpful affirmations.

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