Pandora's Key

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
After Twelve years of exile detective James Hawk was urgently called back to London to help push back the ever growing population of demons all of which searching for one thing. Pandora's key. Along with his partner Alex Morgan he sets out the find the key before the king of the demons. However what they find linked to the key could unlock the secrets of the detectives past.

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Submitted: June 21, 2016

Prologue She perched on the edge of the building, her long black coat dancing behind her with the wind, the sun was only just beginni... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Hey there is a prologue before this...
Also this story is just a draft it is in no way complete to the standard i want and you will find faults with it, if you come across something that doesnt fit feel free to tell me id love to hear opinions on what would work best for certain scenes. Also forgive to horrid editing work for the punctuation i tend to rush through it as it is only the draft. Please enjoy what i have so far. Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 2 glutton for punishment The body hit the ground with a low thump as a black bladed dagger pulled from its split chest. The b... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 3 hatred of rain Dawn hated the rain, it was cold and it was wet. She hated the way it rolled off her hair and down her cheek... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 4 Entwined bonds The train pulled to a dying Holt, its engine sputtered with weariness and the breaks screeched with protest.... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 5 scents of wine and spices A rather wonderful scent of mature wine and spice made itself apparent as Dawn neared the clearin... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 6 shining banisters Hawk groaned as he stumbled through the automatic doors of the extremely fancy looking hotel, his head... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 7 Dawn sighed as she silently leapt from the rooftop the only sound to break the silence was the echoing beating of heavy win... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 8  The sun glittered against her stark skin as it drifted lazily through the large window at the front of the shop. It w... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 9  “Well that was tedious,” Hawk sighed pulling another twig out of his tangled hair. “Fun though, you have to adm... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 10 The house sat at the very outskirts of London in an agricultural section, it was surrounded by vast fields of vibrant rape... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 11 Eliza had almost forgotten the scent of freshly cooked meat before she stepped through the door of the hideous yet... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 12 The void apparent had a long spiralling stare case that grew colder the further they moved down. The horrid smell of somet... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 13 Dawn dozed lazily in the woods surrounding the cottage, she had not meant to follow the detective but something about the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 14 Eliza was not a fan of dogs, whether it be a fluffy Pomeranian or a great dane, something about them make her fangs slip o... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Submitted: June 21, 2016

Chapter 15 Dark and eerie places like that had a knack for drawing in dark and eerie girls such as Dawn. She was fairly certain the h... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Submitted: June 23, 2016

Chapter 16 A stark knock on the door disrupted the family scene and put a halt to the training James was receiving. As the father cal... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Submitted: June 28, 2016

Chapter 17   Three days nineteen hours and twenty-four minutes, that is exactly how long Hawk had been forced to stay in the... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Submitted: July 07, 2016

Chapter 18 It was a small mercy when the cold harshness of winter let up for the sun that melted the settled snow from the days in wh... Read Chapter

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