You're a Psycho Dotty

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The second installment of Dotty's story. It's a short, but it's my favorite. Last part will be up by tomorrow.

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016



Monday October 28th, 1979

Dotty: “It’s 7 A.M. doc.” An exaggerated yawn escaped from her lips. One shaky hand held a cigarette, while the other ran through her messy hair to undo the knots. She was given $200 by her sister. She spent it all in one day on cigarettes and snack cakes.

Drew: “I thought you would’ve wanted to see me. We haven’t talked for a week.” He had been informed that she spends her time avoiding her sister, roaming the halls, and spending the rest of the time curled up on her bed. She looked worse than she had the first time Drew met with her. Withdrawal was hitting her hard. Her once freckled skin was beginning to turn gray. Her eyes seemed to be sinking into her skull. If you stared at her long enough, you could see how much she was trembling. Drew couldn’t sympathize with her. It would affect his work too much, rather he viewed her as a pathetic Chihuahua. It helped, in a sense.

Dotty looked up with a smirk on her face. Drew wrote “PSYCHO” on a piece of paper. Norman Bates would have a run for his money if he saw Dotty’s face at this moment.

Drew motioned for her to move to the couch. She jumped in the couch, which gave an unpleasant squelching sound.

Drew: “Patient 1311, Dotty Shaffer. Second session. How are you feeling today?”

Dotty: “Why would you care?”

Drew: “Humor me than.”

Dotty: “I don’t know how I am.”

Drew: “Do you mean that you are unsure of your feelings? You don’t know how to express yourself.”

Dotty: “What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t know how I feel because I just woke up. I can’t know how I feel when I wake up this early and can’t function like a normal human.”

She let out a verbal sigh and crossed her arms.

Dotty: “You fuckers won’t let me have any coffee. All I got is cigarettes. I need coffee. Hell, I’ll drink it off the floor as long as I get some.”

Dotty popped another cigarette in her mouth as the other one died out. It amazed Drew that she hasn’t contracted emphysema with the amount of empty packs found in her room.

Drew: “Fine. We’ll skip that question for now. Let’s talk about why you’re here. A judge says that you need a psych evaluation, do you think you need one?”

Dotty: “I don’t know. How would I know if I was crazy? Or maybe I am crazy and I can’t recognize that I’m crazy because I don’t know what I’m crazy with. I bet that’s the right answer.”

Drew: “Possible.”

Dotty: “Fuck you. That’s what my sister said. I visited her in college. That’s what she was studying. The fact that crazy people can recognize that they are crazy, but they don’t know what they have so they can’t really tell if they are crazy.”

Drew: “Why did you do those things to that boy? You have no affiliation to him. You’ve never met him and he has no reason to be of noteworthy to you.” Frustration leaked out of Drew’s mouth.

Dotty: “Why did the zodiac killer, kill all those people?”

Drew: “That has noth-“

Dotty: “Humor me. Why did he do it? Why does a cat run away from a dog? Why did society come up with an all seeing being that resembled an old man who doesn’t know how to trim his dirty old beard?”

Drew was concerned as to where the conversation was headed. Dotty’s mood shifted from playful to depressing.

Dotty: “Fear.” She reached a hand up to the ceiling and stared at her decaying nail polish. “Fear is what drove each question. The cat ran for fear of being killed by the dog. Society created God because they were scared someone was going to kill them. They created rules and stated they were from someone higher up. Mr. Zodiac, killed all those people because he was scared of being alone. I tortured that boy because I was scared. Scared of being in a world where I don’t belong.”

Drew: “I don’t see how those two things relate. Torturing and molestation is a cause of you being scared of living amongst society?”

Dotty: “Haha. You’re funny doc.”

Drew: “I don’t follow.”

Dotty: “Of course you don’t.” She sighed and lit up another cigarette as her first one died out. “I never met the kid, this is true, but he met me. He was the brother of a drug dealer friend of mine. I never met him on account of the shit I was pumping into my body, but he met me. To be out of my head was the best feeling you know. Nobody can make fun of you, at least, you can’t recognize if they do make fun of you. Whore. Scumbag. Shit of the earth. On a daily basis I was called these things. When you’re hopping, it’s as if the whole world is forced to smile on you. You are queen! At least ‘til it wears off. It’s like sucking on god’s teat, y’know?”

Drew: “I guess I don’t know.”

Dotty: “For a doctor, you sure as shit don’t know a lot of things.”

Drew: “You still never explained the boy.”

Dotty: “Right.” A sigh left her mouth and the room was filled with smoke. “I ran out of money pretty quick that week. So I went over to his house. I had never been there sober, but it was an experience. The house was dark and menacing. Trash bags were filled and stuffed into the corners of the house. The little brother was such a pervert. He would run around with only his underwear on, constantly scratching. After everyone was passed out, I went to his room. I just picked him up and took him. I remember it being so simple to just steal a kid. I took one of their cars and drove it to some abandoned lot. The molestation part was just for the kid, needed him to trust me. Not my most accomplishing achievements, but it got the job done. I called the police and I called his brother right after. That’s when I began to work. I want you to take a note in your fucking report, I did not maim the kid. All I did was take my nail clippers and slice his back a bit. Some rubbing alcohol and a Scooby doo band aid and he’ll be right as rain in the morning.”

Drew was horrified at how easily the words slipped out her mouth. His previous thought about whether she belongs in a hospital had flown for the door. This time around, remorse did not hide in her voice, but rather had been buried deep with other thoughtless emotions like love.

Drew: “W-why did you do it?” Drew had sputtered out.

Dotty: “I already told you that.”

Drew: “I meant why tell on yourself. What did you gain from that?”

Dotty: “You sure aren’t paying attention today are you doc. Maybe you should get some coffee. While you’re out, get me some too.”

Drew: “Please just answer my question.”

Dotty: “Fine. One of two things was gonna happen when I called somebody. One, pervert’s brother was gonna come and kill me on the spot. Believe me, that would’ve been welcomed. Or, two, the cops would come and arrest me. I would have some kid loving judge who would send me away for years. Since I’m talking to your fucking face, you can see things didn’t go the way I wanted them to.”

Drew was left awestruck. She was interesting to say the least. A true psycho.

Drew: “You can go Dotty.”

Dotty stared at the doctor quizzically. She concerned with what he was processing. He looked shaken up and disturbed. Dotty thought he might join her in the crazy pit.

Dotty: “I thought you were supposed to be a real doctor, not some loser. Grow a pair already, life only gets worse from here on out.”

She slammed the door and walked off down the hallway. Drew’s career had been only to talk to schizophrenics, multiple personalities, and the occasional angel whisperer. Never had he met a real psycho. It was a lot to process, but he also thought of the last thing she said. He was a doctor after all, a pathetic loser, but god dammit he was also a doctor. Dotty was a force to be reckoned with, but he vowed to crack her. He would find the meaning of her existence and wrap up his evaluation of her. He wanted to rid his life of Dotty.

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