Alone pt. 1

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Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016



It finally hits me, I'm alone.

I look around, Looking at the empty spots in my house, well now I can't call it mine. Every spot my eyes gaze at, I think of a memory, I smirk, but then I realize that they're gone and there's no way they're coming back.

I remember the time my 5 year old brother came up to me and told me to smell his sharpie, and not know what was going to happen he shoves the sharpie up my nose.

I could feel the tears falling down my cheek slowly, I try to hold back my tears. The last thing I said to my mom was "You make my life so miserable". If I knew I was going to lose her that day I would have stayed with her, and died with her. With them.

"Ms. Kingsman, Your ride is here" the lady that gave me the awful news says.

I whiped away the tears. "Thank you" I say miserably. I walk up to her and give her a hug, I do it because I feel like I should and it's the right thing to do in this situation.

"Ms. Kingsman, everything is going to get better. I'll give you my number if you need anyone to talk to" she pull out a business card. I look at her glaring.

"My family is gone, how is it going to get better. I'm 16 years old. I'm going to raise myself. It's not going to get better, I'm all alone"

"Hunny, You won't be alone, your new foster parents will make you feel like nothing happened. They'll make you feel like they're your new parents" she says.

"Are you serious!?" I say I pull away "no one is going to replace my parents, and no one is going to become my new parents" all she does is smile pitifully at me, as she's slowly handing me her card. I look at it and then look at her, I turn around, not grabbing the card.

I arrive at my new house, It's green and beautiful just like my old house. I bet she set this up, to make me feel like nothting even happened. I go inside and I get so angry because it looks exacly the same as my old house, why on earth would she do this, she's such ahorrible person.

"Hey hunny, how was the ride?" she says like my mother would, why was she acting like she was my mother.

"Good." is all I say

"That's good" she smiles "do you want to see your bedroom? Come follow me" some teenage boy just comes right behind me and grabs my stuff and starts following her up to my room.

I look around at every wall, every corner, it's exacly like my room at home "why are you guys doing this to me. I don't want this room" I say angrily.

"I figured you were going to say that, follow me, hunny" she says and takes me down a hall like the one at my old home. I already know where we're going, to my parents room, well the one that looks like my parents room. I could feel tears coming down my cheeks, I didn't feel like going threw this pain so I just turned around and walked straight to the door and left without even telling them where I was going. I was already down the street and I could hear her screaming my name "Kingsman! Where are you going?!" I turn my head to see if she was walking after me, but sure enough she was running after me so I started running and before I knew it, I was in the air, and then the ground. All I could hear was tires screeching, and that lady screeming my name, I could hear footsteps coming toward me.

"Someone call 911" a man says.

I can't do this God, why did you choose me to go threw so much pain, I start to think. I start feeling weird, am I dying I think to myself. I know my eyes aren't open but I could still see someone, maybe a lady, she was coming towards me, "Kingsman, this is your fate. The day your parents died was the day you were suppose to die" she says "You were suppose to die in a car accident"


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