The Elysian Fields

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Forever together, bonded yet separated by love.

*Something a bit different. Not entirely happy with this. May touch it up down the road if I can figure out how.

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016




Where will we go if we travel beyond the Elysian Fields?

Is there another plane of beauty unseen?

Some place of serenity more serene than here?

Or shall we turn about and return through the fields once more?


I know of a beauty, my love, as precious as you

With flowers as bright as your eyes,

A heavenly colour as pure as your heart.

I will take you there if you but walk with me

And leave this place.  Leave your coveted serenity.


What will this mystery journey entail?

Do you promise a place of peace and tranquility?

I should not wish to leave for anything less.

Promise me you can promise me you will take me some place better.


I promise I can promise you peace and tranquility.

The Elysian Fields are tired.  Let us grant them some contentment.

We will travel through nothing, venture oblivion to reach your haven

But you will love it, my love.

I know you.  I promise I can promise you.


I will take your hand, dear sir, and place my trust with you.

Do not misguide me.  Do not fool me.  You are the only one I trust so.

Lead me away from the Elysian Fields.  Into the nothingness.  Lead me to where your heart takes us.

I am in an eternal mood for stillness.

Please, grant me such.


Your words know where I take you, even if you do not.

Quietude is all I can provide in your new terminus.

Take my hand.  Fear not, my love, for I know the path.

It is not one I have trod, but one I did craft.

I will not go with you, but I shall always remain.  Fear not, my love.

You go to my heart where you will know stillness for eternity.

There is only room for one.  There is only room for you.


Where will you go?  What will you do?  As I bathe in your heart’s serenity, my loving one?

Please, do not suffer.  Please, do not fret.

For I am now with you at all times in all ways, content in the bosom of your chest.


Fear not, my love.  I will not suffer.  I will not fret.

I will walk the Elysian Fields alone

With the warm glow of you deep within my breast.

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