Chapter 1: First Day Of School

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It's 5:30am and my alarm goes off. I turn over on my side and shut it off and just lay there thinking "great this is going to be a great week not". I hear my mom from down stairs,

"Rose honey you have to get up and get ready for school" I get up from my bed and go to my door and yell down,

"Yes mom I know I'm awake and up."

I close my door and go to my closet and look through my clothes. I grab a red tanktop, a leather over coat jacket, a pair of boot cut jeans, and my favorite leather high heel boots. I get dressed and go to my bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I straighten my hair and put some makeup on. After I'm done with my hair and makeup I look at my self in the mirror. I say to my self, "Who is this girl in the mirror? I know I'm not the prettiest girl around but hey I'm me." I hear my mother,

"Rose hurry up or your going to be late for your first day of school."

I fix my hair up a little bit, grab my cell phone and book bag, and hurry down stairs.When I get down stairs my mother looks at me and says,

"Honey you are absoloutly beautiful your father would of been so proud of you; she kisses my forehead and says "Have a good first day of school and drive safe."

I say thanks I grab my car keys and head out the door. It only took me 15 minuetes to get to school, I park my car in the student parking lot and grab my stuff and head into the school. The first periods before lunch went by fast. When the bell rang for lunch I got up from my seat and walked into the hall. When I got into the hall I lost my footing and dropped my books onto the ground. I swore under my breath but bent down to pick my books up. When I bent down to pick up my books I ended up bumping heads with another student. I fell back and said,

"Oh my god I am so sorry I didnt mean to." When I looked up I stopped what I was saying and I froze. I was looking at a georgeous blue eyed guy and just froze. We stayed staring at eachother for about 2 minuetes. Then he spoke,

"Oh I am so sorry you must be Rose the new girl right? Hi I'm Mike." He stood up and reached out for my hand I grabbed his hand as he helped me stand up.He bent down and grabbed my books that I dropped.

"Are you ok Rose?"

I forgot that I hadnt spoke,

"Oh umm sorry yes I'm ok just probably going to have a headache."

"How about we go get you some tylonal and head to lunch? I'll carry your books for you."

I shook my head and walked with him. After lunch the day flew by pretty fast and come to find out Mike was in the rest of the same classes as me. In our study hall we would talk and laugh it was like we knew eachother before hand. After the day was over he walked me to my car and gave me his cell phone number and hugged me. After he hugged me he asked,

"Rose where do you live I can pick you up in the morning for school to save on your gas."

I told him and he waved goodbye and walked away. I stared after him for a coupple of minuetes and than I got into my car and started home. 

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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