Tales From The Deep

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Do you like to read mini stories that can make you cry? Laugh? Frightened even? This story might be for you. I will make stories based on different movies, TV shows, animes, and even just some random stuff. You, at anytime, can comment on what you would like me to write about next.

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016



    I slowly walk down a darkened hallway. No doors. No sounds, other than my footsteps and breathing. Suddenly, I came across a door. I put my ear up to it. Still no sound. I cautiously open the door. CREEK! I slowly walk in. The room was as dark as the new moon in the sky. That’s when I heard a noise. It was a deep, low chuckle. “Looks like you finally made it.” The voice was deep and unfamiliar. I searched for the owner of it. 

That’s when I saw him. Hair, as black as coal. Eyes, as grey as stone. Smirk, as mischievous as the devil. His eyes looked as if he was staring into my soul. A shiver crawled up my spine. This earned another chuckle from the man, just as low and deep as the first. “This is going to be so much fun.”

In a blink of an eye, I was strapped to a chair. Arms and legs bounded. I struggled against the thick, rough ropes that held me from moving. This made another chuckle flow out of the man’s lips and float up to my ears. This chuckle was not like the first one. This one was deeper, lower, and even more mischievous.

He walked up to me and looked me up and down. He smirked again, looking as if a plan was brewing in his mind. “You know how long it took for me to find you? Well, you wouldn’t believe me, because you weren’t even born when my search started.”

I was too busy struggling against my restrains to fulling process what was leaving his lips. It felt like the more I struggled, the tighter the ropes hold on me got.

He pulled something out of his pocket. He turned his back to me, as if to say, ‘You can’t look at this yet.’ I craned my neck to look at the forbidding entity in his grasp. He faced me again. The object in his hand was shiny. “You like this;” he lifted the item, “don’t you?” He chuckled for the fourth time.

I got a better look at the entity in his hands. It was a vile. It contained a dark orange substance. He shook around in front of my eyes. A terrified expression reached onto my face. Another eerie chuckled left his lips. He pulled out a syringe. 

I took a deep breath. He inserted the needle into the vile and filled it up with the mysterious liquid. He slowly walked over to me. With a mischevious smirk, he injected the serum into my neck.

My vision started to blur up, and I could see black dots. Every part of my body ached with a horrible pain. This is it. Then, everything went numb, and the darkness consumed me.

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