Black magic

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A girl who is fed up of being a loser and everyone thinking she's a ghost. That's what Scarlet is. Until one day a mysterious woman gives her a book that could fix all her problems. It's black magic. The perfect medicine for unpopularity. When she starts playing around with black magic, it seems fun, playing with everyones life, risking everything and ignoring the warning on the book. Nothing could possibly go wrong...

Submitted: June 21, 2016

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Submitted: June 21, 2016



Scarlet sat in her usual lunch table, since it was the only table that not much people sat in, the table in the right corner of the cafeteria was the losers table, losers always sat there, the ones that get bullied because they are nerds, the ugly ones, the teachers pet, and much more. That table was the one that when people walked by, they gave it a disgusted look, narrow their eyes at whoever is sitting there and move along, most didn't even look, just ignored it like everyone there were ghosts. That's what they called the losers at Enchanted middle school. The losers like Scarlet, the number one ghost at Enchanted middle school. A ghost Scarlet thought with a disgusted look on her face, that's what I am. She looked to her right to see who was sitting next to her. No one, as usual. She looked left, no one again. She sighed looking at her sandwich thinking about how to not be a ghost, but not much came to her mind except starting to wear all that cloth that other girls wore. Girls like Jessica, Jessica was a tall girl who wore high heels and short skirts, mostly blue, which was the last color you would see Scarlet wearing, she also wore bright red lipstick which was the last color you would see Scarlet wear on her lips. Just the thought of her dressing like that made her want to throw up, which reminded her that she didn't do her science homework, which was to write a summary on a frog they have disected last week. She quickly finished her sandwich and went to the library, which had so many books that not even the nerds could read. She sat in the middle table at the back of the room and took out a blank sheet of paper, and then it it her that she had no idea what to write because she got so sick when they were disecting frogs that she had to go home, so she missed it all, which at that moment was a relief... 

She stood up and went to the animal section of the books which took her at least 4 minutes to get there, because it was at the back of all the shelves. She just stared at all the books there were, she didn't think there existed so many books about animals, but apparently, she was wrong. She sighed and went to look at all the books, she looked for frogs for over 10 minutes, and finally, she just gave up, that assignment is gonna have to wait. She turned around to go back, and there was a really old smily lady standing behind her all casual. "AAH!" She shouted the second she turned around, her heart beating fast, "I... didn't hear you come" The old lady just smiled "I'm the new librarian" she put out her hand for Scarlet to shake it. Scarlet just stared at her hand and then back at her over and over, until finally, her heart started to beat normally again. "Nice to meet you" She said shaking her hand. "I'm Ms. Kanterkot, can I help you find something?" That woman must have the world record of smiling thought Scarlet, but just said, "Um, no, I was leaving now, thanks though" She didn't want to say anything, but that woman was a bit too old to have a job, she looked at least 80 years old. "Ah, I know exactly what you need" She took a book from behind herself, which Scarlet didn't notice that there was a book behind her... because there wasn't one before. The woman still smiling held the book out to Scarlet, who was staring at the woman with a puzzled and a slightly scared look on her face, with one eyebrow up. She took it from her slowly, and looked down at the book she just gave her. Black magic it said. "Black magic?" Scarlet said staring at the book. She looked up while she said, "Why would I wan-" the woman wasn't there, as if she vanished into thin air. Puff, just like that. She quickly looked around everywhere, but the woman was no one to be seen. Creepy thought Scarlet, and just walked out of the library as the bell rung.

When Scarlet got home, her mother asked her how was school as usual, and she quickly went upstairs to her room, she jumped to her bed and opened the book that the librarian gave her. The first chapter was about how to change how you look, the second was about how to get the ultimate revenge, and all the chapters were like that. Ugh, why did I take this book from the library? She thought closing the book. That's when it hit her that she didn't sign the book off, she just run away with it. She somehow felt like a thief, so she decided tommorrow she was going to give it back to the library. She sighed and put the book on her table to go to sleep. As she turned the lights off she wondered if black magic actually worked. A second later she realised how stupid that sounded, I'm almost 14! Why would I think that? She thought, making fun of herself in her mind. Well, tommorrow, I'll return it. 

Untill everything started making no sense... 

Find out in part 2 

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