Desolate Space

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Controlled

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



My legs started working on their own. They sent me through that door before I even knew what was happening. Now I was scared. I was out of that trance state, but I had no control over my body. I didn’t understand what was happening. Then I heard a voice, ever so quietly, say “Mateo”. At first, I thought I was going crazy. How could anyone know my name on this ship? My parents were dead, my sister kidnapped by pirates. I signed up to be aboard this ship under the name, “William Sukra”. How could anyone know my real name? As this thought popped into my mind, the same soothing voice that originally said my name replied in the same tone. “Mateo, do not be afraid. I am the one that knows all and all knows me.” This statement confused me even more. Then I heard some sort of hissing. As soon as I heard the hissing, I knew something was wrong. This, man, or what ever you call him, was talking to me, commanding me, to do something. I watched from a first-person perspective as I took a knife, slit my wrist in a X, and dripped the blood into a triangle. Even though the whole experience was strange as it is, I never felt any pain. Never felt the blood being squeezed out of me. Whoever this man, or alien, that was controlling my body meant business. After he dripped the blood into a triangle, I heard the continuing hissing, sometimes changing in pitches. After he successfully completed the triangle, my body grabbed a jar. What was in the jar, I don’t know. My vision blacked out as I reached in the jar and pulled out something long and sticky. My vision returned, and my body took this long, sticky thing, which looked like a worm, and placed it around the triangle. Then my hands picked up the same knife that my body cut my arms with, and cut the sticky thing into three pieces. There was no movement, no air-conditioner noises, no TV static, just a deathly, eerie quiet. Then, in the deepest voice possible, a voice that matched a grown man rather than me, screamed, “BLUE SKULLS, COME OUT FROM YOUR VOID!” At this saying, I was extremely spooked. What did this mean? Who were the Blue Skulls, and why were they going onto our ship? I heard the voice, soothing and calm, say, “Thank you, dear Mateo. Your body has been an excellent host.” I felt something suck out of me, almost like having a vacuum cleaner tube rolled down into your stomach, and everything was ripped out of me. The last I heard from the little voice was, “Run Mateo. Get out of here, and as soon as possible.”

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