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Chapter 7: Seryna get's to know her new companions, and find's out the current status of her friendships. Rae shows her why she chosen her to aid them on her quest to become the next leader of clan Sabrae using the Prophecy. Remera finally makes a friend, and Seryna realizes her loneliness. The new quest begins after they find and set up a location.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016






Chapter Seven


Cover Artwork: DAI Hunter Tarot

Art Source: Pinterest

Inspired by the DA Franchise

Written by Booksie Member Haku







The Demon

After agreeing with the Sorcerers quest, they travelled to locate the most effiecient campsite, where they could stay easily hidden but essential resources to collect were within a close proximity. Seryna was suprised to find that Remera and Vaeril followed them wordlessly after being released. When she looked over her shoulder she saw they were lagging behind them, with a huge gap in between them, not uttering a word, with their sullen faces looking down refusing to meet her eyes. Rae led them to a low area of ground, a quiet, sheltered area with a considerate space for setting camp. 

When they finally stopped and began to set up camp, everyone seemed to assign themselves to a certain duty. The darkness of the night was reaching it's fullest black, and the moon shimmered full in the starry sky. At the arrival, Remera stood there cautiously, looking around - Seryna was suprised when she caught a glimpse of Rae's warrior companion, Elren, studying her with interest for a fraction of a second. Vaegil immediately took out his equipment, laying an animal hide on a chosen area and placing his books, an assortment of potions, and small treasures on the ground carefully, before sprawling on his back with exhaustion. Rae sat in a far corner, crossed-legged with her eyes closed. Her bright red painted eyelids were showing, and her expression was serene. Her arms were outstretched as she planted her hands to the sodden ground. Seryna walked around all four of them as she decided where to set up her own small tent which was still rolled up tightly on her back. When she settled for the far right, she realised she had stepped on something after throwing the weight of her equipment of her back and feeling greatly relieved of the tension. Something under her foot was covered in grass and weeds. Tearing the grass and pushing it aside, she ripped the object free of the grass that had implanted it to the earthy ground.It was a brown leathery helmet, with a face of an animal on it's top. It's big long mouth even had small rounded teeth on it, as well as a nose and pair of eyes sewn into the thick leather. Seryna threw it away from her area as soon as she realized it was crawling with insects and rotting horribly.

Everyone was far too tired to make conversation, and all of them except Rae dissapeared inside their own small tents. Seryna's mind was brimming with thoughts lately, and she hadn't realized how incredibly tired she had been.


When she awoke the next morning, she couldn't remember when she had drifted off to sleep exactly. She stuck her head out from her tent. Rae was sitting in precisely the same place she had seen her the last night. Vaeril was sitting by a small campfire with a potions tripod set up over the flames with his head buried in the contents of a thick book. He shot occassional resentful looks in Rae's direction. Seryna sat opposite him, and when he didn't look up at her, she gained a distinct feeling that he was deliberately ignoring her.

She felt she had nothing left to lose, so she asked him what potion he was making.

"It's not a potion. I'm only making tea." He huffed without looking at her.

Seryna studied his features, remembering their dual from the other day, thinking of what magic could be involved in absorbing light energy and supposedly using this to create a shimmering shield. When she found no answers from her contemplation, she decidely concluded that Vaeril was secretly a plant in the shape of an elf. This lead her to ruminating of what species of plant he would be, when he inturrupted this ridicule.

"Will you stop staring at me like that, please Seryna." His manners were credible at this point.

Feeling caught in the act, she looked away immediately. She saw the elven warrior finally emerge from his tent. Seryna couldn't take her eyes away when she saw he was no longer wearing his strange black shiny armour, beautiful as it was. His black hair was long and shiny. His face had a similar appearance to Rae, except his skin seemed paler and his features smaller. Unlike Rae, his face wasn't painted in strange colours. There was only a small black tatoo on his forehead with a simple shape of winged line. Seryna guessed it was the outline of a dragon's wings. His clothing was black and simple. He had already equiped himself with a vest of chainmail.

"Morning" Seryna said with as much friendliness as possible.

He simply murmured, "Hm" as a response.

Even Vaeril shifted his eyes to look at his approach. The elf named Elren striding over to Rae. Seryna never thought she could feel any more ignored than she had a moment before. Vaeril seemed to be amused, smirking to himself as he poured himself some of his green tea. He made an exhaling noise through his nose, something which Seryna had always found overtly irritating. Elren leaned down and starting whispered to Rae. He stood up straight again and slouched against a tree trunk just like he had done the previous day, returning to his bored look.

"Are you assisting Rae with her quest as well? or...?" Seryna asked him. As he stood leaning against the thick trunk, she thought he looked slightly tall for an elf.

"Yes, he is," Rae answered her, "Elren was told to help me by the commands of our clan sage. They are members who advise our people on their best suited ambitions. It is by law of our clan that we have to obey the Sage just like anyone does their leader."

"I wasn't ordered on my quest. I left my clan in secret, as we were currently not permitted to leave the clan's camp territory" Seryna said for the sake of conversation. She saw Elren shake his head slightly in dissaproval.

"Well, you will atone for your disobedience," Rae answered, to Seryna's disbelief. She was beginning to find Rae worthy of becoming her friend someday. She dropped the sentinment just as coldy as Rae said this.

To avoid stirring anwanted conflict, Seryna left the conversation at that. She turned to Vaegil, deciding to risk her small remainder of hope.

"Where's Remera?"

"You always ask about her." Vaeril sighed.

"Shouldn't I?"

"She is safe. Don't worry." Rae said, but Seryna wasn't convinced. How could she know Remera's whereabouts by just sitting there? 

Seryna began wishing painfully that she could be surrounded by people who showed apprieciation for her company. After a long, dreary silence Remera finally made an appearance. Her landing on the ground made Seryna and Vaeril jump. It looked like she had leapt down from a tree.

"Have you been watching us all this time?" Vaeril asked her, clearly disgruntled.

"No," She had bundles of dead rabbits in her hands, gripping them by their little back feet. "I was hunting. I thought I should do something useful. You all sleep for too long."

Seryna would thank her if she hadn't just recalled her last conversation with her. Remera flung the rabbits at the foot of the campfire, and Vaeril seemed to jump at the sight of them. He looked up at Remera in disbelief, as if had suddenly realised she was a murderous woman. 

"What. This is what we eat in Nethania. Get used to it or go home, chicken." Remera said strictly. Seryna couldn't help but laugh at the saddened expression on Vaeril's pitiful face, who was looking disheartedly at his pot placed over the flames.

"Hm. I was expected you to skin them. You look like the kitchen type." Remera's voice seemed to express her growing satisfaction as she contined to bully Vaeril. She began to hang them on a meat stand, looking back at him and smirking at his vegetarianism. Seryna began to take pity on him.

"Remera, you can't take the mick out of someone for their diet. Imagine if you went to their clan and they called you disgusting at the sight of you eating meat."

She merely scoffed at her. "If we all took that attitude, all us forest elves would have gone extinct years ago." But she seemed to contrain herself from insulting him for the rest of the day.

"Do not think we are taking a rest today." Elren suddenely annouched to the three of them, standing casually by the tree with his arms folded. "Prepare all our essentials, any food and drink, armour, anything you need to do. She will be ready soon."

"Good. You have no idea how many questions have to ask her!" Seryna said, feeling her spirits lift slightly. 

Elren ignored this. 

"Is she your sister?" Remera asked him as she removed the skins from the rabbit meat, being sure to cover it from Vaeril's sight. Seryna was impressed when she noticed this.

"No. But she is an heir to the clan chief, so I must serve her. Her father is called Riordan Hior'len Sabrae. There are several heirs."

"Wouldn't the oldest son take the place of leadership?" Remera asked. Seryna thought it was a valid point.

"No. Why would that be?" He asked her, his tone of voice suggesting curiosity, although Seryna was not certain. He spoke in an accent that seemed to express different tones that she couldn't understand.

"This is a universal law that seems to be followed in all places. Perhaps I was wrong." Remera replied.

Elren remained silent for a moment, although he seemed to look and nod at her in acknowlegment. "...You fight well. Very quick and cunning. Now we speak on agreed terms, I can say you were a worthy opponent."

Remera let a small smile shape her lips, as a small gesture of apprieciation. Seryna felt puzzled, perhaps even envious, at their conversation. Every attempt she had tried to speak to the elf warrior, he had clearly dismissed her and show a pronouced lack of interest in talking to her. She began to worry that he and Rae may have a reason to be against her.

When Remera began preparing a stew, Vaeril left them sulkily and withdrew into his private tent. The delicious smell of cooking meat and salted ingredients hung strongly in the air, making Seryna's stomach mumble loudly. She was aching to ask Remera why she had temporarily left them, and why she decided to come back, but she didn't know what to say, especially with the company of others, so she decided to wash her clothing in a nearby stream. She felt mixed feeling of longing lonlineness and pleasant solitude as she was herself in the water. Rain began to drip, and the breeze began to sound itself as it travelled. She missed her clan, and all of her friends who she had left there. It was comfortable back there, where meals were served on a perfectly regular basis, everyone's animals awaited them behind their fences, and Keeper Maryden walking around the camp making light coversations or regulating the clan's resources and storages. But she had to go back to Rae's campsite. She had borrwed enough time away from the camp already, and she knew Rae could be waited for her ready, from whatever it was she had been doing all day.


When she returned to the new campsite, everyone (except Vaegil, of course) were oblingingly helping themselves to the cooked stew - even Rae, who had finally opened her eyes and joined them. When they had finished, Rae seemed to signal Elren, who nodded in confirmation before standing up and goinginside his tent. 

With one wave of her staff, Rae conjured a shadow that swam over the campfire and killed the blames, depriving the embers from light. Seryna saw Vaeril peeking out his tent from the corner of her eye, looking apprehensive.

"Clear the area." Elren approached wearing a full suit of armour, taking the cooking equipment away from the smoking firewood, "Sit down Seryna, if you would." When she obeyed, Rae took a place opposite her at the other side of the campfire centred in the area. Elren gestured to Remera, signalling her to distance  herself from her and Rae. Seryna thought the huntress was refusing, until she leapt up into the trees and dissapeared from sight. Elren took his place a fair distance behind Rae, standing dutifully by a trunk with his hand touching the hilt of his longsword. 

Rae looked into Seryna's eyes with the most serious look on her face. She closed her eyes and said;

"Seryna. I am going to show you why I chose you to come with me on my mission. The prophecy tells me this. I have been meditating all day to prepare for this. It takes an exhausing amount of power from me to show another being the prophecy without using a magical object - like the gem stone you found." She took a deep breath as she concertrated, "Do not be afraid Seryna. Everyone here is watching us, and if you should find yourself in danger, they will leapt out from their hiding places to rescue you. You are not in danger however. This, I know to be true. You can rest assured."

Rae reached her hands and held tightly onto Seryna's wrists. The witch finally opened her eyes. Her black eyes were staring into hers. They were dialating, and the white of Rae's eyes were beginning to dissapear, and then her eyes were completely black. This sight alone made Seryna feel on edge. Her skin crawled.

Her vision was fading, and everything  around her was going dim as if something were sucking the light away. She found herself staring into pitch blackness. Something crept up her arm, and the whispering voice came to her again.

"Seryna. Why do continue to run away from me?  So cowardly, so wretched!" It hissed. "Do you remember me? Do you remember?" She stayed still, completely frozen, entirely unsure if it was the correct thing to do to say something. When it touched her jawline and clenched her cheeks, she jumped violently and jerked away to free herself from it's grip. It's claws remained gripping into her skin.

"Remember it, Elf."

The voice was the familiar.

"But I can't see you." said Seryna.

Its clawed hands travelled down her back, and then she heard it's voice from behind her. It must have been the same demon she saw in the gemstone at the ruins. Then the memory rushed back to her, from the event that she had tried to shove to the back of her mind with all her willpower.

"I know you. You're the demon that tried to possess me when I was eight years old."

"Yes!" It seemed pleased, "Now you know, for you can say farewell in your last moments. I am touched that you returned to me," and pain seared in her chest. It had dug it's claws in like hooks. She tried to push it away, but she couldn't feel the demons body. She remember what Rae told her a few moments ago, and her fear shrank.

"You won't control me, demon. Begone!"

The darkness was retreating along with the demon. The surroundings began to turn white, just as she remembered it during her transformation into a mage. The demons black form appeared, and she saw the shape of a dark body covered in black veins or vessels silhouetted against the increasing light. 

Suddenly the vision dissapeared, and she felt her own body slam against the grass. The world was distorted itself, and she felt like couldn't sense where the gravity was. Her head was spinning. A deafening scream drowned her ears, and all she could see her blurs of someone leaning over her and staring. Multiple sounds all at once were hitting her ears, and she began feeling sick with dizziness. It was too much, like her mind was overloading with an overwhelming montage of sights, sounds, visions, and memories rushing all once. She couldn't withstand it's pressure much longer. It only grew worse as pain ruptured in her chest, and she feel the coolness of blood on her skin. The wound was increasing, growing larger and larger. It's going to kill me, she thought, feeling panic stricken. She looked at her chest again, and saw something rising from the wound. A black substance, who looked awfully similar to the demon.

I am possessed, she thought. It didn't work after all. I couldn't fight it this time. Her eyes teared, and she thought her head might explode from the impact of her visions rushing past her sight, not knowing what was real and what was not. The blackness emerging from her chest was taking form. Everything began to slow down, and her vision was slowly redefining itself. The campsite came back to her, and she realised it was Remera who was sitting next to her, with her arm underneath her shoulders. Seryna looked up at her when she was relieved from the pain and impact. But Remera was staring in the other direction looking horror struck. When Seryna heard a low growl she followed her stare.

The shape of a wolf was forming from the black, smoke substance, which was compressing itself into the form, making the shape solidfy. The Wolf looked real and living. It moved it's gaze to Remera, growling quietly. Seryna didn't feel anything. She felt supringly hollow, and she thought the visions had emptied her of emotion, like a puddle that had finally dried with the warmth of the sun. It was wonderfully soothing. 

Remera was retreating from her, she suddenly noticed, and the black wolf was facing her. It stared into her with browned eyes. On it's face was the markings of elvish tatoos exactly the same the patterns that had been etching into her own skin. The wolf lowered it's head, then bounded towards her. Before Seryna could moved, it leapt into the air and disintegrated into black smoke, and stuck through her chest, vanishing. She cried in pain at it's incredible force as it went back inside her chest.

She lay on the ground gasping for breath, completely dumbfounded at what just happened. Remera starting cursing and returned to her, saying her name for a response. Seryna wanted to sit up but her she felt drained. She lifted her shaking hands and touched her chest anxiously, holding her breath. Panic began to rise when she felt blood. Remera pulled her up and held the weight of her back to stop her from falling. 

Rae had collapsed too. Elren was by her side just as Remera was by hers. He was murmuring in a foreign language under his breath, checking her pulse. Seryna would have done the same thing. The colour from Rae's face had whitened. 

"Vaeril!" Remera yelled at him urgently, "Get over here."

He came scurrying along holding bundles of potions in his arms, bottles falling as he approached them.

"Go to her..." was all Seryna managed to say to him. He went to Elren and began asking him which tonic should be used and details on the status of her health. Seryna turned to Remera, and took the arm she had injured when she last saw her.

"Your arm. Let me heal it. It's the...least I can do."

Remera pushed her hand away. "Later."


-end of chapter 7





End of Chapter Notes: Elren's Armour's has a close resemblance to the Dragon Knight's in Final Fintasy XIV - Games I have never played before, actually. However, Elren's armour has black shiny appearance to it's surface and I imagined the shaped in a slightly different way to this, although it has a striking similarity. Rae doesn't wear this armour, but instread black mage robes with snakeskin like patterns. I find it strange how my idea ended up so similar to the FF art design of this class, as Elren simply fits the "dragon warrior" title, coming from a clan who worship dragons and beloning to the warrior class.









© Copyright 2018 Haku. All rights reserved.

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