label the exit

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the echoes hurt.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



She promised to speak to me right after the game.

It was everything I ever wanted.
I walked out of the stadium into the litter crowded streets and I stumbled about to look for a good spot to wait, because I knew she would come. She would come over because of me, for me. It was the giddy feeling that rocketed through my legs that cycled through me leaning on a wall, pacing, and just standing there.
And then, coincidentally, the crowd cleared before the exits, and she was there. I jumped up almost immediately and traversed my way through the fans. “She was here”, I can’t stop smiling.

Then she starts walking away. In which I can’t help but plow through the people.
She says “Stop.”, but I keep trying to get there.

“Please,” she says. “Stop”

“No. I can’t. I… please… I can’t.”

“You have to”

Even when she was lost in the crowd, I kept trying. It was so loud. So loud.

“Stop,” it echoed from everywhere. “You have to”

“No!” I screamed.
“Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop”
Drown it out. Drown it out. Static. Noise. “It’s too much!”
I collapsed and shivered and I cried because it never stopped like it should have. Why doesn’t it stop? Why doesn’t it stop?

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