Lakota holy man

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Eye Tuwe Slo Waya
The world doesn't respect the Lakota laws or the Lakota way of life anymore
words of a Lakota holy man
Eye Tuwe Slo Waya – He Who Knows
pine ridge south dakota

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



Eye Tuwe Slo Waya – He Who Knows  years ago back

did a ceremonial adoption of his Cherokee son medicine turtle . Eye Tuwe Slo Waya is a Lakota elder a respected member of his tribe. One's identity is the most important part of living it who you are. Hunkapi: The Making of Relatives is a sacred with my people .i did the Hunkápi with my Cherokee son medicine turtle  so I could make him my family. we call this Tiyóspaye. I recently learned that the Lakota Hunkápi is not being accepted in European countries . my son medicine turtle cherokee Indian  I know his whole family and there all medicine people . but here where the story gets really weird . medicine turtle grandmother trained him 18 years to be a medicine man and I trained him 12 years into Lakota medicine  and he been accepted into both Cherokee and Lakota ways
myself and over 12 tribal leaders have granted medicine turtle permission to lead ceremonies and to lead sweatlodge. so under Indian law he one of us. but in European they don't know our history or what we Lakota and Cherokee stand for  it really sad that are authority has  Lakota leaders is not being accepted  when we adopted a person there family when we teach them and give them permission that our word and our bond
Eye Tuwe Slo Waya – He Who Knows
Oglala Sioux (Lakota)

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