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Religious teachings from Holy Quran

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016




Spread out earth With mountains erect And sky, raised above 88.18-20

At a stick's knock Flows Spring out of Hard Rocks 2.60

Dead lands turning Alive, full with green Souls

And whoever holds the rope Would never fall in hope.

Why thou reason not! 2.99

Seven seas and seven skies And seven heavens above

Smallest ants and mighty mounts Nothing beyond the Supreme's count 85.9

Blaze becoming savior For holy Abraham 21.69/70

And to beasts, Solomon talks Before the ants his army stops .

Why thou reason not!

Day growing into night And night hatching out of light 92.1/92.2

Stars and moon and sun Orbiting in turns

Why thou reason not!

Indeed with Supreme lies all accounts 88.26

Nay soul is burdened Par capacity enough

Why thou reason not!

From a drop you're formed Knitted in bones and flesh 86.6

Eat to your heart's content From the Supreme's bounty blessed 2.172

Why thou reason not!

Scriptures, prophets, signs And more

Why O'men you're not So sure Still want to earn proofs For your sense's cure

The grace you've been bestowed Mercy, care and love

Beneficent, merciful, all knowing Competent to know the concealed and what is being disclosed 87.7

Supreme the most To punish the ills And to reward whom He wills

And whoever relies Unto Supreme The Supreme Suffices most 65.3 /2.152

Why thou reason not! 2.107

No grain even cheat be done Everyone will taste their turn

For King of kings is HE From all needs, free 85.15/114.3

Why thou reason not!

Mary bares Jesus Without a wedlock 19.29

Joseph on a journey 22 years far off

Jacob being the noblest With patience suffered most

Abraham on the Supreme's call Constructs Kabbah walls 2.127

Moses fought Pharos plight With Supreme's supported hit

Way' midst the sea' apart For the men pure at heart

Lo' men with doubt and frown Beneath the sea they drown 2.50

Why thou reason not!

From the clay The design 'He' made Gave 'ADAM' the human shade

Angles bowed on His command But Lucifer commits the sin 2.34

Why thou reason not!

All the hearts that beats Will one day to Him, meet; To the Supreme creator Upon their retreat

Indeed to Supreme Will all return 96.8

When believers would have Theirs gardens and Polytheists entering hell

Is not the Supreme The most justful judge 95.8

Why thou reason not!

When books will get opened Good deeds be rewarded Sinners to be expelled

Mizan will do the justice Offering heaven and hell

Why thou reason not! 2.242

Some will grieve And some will smile

Fire hell will be fueled And corruptors will be piled Entering in an intensely hot blazing fire 88.4

On Supreme's command Moslems entering paradise With feeling ease and nice 89.30

Why thou reason not!

Revealed verses Are the guides…...2.2 To make you rightly stride

So why you worry thy worldly life Forgetting Here After bright 6.29/6.32

Supreme is He With no one as ally

Sleep, tire ness, anxiety Never borne by Him

Why thou reason not! 6.49

No support to you Will vote In the judgment court

Thy deeds will witness you Nil could help you rescue 86.10

So hold your nerves And take repented curve 2.192 For days left are few

Prayers hymns and charity Deeds love and humanity 2.3-2.5

Leads you to heaven abode To save you from hell's trod

Why thou reason not! 6.6

Noha's ark out of bark Pairs on it stayed 11.38-11.41

Rest the world was washed away Still you reason not.

Cross and Mecca Proclaims the truth Mightiness of Supreme

To Him belongs the cosmos And every single thing

Why thou reason not! 14.34

Thy Lord and my Lord Is the one Supreme 1.1-1.3 /2.163

He hears to all And knows all unseen

Every living and the every stone Turns to His command

He is the fashioner All compassionate and smart

And why thou trouble yourself Not believing the most believed 6.21

Double your Supreme's fear 6.15-18

Love the love of the Supreme And Supreme's love you'll have 14.7

With Angles at Badr' Won thousand with hundred fine

When Supreme says 'Be' It becomes decree

And whoever stand against Never stands again

Successful are they For who remain stationed and Means Supreme’s fear 3:200

O men thou must reason now. Before it gets late.

By : Maroof Pall

© Copyright 2019 Pall Maroof. All rights reserved.

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