Good Luck Dotty

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The third and Final installment of Dotty's story. I'm still not sure about the ending, but i think it'll do for now.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



Friday December 21st, 1979

Drew sat at his desk finishing patient’s reports. It was a long day of celebration and panic. Orderlies were dispatched to the teen ward on the premise of an alleged suicide pack that had been formed. It was started by a boy who would not be released until after Christmas. Nurses and doctors had all thrown a party for the patients with a performance with a live acoustic band. Yelling and screaming had erupted, but other than a few more than usual sedatives being administered, the party went fine. Everyone was in attendance except for Dr. Drew. He had opted for finishing reports he had neglected to do and drinking an early Christmas gift he had bought himself.

He had not seen Dotty since her confession in October. He had orderlies spy on her and report what she did. She hadn’t done much of anything. Smoking, sleeping, and reading were her daily habits. Her sister had annoyed her on a regular basis and made sure she wasn’t committing any indecent acts. He was told that she didn’t eat anything either. The only consumption she had, were the snack cakes that she bought. Even those she readily ate. Maybe 3 a day. Drew’s scheme of rejecting Dotty’s admission into the hospital proved to be harder than it looked. He promised not to lie on official reports, but ultimately he could not find anything that disproved her mental incapability. All signs pointed to a development of early dementia, drug addiction, sex addiction, and apparent signs of being a sociopath. Drew had given up on his plan and opted for a different means of action. A knock on the door had brought him out of his daze.

Dotty: “Shit doc, you smell like me at 19. Although, I always loved to wear strawberry scented lip gloss.”

Drew: “Patient 1311, Dotty Shaffer. Final session.”

Dotty: “Final session, huh? We only had three. I thought there was regular meet ups and I had to see your fucking face from time to time.”

Drew motioned for the couch and Dotty pouted and threw herself onto the cushions.

Dotty: “Are you still upset about October?”

Drew didn’t say anything. He just wrote down notes on Dotty’s report, never making eye contact with her.

Dotty: “Jeez doc. You really are pathetic you know. I thought I was getting a real doctor.”

Drew: “What don’t you like about your life?”

Dotty was caught off guard. She sat up and looked at Drew who still wasn’t making eye contact with her. He just scribbled circles on a piece of paper. Dotty laid back down and scratched the sides of her head.

Dotty: “Umm. I don’t know doc. I don’t like society. I’ll always been an outcast, I suppose. I was never the class clown. I was never the goody, goody like Mary. I always seemed to just stay in the back with the stoners and druggies.”

Her voice cracked as she gagged on her words. Drew finally looked at the woman. It was apparent she had lost weight. A diet of sugar and cigarettes would do that to you. Her curves were more pronounced and her cheekbones gave her a model’s appearance. If it wasn’t for her dirty hair and graying skin, she might actually pass as beautiful.

Dotty: “Doc, why do you think I talked about the zodiac killer?”

Drew: “What? I mean, I don’t know. Some people have an affinity for the taboo. Do you take an interest in him or how twisted he was? Or do you like the way that he killed and got away with it?”

Dotty: “No. I don’t think any of that is true.” She bit her nails with a pronounced snap as her teeth pierced through. “I met him once. I mean, I don’t know if it was really him, but he looked just like the composite sketch except for the scar on his upper lip.”

Drew: “What do you mean you met him? In a dream or in real life?”

Dotty: “Both I suppose. I met him in real life at a gas station. I was eighteen and just failed high school. I loved the gas station. I was able to stay up as long as I wanted until we closed. You see a lot of characters at the station. There was a man from Texas with a big belly. A lady from Vegas who was running from her lover. An oilfield worker with one arm. A marine who probably looks worse than me at this time. An old lady with a really yappy dog. A-“

Drew: “Please, Dotty. Can we get back to the zodiac killer?”

Dotty: “You’re pretty rude doc. You need a little foreplay in your life. It was late in the night. I hadn’t seen in a soul for a good while. All of a sudden this classic mustang roles up. I’m talking mint condition too. I could feel the purr of that engine from inside the shop. The driver got out and pumped like normal. I stared at him until he caught me watching. Like a nervous little girl, I looked away. I tried glancing at him, but he was still staring at me. After he was finished he walked into the shop, right up to me, and stuck his face in mine. ‘How’s bout a ride little lady?’ That’s what he said to me. His breath reeked of peppermint. The stupid kid I was, I told him I hell yeah. I closed up the shop and hopped in his car. He drove like a mad man. A few times I thought he was going to hit something, but he was calm at the wheel. Soo, confident. He drove me to a hill overlooking the city. Too many Christians in that town, so we never had a make out point, but if we did that would be where it was located. He put the car in park and revved the engine a few time. The purr started up my own engine. I tell you, he was skilled at more than driving just his mustang.”

Drew: “Please don’t be too explicit.”

Dotty: “Don’t worry doc. The next part won’t get you all hot and bothered. I already read the reports on myself.”

Drew: “And how did you come about that information?”

Dotty: “You leave at 7:30 doc.”

Drew: “My door is locked at all times.”

Dotty: “There are some weak souls in this hospital doc, especially your little spies.”

Drew blushed with embarrassment at how easily he was found out. He cleared his throat and adjusted uncomfortably in his chair.

Dotty: “This should sound familiar too you. I asked my lover to take me back, but he just stared out the window. I tried shaking him and yelling, but he was in another world. He said, ‘The world is a messed up place you whore.’ His demeanor had changed so much. That’s when I recognized his face from the old wanted posters. I tried to escape, but he had removed the handles on the door. He pinned me down and taped my limbs together. ‘This world isn’t fit for the youth. Too much tragedy, too much anger and hate. Paradise is the only place they belong.’ He said that with his cool voice. He took out a scalpel and took my skirt off. You know the rest doc. ‘Assisted abortion’ is what I think it said in the report. He was skillful. ‘I can’t leave my child with a slut like you.’ I don’t know what hurt worse at eighteen. Being ridiculed or the slicing of womb.”

Dotty began to whimper, but when Drew looked at her, her face showed no emotion. Tears streamed, but her face never contorted to the pain of the retelling.


Drew kneeled beside her and looked deep into her eyes. The light was gone from her eyes. It’s as if she had been dead ever since that day. He embraced her in a hug and sobbed a little as well. Dotty buried her face into his coat and they sat there for a while. It was the first time Drew ever felt remorse for a patient. It was the first time he ever sympathized with a patient.

Drew turned off the recording device and took out the remaining scotch in his desk. He poured a full cup for Dotty and drank the rest from the bottle itself. They sat there in silence as they reflected over their final session. Silence was only broken when they took sips of the alcohol. Drew picked up his recording device and handed the cassette to Dotty.

Drew: “Do whatever you want with that. I won’t be needing it anymore.”

Dotty: “What’s up with you doc? You acting a little different today. Are you an emotional drunk?” She snickered and wiped the snot running from her nose.

Drew: “Today is my last day.”

Dotty: “What?”

Drew: “Your sister is graduating from residency before the new year. I’m not gonna be around by then. I’m giving her half of my patients and the more uncontrollable ones to a senior member.”

Dotty: “Well, where the fuck are you going?”

Drew: “I always liked fishing, so I might go up to Washington to find a job there. I really don’t know. Maybe the grocery mart down the street.”

Dotty: “What kind of fucking life plan is that? How many years at college did you waste on becoming a doctor? Now you are saying ‘Fuck it’ and leave? That’s the problem with people like you, you waste people’s time. What did daddy not love you enough?”

Drew: “I just realized you never answered one of my questions.”

Dotty: “Hey don’t change the subject on me mister.”

Drew: “Why do you think you don’t belong in society? People have faced much worse than you.”

Dotty slumped back in her chair and scratched at the sides of her head. She looked towards the ground and tapped her heel repeatedly on the floor.

Dotty: “A lot more has happened to me than just what’s in that file doc. I’ve done a lot more things than what I’ve been arrested for. I’ve buried my skeletons. When I was waiting for the perverts brother to come and kill me. I panicked a little. I wanted to see Mary’s smile one last time. She was my hero, when I should’ve been hers. All the times I came home drunk and hopping, Mary was always there to clean me up and make me look presentable. She never frowned, never said anything bad about me. I’ve heard our dad call me a harlot a few times. Even once he threatened to kill me. Mary was always there. I wanted to see her smile one last time, but I didn’t want to be saved. I really wish I was with my brothers and sisters in jail and not the crazy palace. At least there you have a chance of being shanked. Here, I have to see the smile every damn day. It reminds me of how low I am.”

Drew didn’t say anything. Drew packed up the few remaining things in his office and headed for the entrance door.

Dotty: “Hey where are you going?” Dotty chased after Drew. “You can’t just leave me here. Hey. FUCK YOU MAN!”

This alerted the attention of the orderlies who pursued after Dotty. They caught up with her as she latched on to Drew.

Dotty: “C’mon man. At least tell me who my new doctor is. YOU OWE ME THAT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”

Drew: “You won’t have to see that smile when you’re with your new doctor. You’re a psycho Dotty. Your sister doesn’t deserve you.”

Dotty flipped him off as he pushed open the exit door. Dotty was thrown over the shoulder of the brute orderly and was hauled off.


Drew didn’t know whether Dotty was truly crazy or had just been the unfortunate victim of circumstance. Abused by a psycho and turned into a psycho. He didn’t know where life would lead him. All he knew was that he wasn’t fit to be a doctor to a one, miss Dorthy “Dotty” Anne Shaffer.

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