grandpa's remedy

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the author expresses what she gained from using her late grandpa's remedy; observing mother nature.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



Grandpa's Remedy

"Urgh!" I couldn't sleep. I rolled over my bed and eyed my digital clock on my nightstand. "4:58!" I blurted out while I palmed my face. My mind was unsettled. Random thoughts ran up and down through my head and this kept me awake for the vast majority of the night. While thinking of ways to force myself to sleep, I remembered my optimistic Grandpa and how his effervescent, bubbly personality couldn't stop him from falling asleep anytime, any place. Oh how I wished that I had inherited that part of him. I also remembered the love he had for the outdoors and mother nature. Thinking of him brought smiles to my stressed face. I remembered how he loved the outdoors and often basked in nature's serene ambiance. This thought urged me to get out of the tough bed and step outside into my backyard. 

When I left to go outside it was now 5:28 a.m. I only had on a sweater over my ankle length pyjamas. I was still feeling a bit chilly but I wanted to be brought to peace by mother nature. I wanted her to soothe me like how she soothed my late Grandfather. As I stepped out onto the gas, it was so moist, and even with my slippers on my feet,  I felt a coolness rise up from under my sole into my body. At that point I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. The air was cool and very fresh. I heard the distant hooting of an owl, which seemed to be in one of the nearby mango trees. I sat down and leaned in close to the ground and listened with my entire body. I heard the music that the talented cricket orchestrated with its legs, this gave me goosebumps. The frogs chimed in with their rhythmic ribbits while busily hoping across my backyard. 

I was lost, even nodding my head to the music of the owl, cricket and frog, when this stillnesss and warmth began to creep into the atmosphere. It prompted me to open my eyes and that's when I saw the darkness cracking above and small strips of light piercing through the sky. I quickly turned my face east and that's when I saw that it was the ball of fire slowly pushing the darkness out and reclaiming the sky. The sunrise was beautiful and bright. The Sun's rays were warm and it gently massaged my face. It not only enlightened the atmosphere physically, but also invited the vibrant, happy chirping of many different types of birds. Life sprung from the garden. The red roses, hibiscus and  pink and white periwinkles opened up their faces to say good morning to now risen Sun. The busy  bumblebees and graceful butterflies also came to greet the flowers in the garden. The ants were already marching out of their nest to conquer the day. The old faithful cricket hadn't stopped strumming its legs but rather changed its song. Every living thing seemed quite happy that the ball of fire had awaken. The insects and birds played their very own 'Ode to Joy' and it sounded lovely.

"Wow!" I said under my breath as I slowly looked around and saw how lovely nature was. This event that I had witnessed was indeed miraculous and magical. This revelation had brought me an inner peace and newly found appreciation for mother nature. Now I truly understand why my Grandpa loved her so much. Now mentally satisfied, I went back inside of my house with a smile on my face no longer stressed out tired. Grandpa's remedy  placed me in a state of tranquility.


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