In the Corridors Beneath

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame was friendly and kind hearted. What if something like that lived beneath the floor, but its wouldn't be so kind and pretty.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



As a child, I loved to visit my grandmother’s place. I loved everything about it, the trees, the flowers, the sky, stars, sun and the moon. We would chat and play outside all day. The wind would play with the leaves and the birds would sing.

The large lot had a garden filled with many flowers and several vegetable and strawberry crops. There were also around six apple trees, two cherry trees and three peach trees. Many green bushes of raspberries and blackberries could be seen. The territory was well taken care of and it was lovely.

There were also three houses. The main house, where we ate, watched TV and just spent most of our time. The two extra houses belonged to my older brother and me.

The visits to that place were dazzling and would last usually up to two weeks. However, one thing terrified me.

My brother’s house and mine were connected with a corridor. It had two doors. One connected to the outside and the other to a small “lobby” with the bathroom and shower. In between the doors was a small room. When both the doors were closed and I was in that small room, the darkness swallowed me whole.

It was impossible to see a thing. At first, I had trouble finding the door handle in the darkness. I didn’t mind the dark, so that wasn’t the scary part.

If you looked to the floor on the right in the small room, you would see a rectangular hole in the floor. It led to the many corridors bellow the houses. They were wort of like the basement but no one ever went in there anymore.

When the houses were under construction, my brother and me played hide and seek in those corridors. Soon enough the houses were completed and I started sleeping in my own house. My first impression was that it was cool to have my own home, but soon my opinion changed.

At night, I would hear screeching, scratching and footsteps bellow the floor. I wasn’t able to sleep anymore. During night, I would hide in the corner of my room and close my ears. My heart would race and all sleep would evaporate. When I did get some sleep, I would have nightmares about what could’ve been making those noises.

During the day, my eyes would sting and I would beg to sleep in the main house. Soon, my wish was granted. I stared getting enough sleep, but avoiding that house was impossible.

From time to time, I would go into the house. The small passage became an obstacle. Whenever the door shut closed behind me, I would hear hurried footsteps from the hole. The adrenaline pushed me to find the handle quicker and push open the door.

Sometimes, I would hear inhuman groans and sounds from beneath the floor.

Eventually, I stopped coming to visit completely. I made up many excuses not to come and as I grew, I placed those noises and fears on a shelf along with my other memories.

My grandmother’s life didn’t last long, and she passed away when I was sixteen. My grandfather ended up pushing himself too hard to take care of the garden, and he got sick. Currently, I was about to step on the lot again, to help take care of the gardens and watch over my grandfather.

The nostalgic way the wind played with my hair made me drown in an ocean of memories. I smiled and started walking off to the main house.

I cared for the plants and cleaned the house the entire day while my grandfather slept in his bed. Unfortunately for me, he lived in my brother’s house. So far, I haven’t heard any noises but the flashbacks made me crazy. I tried to stay away from the house as much as possible, but if I did go in, I stayed as long as I could.

“I’m finally done with everything…” I washed my hands with soap and reached for a shelf with a tray in my hands. “His medicine should be here,” I searched the insides and prepared for my last walk in and out of the houses.

I didn’t expect anything to happen on the way there. Almost relaxed I was about to open the door as I heard the all too familiar hurried footsteps coming from the hole. As if my life depended on it, I opened the door. When it closed, I calmed myself.

After giving my grandfather his medicine, I wanted to face my fears. I pushed the door open and shut it. Darkness placed its veil over me and silence surrounded me. I stared into the hole and I didn’t know what exactly I was waiting for, but I waited.

“You’re just an old forgotten nightmare,” I murmured with a chuckle. As I was about to turn towards the door and leave, I saw a pair of eyes in the hole. Somehow, in a trance, I couldn’t look away. The unblinking eyes sucked me in. Of course, I was petrified.

Time seemed to slow down and I listened closely to the sounds around me. Sooner or later, I could hear the breathing of the creature. My eyes got used to the darkness and I could make out the silhouette of the thing. Its back was hunched as if the creature was originally too tall for the ceiling and after years of bending down it became disfigured. The creature probably didn’t have much to eat because it was skinny. I could count each bone in its body just by looking at it. Its teeth were long and sharp.

Why am I still here?! I need to get away! I thought. Suddenly I realized, something was holding my leg right above the ankle. For a skinny creature, the grip was strong and painful. It pulled me down into the hole with ease.

I landed on the soil and rocks of the corridor. I slowly lifted myself in a sitting position and realized with horror that I was down in the “basement” with the creature.

My heartbeat became quicker and soon it echoed in my ears. Occasionally my eyes caught movement in the darkness. Soon inhuman groans echoed in the corridors. I tried, but I couldn’t figure out where the creature was.

Suddenly I thought of the days when I was still a child. I remembered how the sun would caress my skin and wrap me in its warmth. When it would get too hot, the breeze would dance a slow waltz with the leaves. I could almost feel the breeze on my shoulder.

My heart practically stopped. It wasn’t the breeze.

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