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Chapter 8: After having hardly enough time to recover, Seryna finds answers from her new ally, an eccentric mage who claims to come from far away lands.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016






Chapter 8



Cover Art found on pinterest 

Story Inspired by the DA franchise

Written by Booksie member Haku








Spirit of the Fen

It took the rest of the day for Seryna to fully recover and Rae to finally regain conciousness. The forest was darkening and the air turned bitter cold. She felt the dampness of drizzled rain touching her face as she stared into the shadows of the forest, noticing a thickening fog drawing closer. Remera seemed to be making the most of her resourcefullness as she emerged from the mist carrying a heavy bulk of plants to consume or brew into potions. She stode across the campsite carrying a cooking cauldron under her arm, with a string of fish in her hand. Tieing it carefully to the stand, she looked at Seryna.

"If you will."

Seryna summoned a ball of fire and blasted it in the direction of the firewood, which caught aflame instantly. She recalled her last conversation with her, and a thought came to mind.

"Vaeril? Can I borrow a moment of your time?"

He poked his head out of his tent. He sighed and slouched over to her, still looking down at is feet.

"Has the wound opened up again?" then Seryna realised why he had just began looking at her torso area. She looked down and saw the browned bloodstrains which had leaked through her robes. It had dried up, feeling crusted and flaky underneath her clothing. 

"It's odd, but I don't feel pain." 

"Well, you have suffered enough I imagine. Payed the price for summoning a demon." He looked at her reproachfully. Seryna ignored this, lacking the energy to agrue and tell him that the summoning of the demon was involuntary. But he knew this. 

 "Do you have a fast healing potion Vaeril?"

" 'Course I do." he revisted his tent and returned with a small vile of a potion,  and passed to her, "Here."

Seryna thanked him politely. Later, when he left the vicinity, she invited Remera to sit next to her, who walked over serenely and kneeled beside to her. 

"It's time for me to heal your injury. You have no choice in the matter. If you don't let me heal you then I..." She found herself lost for words, failing to coerce her. She was greatly relieved when Remera remained in her placed instead of getting up and leaving. Seryna gingerly rolled up the sleeve of Remera's red and white robes. It looked like her arm had been freshly bandaged, wrapped in cloth. Seryna removed these too, where she saw the true extent of the damage she had inflicted. When she touched it, Remera winced and gave her a vicious hiss in response to the stinging pain. Seryna mumbled an apology and began healing it. It took minutes until the appearance of the burn began to change. The feeling of faintness was growing worse by the minute as it exhausted her mana energy. She was forced to stop when her nose started bleeding. The burn had mostly healed. Seryna offered her the potion she had requested from Vaeril, but she bluntly refused.

"Why are you giving me this?" She said in a slightly agitated voice. Seryna felt a pang of annoyance. Why did she have to be so difficult?

"It's for you." She replied, still holding it out in her hand, awaiting Remera's retrieval.

"You need it for than me. I think you have forgotten I am a fully trained hunter."

That doesn't prevent you from being harmed, Seryna thought, and feeling rueful, she gave up and pocketed the potion vile.At that very moment, Rae returned from her tent, and Remera walked over to the fireplace to tend to the food cooking above it's heat. All eyes fell on the sorceress as she sat near Seryna. 

"Explain what happened, Rae. Why did you summon...whatever that was?" Seryna demanded, becoming fervent.

Vaeril was glaring at her whilst standing from a distance, failing to hide an uppmost curiosity; Remera crouched by the flames, poking at the fish that hung from the stand, her eyes sliding in their direction; Elren sat cleaning the stains from his longsword, not looking at them but must have been open to the convesation that was about to take place. 

Moments of silence passed as the flames cracked and dampness caused an earthy smell in the fresh air.

"Why, it was you. Only in another form. The demon that again approached you was in fact, a fear demon. Tell me, did you remember any significant experiences where you felt pure fear and anxiety in your childhood?"

"...No." This was an honest answer. Nothing traumatic had occured in her past. At this answer, Vaeril made a "Pfft" sound. 

Rae raised an eyebrow, studying her face as if it would betray the secrets she was hiding.

"You're earliest memory?"

Seryna took a moment to recall.

"Five years old, I think...Yes, at a bonfire during the celebration of a new year." Seryna felt an incoming warmth of nostalgia.

"I chose you because your prophecy embodies the symbol of fear and dread. A powerful force to be reckoned with. You were born with a gift that most are not, Seryna. You stood against the demon for a second time. This is incredibly rare, and it is the telltale sign of a mage with a trueborn talent and potential to become a strong leader. The demon is drawn to you, because you hold memories of great fear. The demon preys on this, to fill it's own void of abyssmal emptiness."

"What makes your case even more fascinating is your totem. You have the spirit of a fen. A Black Wolf. When you fought the demon through sheer willpower, your totem came out. And you know why this was? My most definate assumption is that it came to protect you from danger. When it realised there was none - in other words, when you saw there was nothing else to fear, except for the Dark Wolf standing before you. Do you understand? It is a part of you, like a reflection or a shadow of yourself. It must have bore something that resembled you."

"My tattoos." said Seryna, who was quite stunned.

"What is the significance of the wolf?" Remera asked.

"You are on the right lines. All mages hold their own totem. The form it takes completely depends on who you are. Each shape of course, has it's own symbolism, according to the writings of the Prophecy. However, most mages are expected to realise what we called the "natural" totems. A species of bird, rodent, an insect, all the living things that are commonly found in any location of these lands. It is not the scale which makes yours an interesting subject, Seryna. It is what the embodiment of black wolf encompasses."

"Which is?" ask Seryna.

"Fear and Dread. Legend says that the totem of a wolf portrays the act of mischief and misfortune. Any path whom the black wolf passes will promise bad things to happen to those in it's wake."

Vaeril groaned in frustration. "Yes, this is where the big bad wolf trope came from. But you are adding meaningless stories into this, witch. It could have been a demon, easily. You are fraud looking for any excuse you can find to drag someone along with you to your treachous lands. And luckily for you, she was stupid enough to go with you. I have given you a chance to prove yourself trustworthy. This is the end of it. It would be wiser of me to get up and leave, but I cannot live with the guilt of letting this young girl die in your hands. Or worse! You live on all these myths and fables, trying to fool anyone who stumbles in your path, and use them as a opporunity to gain power!"

Seryna looked at Rae, who's reaction seemed to remain indifferent from his accusation. As for her guardian, expecting him to stir at Vaeril's comment, but instead simply stood there with an almost bored expression on his face.

"No. You are mistaken. You hold a grudge on my clan because of the death and war involved in our history. Do not let that cloud your judgement, fair elf." Rae said indiginantly, "The wolf is not simply an echo of herself, but a shadow of the prophecy. Her future. I chose her because I am anxious for her future, and aspire to change it."

"Do you take me for an idiot?" Vaegil said, becoming incensced, "Why would you care about a strangers life?"

Rae sighed."You are right. I told you, her magic has potential. She could create a spell even more powerful than your shield, if given the opportunity."

When Seryna saw Vaeril look at herself contemptously for a split second, she felt slightly insulted. His skeptism of the witch's statement was strong. She returned her gaze to Rae, who stood up and made her way to the flames of the camp fire.




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