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If you think angels are not on earth, you are wrong.

Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



When I was a little child my mom and my other 4 brothers and sisters came along with me to my pre kinder school. It was just like every day; she always brought me to school, gave me some advices and left like that for her job. This time the school was celebrating the father’s day with all the kids and their dads by having breakfast with them. I saw many of my classmates happily, talking, jumping, and having fun with their dad, teachers and some other friends. Some of them were acting like spoiled kids because their dad was in their school, and they wanted to show them how their life is in it. I was standing at the door watching them doing the spoiled things with their fathers by making jokes, running after their dads and screaming. That was funny to me, and my way to show that, was by smiling, slightly, while I was seeing my friends being happy.

My mom was a single mom who made a great effort to bring the food to our table. She had 3 jobs with very strict schedules, so she was all time in a rush to be on time to her jobs. I was used to that, since I remember. So, for me, seeing my mom rushing all the time was the everyday routine at home or school.

While seeing my friends with their dads being kids, I saw Sarah. She was happy, smiling, talking and dancing. Sarah was our leader. I think that, since you get involved in the world, even if that is pre kinder, you identify who the leaders are going to be in your school. Sarah was a beautiful girl who seems no to have any problems in her life other than be generous, polite, tender and a sister. She used to make jokes all the time with the other kids who used to play with her, and I think that was the reason why everybody followed her, even the kids in kinder (which is the following grade after pre kinder) looks for Sarah to play with her. She was so independent that she was never tied to any group. It seems to be that Sarah was for everybody, she can make you believe you are the most special kid in kinder, play with you, treat you with kindness, and when she was leaving, she just went to you and gave you a bye kiss. I confess that I was always a very shy girl, but when I was with Sarah, my confidence grew up, the kid inside of me just started to wake up and play with the other kids by jumping, running, singing and dancing. I felt alive with my friends and my dear Sarah.

Sarah was wearing a beautiful white dress like the ones the fairy tales wear; while I was watching at her being happy, running, screaming and laughing,  I couldn’t help it and I told her: “Sarah, you have a beautiful dress” Sarah looked at me, gave me a huge laugh, touched my hand and ran away dancing and singing. She was happy and she was having fun with the other classmates. I gave her back a smile as a confirmation that I was happy for her too, and she just disappeared between all the kids and dads in the classrooms.

I heard a voice like a thunder and I turned back to see who was talking to me. I saw a huge shape against the window with the sun behind him. I could barely see his face, but his body denoted he was a big man. He had some curly hair, big arms, tall, really tall and a deep voice like in the horror movies. He slightly approached to me and told me: “Do you want a dress like Sarah’s?” I knew my mom couldn’t afford a dress like that, not even the shoes, so I was confused because I didn’t know what to answer. I shyly nodded saying “yes” without saying a word. I was a little scared because I didn’t know who that man was, and his impressive and strong voice made me felt more scared.

I saw him approaching my mother who was carrying on my little brother and had the other one grabbed with her other hand. I saw him writing down something in his phone of what my mother was telling him, when he finished it, he shake my mother’s hand, instead, my mother gave him a hug and a kiss in his cheek. He just left the room.

Two days later a big box arrived to my house. My mother called me in excitement, she opened the box and I saw the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life. My mother told me: “This is your dress for the pre kinder graduation”. I was 4 years only, but I could understand that my mother could have not afforded that dress for me. She was in tears, excited and happy at the same time. I could only understand that the voice I heard in my classroom from the big man, was the angel who sent me that dress.

At the age of 4 you only want to have fun and never care what you are dressing on. It can be a blue jean, a short pants, your sister’s clothes, or your brother’s one. Anything is OK. For me, it really mattered. I learned how to save food, use my sister’s clothes, share my food, my toys, even my bed with my sister. At the age of 4, you have learned all of these, even not to expect anything from anybody, but for yourself. At the age of 4, you understand you don’t have money for a nice dress, for a pet, for an ice cream or for a soda. At the age of 4, you have learnt how to be an adult to take care of your 1 year old brother and change his diapers, prepare his food and clean him up when mom is not at home.

The graduation day was like a dream. I felt myself the most beautiful kid in the world, I heard many moms and kids saying: “Karen, you have a beautiful dress”, I was walking in the aisle along with my mom who was taking my hand. I was feeling like I was walking between the stars, my dress was shining, my shoes were perfect, everybody was looking at me. This was the first time I felt I was alive. When I was walking on the aisle, with all the people looking at me, Sarah took my hand, she gave me a kiss in the cheek and we walked together, hand by hand, along the whole aisle. Her dress was shining and beautiful. She was laughing, smiling, jumping, singing and dancing as usual. We were kids again and we started to play with the other kids as it has to be when you are a child. This was my graduation party from pre kinder and the most beautiful present was giving to me. I was a kid again.

I still have that dress with me, I gave it to my daughter for her pre kinder graduation. This story, for some people, could be normal and without any meaning for them. For a 4 years old child, it is the loveliest story that marked my life forever. Every time I tell this story, I can’t void some tears falling down over my cheek. I never thought angles exists in real life. When I remember that man, he is the most beautiful angel I have ever met. He didn’t know me, but he gave me the love my real father always denied me. Once, while I was cleaning up the basement, my 4 years old daughter opened the box and told me: “Mom, you have a beautiful dress”



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