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Submitted: June 22, 2016

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Submitted: June 22, 2016



There's a trail
of discarded clothes
from staircase
to bedroom floor.

Curtains drawn
to shut out light
and sight of others.

Brian's never
done this,
Nuala says,
never made me
wet so and hot
as if I'd showered.

He's not my skill,
Una says.

They lie beside
each other
in the double bed,
eye gazing.

You've explored
each part of my body,
Nuala says.

Each part twice
or more,
Una says.

Kisses breast nearest.

Lips kiss skin.

What'd Brian say
if he could see this?
Una asks.

Don't ask.

Mind boggling
to even think such.

I've a mind to give you
to make him jealous,
Una says.

He gives them
if he remembers
while shagging.

Do you have
the stop-watch on?
Time him?

No need the hand'd
not repeat itself
on the face piece.

They laugh.

Kiss lips.

How's he start?
Una says.

Soon as he's in bed.

But how?

Kisses my neck.

Like this?
Una kisses.

Near so.

Kisses again.

Not so good
as you do.

Where then?

Nuala looks
at Una's eyes.

He fumbles
with me.

How so?

Nuala fumbles
Una's thighs.

Like so.

Here, too.

Seen dogs in the park
more killed,
Una says.

Nuala smiles.
First time he was done
in the time
I could sneeze.

Did you wipe
your nose?

Giggles both.

What time have
you to go?
Una says.

Soon or I'll not
get dinner on time.

Miss you
being here,
Una says.

Miss being
here with you.

What to do?

Do this.

They kiss.

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