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Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



High on hormones, rage, disgust... Yeah all the evil words.. Approaching the 'that' time of the month when everything seems against me. And he, he seems to be the worst person on the Earth.  Well, other days I find him worst only when he opens his book of ideas 'how to irritate your girl'. I guess that's a different story I would save it for some other day.

How dare he go to meet his friends while I was stranded in traffic for two long hours? Here's a twist though, he actually works in a different direction , he never has dropped me home, why on earth was I even wanting him to do that today?? Well, the answer is in the first paragraph.

I message him 'NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN' and see no blue ticks. Out of rage I end up calling him and asking him to read. To which he denies and another round of word war.

'Fuck him' my brain screamed, and there comes a noise from my heart, ' Excuse me, you know you would love to do that' my body agreed with my heart and lips couldn't help but smiled while I sat in Toto to home.
I got home, too angry to eat, silently listening to the battle of my head and heart. Gotta divert mind!

While checking my recent selfies, found a pic of ours and the thinking starts, 'We look so beautiful together. Such made for each other couple, but he doesn't see that, how can he not...' Beep Beep! His message... I check whatsApp all excited, maybe he will try to calm me down, make me smile.. There came philosophical theory. 'That's it, I am gonna kill him' I grabbed my phone and dialled him.

You don't wAnna know all of it but there was a huge fight which lasted 7 minutes 36 seconds. Don't you dare underestimate us, we are very capable of using less time to make things large. 
Suddenly he stops me, 'Suman.. Suman.. Suman sunn naa...'(look I had to add Hindi as thoughts are well presented when spoken in mother tongue, and listen if u don't know Hindi, jake sikho'. Well, moving ahead)
His voice had a strange depth, I paid attention. 'Mujhe tumhaari jaroorat hai', he whispered, I held my breath. 'I want to come home to you to fight, I want to come home to you to make love, whatever it might be, I want to come home to you, I am ready for you. I want to marry you. Treat this as my proposal.' 
I was mum. The chatterbox at a loss of words. Rare view. 'But there was no question' I squealed. He replied, 'I let you know I am ready, you gotta let me know whether you are ready or not? DONT think and let me know '
There is a small backdrop to this 'don't think' part, he thinks I can't think, but I swear I think, I overthink, rethink, but can't  unthink. The last sentence to me was a tongue twister, didn't you feel it, too?? Don't you dare compare my English score with his.
Oh wait, coming back to the topic! Do you know how did I react to his proposal?? Well, I cried. Cried till he teased me.
He keeps the phone down and leaves for dinner. Now the real drama begins.
What should I do now? Called Annu, Nimboo, Karan(all besties) kept crying and told them. To them, it was not much of a surprise.  Congratulations messages poured on me.

The angel me and the demon me popped up on my shoulders in the mini avatars.A loud voice inside my head, 'Don't think and let me know'. 

Me: 'Oh hush!'
'Did he actually proposed me?'
Angel: 'Oh yes he did.'
Demon; 'But 80% proposals are over phone, u got nothing special, girl'
Angel: 'Each word he used was special'
Demon: 'But I think he said it out of pressure'
Me: 'What, really??'
Then flashed by the series of reminders I gave him to propose. 'OMG, Did he propose me strangled by reminders?'
Angel: 'Stop whatever you are thinking,he is the last person on earth to do something under pressure'

I was relieved.

Demon: 'What if he changes and abandons you, again, he has done that before'
I have felt the fear of being abandoned and I hated that feeling. Demon is right, I was abandoned by him and at a very wrong time in my life.
Angel interrupts the series of thoughts, 'I guess he realised it was wrong to do. He is making up. And he really wants you, can you trust him for once?'
Demon: 'You don't like his friends, they don't like you either'

Well, that's a fact, he travels real far to be with them but not for me. 

Angel: 'I agree but she doesn't like anyone having his time and attention, and she is not marrying his friends'
Demon: 'He snores'

Angel: 'She is okay with it'

I nodded a yes.
Well, the devil me is just like he explains me at times, blabbering all nonsense at times.  Angel points her trident on Demon me's ass and both of them vanish.
I guess I am ready. Butterflies-in-the-stomach ready!  Born Ready! 

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