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A women who fall hard on love and made a bad choice.

Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



My life was dull and full of uncertainty each day.

I was happy with the way thing was.

I promise to never let my wall be taken down.

However, that all change when I met you.

You show me what I was capable off.

You show me that it was alright to laugh and smile.

You make me want to live.

You made my world sunny and bright each days.

You made me found my tomorrow.

You show me what love is.

Bit by bit, I thought that with you, building my wall, it would be imperishable.

 I found joy.

I entrusted you with my heart and my life.

I put you first in everything that I do.

I give you everything I had without asking for anything in return.

Because I love you.

But you took my love I had for you for granted.

You toss and step on my love.

You mock me and my feeling.

In spite of that, you cut my life line with your word and action.

Amber first met him on one raining May.  She would later know him as Mark.  She was sitting on the step outside the library for her mother after work.  They were going to eat out.  There she sees three men running in the rain playing football.  He looks over to her as he passes the ball over to the other guys.  They made contact and it started from there.  That next day, he would show up at the library and stay there for at least two hours.  On the third day, he finally came up to the register and ask her out.  She quickly declines right away with a wary face.  However, that didn’t stop him, he came into the library for a month before she finally agrees to go out with him.  He came to her house, pick her up, open the doors to her, and agree to everything she said.  He was a real gentleman the whole night.  That one night turns to two and three.  They were inseparable by the fifth night and on the sixth day, he shows his true self.  Instead of the usually fancy dinner, high-end party, the movie, picnic at the park, and sitting at the library reading.  He took her underground where all the danger lurks.  This was his places and she wanted to be a part of it bad.  She wanted to know his real self, not the kind that he had been doing with her.  She knows that she was the only one having fun while he really wasn’t.  In there, they drink, do drugs, and sex.  She tries to play along as it goes but the unexpected turn to the expected and she was liking it too from the danger and experiment.  However, what she didn’t like was blacking out and not remember some events when she barely drinks and waking up naked next to strange men than him in bed.  She feigns ignorance to make him happy but who was going to make her feel happy.  Was he even noticing her pain or discomfort?  Her question was answer when he stops looking for her to spend time or calling her up.  It was like “this” never happened to her.  Like she just woke from a long peculiar dream.  Her days just pass by like the wind.  Invisible to the eyes but you can feel the breeze pass by.  Two months together, two months of love, two months of everything, two months of nothing.  Gone in a blink of an eyes.  She drank herself drunk morning to night.  She was even thinking of doing drug to numb the pain.  However much she drinks, she remembers everything about him.  His voice, his smell, his touch, his smile, and the way he walks.  One month pass by and she decide to stop by his place.  On that morning as she stares at his door from standing out on the hallway of his building, she wasn’t sure what to do.  Whether to call him up or knock at his door.  She decided to go for the key instead; she look for the spares key under the fake plant he places outside his door and there it was.  She slowly unlocks the door and as she hears the unlock sound unlock she opens the door hoping that he was home but the room was empty.  No trace of a human living in here for the past few days.  She walks in and took off her jacket and purse down as she sat in the couch where they use to spend time together.  Body wraps around each other and doing nothing all day long but gaze at each other.

She looks out the window as she sees the rain fall, tears started to drop down her cheek.  She wipes it off gently and another came down.  The emotion she buried came like a flood.  Next thing you know; she had her hand over her face as she cried in competes with the rain.  Hours later, as she came to her sense, she looks around the room she was in and saw the pictures they took together, the flower he bought for her now wither, the cups they drink together now just one, and the blanket they share together on cold night on the couch.  Every little thing in the room remained her of the love she gotten from him, tear drop fell on her cheek again but this time she didn’t wipe the tear.  She got up from the couch and walks over to the kitchen and knock down the cup off the counter.  Pull open the knife drawer and grabbed a knife, she walks back to the living room.  She stands in the pathway for a few second and walk in.  She tears and rip anything and everything she see.  She drops the knife when she had enough.  Weak from using her strength, she sees the vase of the wither flower.  She picks up the vase and smash it toward the wall.  She thought she was fine until she saw their picture hanging on the wall like a pose marry couple.  Anger start to build up again.  She threw the picture off the wall and step on the picture of them on the ground.  On that long day she took out her courage and call him to confront him for the things he had done to her; she wanted an explaining for everything he had been doing to her behind her back.  As she waited for him to pick up a part of her wanted to turn off her phone and believe that he loves her as much as she loves him but she also didn’t want to look like a fool any longer to the man she loves.  “Can I help you?” replied a woman on the other end of the phone.  She looks at her phone to make sure it was his phone number and wasn’t a stranger number but it was his.  “I looking for the owner of this phone,” reply Amber.  She quietly laughs at me as she replies. “Oh, took you long enough.  However, he can’t come to the phone right now.  He taking a “long” shower if you know what I mean.”  Without knowing the other end has already been cut off as she still has the phone on her ear, she realizes that she hasn’t spoken what was on her mind yet.  A few second later she dials the number again.  It went straight to voicemail.  She tries again. Voicemail.  Again. Voicemail.  Voicemail.  Voicemail.  All went straight to voicemail.  She tosses her phone on the ground and realize how foolish she has been all this time.  He didn’t care at all while she was still holding on to something that didn’t need holding on too.  She opened the cupboard and took out a cup; her cup and places it on the counter table.  She then opens the refrigerator and pour a glass of lemon juice as she slowly favors the drink.  After she was done with it she tosses the cup wherever she felt like since this whole place was her garbage bin for the time being.  With the broken items on the floor, she steps on it as she came for her stuff on the couch.  She looks one last time out the watery window and said “I guess you win.”  She walks toward the door and turn the doorknob but right before she opens it she looks over her shoulder.  She smiles as she opens the door and walk out of his apartment.  After walking forward a few steps she realize something and walk back to his apartment door.  She took out a sticky note and wrote “I left a goodbye gift for you.  Love Amber.”  She drew three heart and place it eye level on his door.  Finally, with nothing to hold her back she smiles happily as she walks away.





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