angel city

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a story about 4 girls who go through friendships, relationships, and drama

Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



Vanessa Marcil as Victoria Martinez
Tamara Braun as Rachael Bliss
Kelly Monaco as Marissa Tomez
Rebecca Herbst as Megan Belle
Maurice Benard as Marco Santi
Ted King as Brent Kline
Ryan Paevey as Ryan Costello
Steve Burton as Brian Foster
This is a story about 4 girls who have been the best of friends. Read along as you see how they deal with friendship, boyfriends, and dramatic changes in their lives. It was time for school again it was the last year for seniors. Victoria, Rachael, Marissa, and Megan find themselves in a new highschool. They were growing up to be very beautiful and attractive women. They were not little girls anymore. They were gonna run into things as their last year of highschool was coming to an end. They each wanted very much to join the cheerleading squad. Megan Belle was not sure she wanted to be a cheerleader. She was the one who wanted to focus on reading books and volunteering at the highschool library. She however decided to give cheerleading a try. If it mean't she could put in time for her book reading around her practicing schedule. They enter a classroom and notice that the teacher is very handsome. He had dark brown hair that was spiked blue greyish eyes and a beard and mustache to die for. He smiles warmly at all four girls and welcome them into the room. All four girls sat up front. It was lunch time and their teacher Brent Kline was sitting and having lunch with the hottest and most cutest guys in highschool. The girls wondered if Brent had an inner bad boy side they didn't know about. One of the guys Brian Foster a handsome and cute fella with spikey blonde hair and blue eyes came to sit with the girls to get to know them. 
"Hi I'm Brian Foster welcome to Angel High." Brian says.
"Hi I'm Megan Belle these are my friends Marissa Tomez, Rachael Bliss, and Victoria Martinez." Megan replies.
"You all should come to the house party I'm having Friday night." Brian says.
"We would love to come. Thanks for inviting us." Rachael says.
"I don't know I'd really like to stay home and read." Megan says.
"On a Friday night Megan come on." Victoria says.
"Oh please Megan you just have to be there." Brian says.
"Megan has other days she can read." Marissa replies.
"Oh please Megan." Rachael says.
"Fine I will go." Megan says.
It was Friday night and the girls were getting ready for an eventful night. Victoria wore a short white dress that had short sleeves and white matching sneakers. Her long, dark, brunette hair she had hanging out and laying very neatly. Marissa had on a short, black skirt with black stillettos and a matching black t-shirt with short sleeves. Her long, dark, brunette hair hung out to in a nice neatly way. Rachael was wearing short jeans and a white spaghetti strapped tank top with matching white sneakers. Her long blonde hair lay neatly hung out. Megan had on a summery short dress with short sleeves and matching white sandals on her feet. Her long brunette hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail. They arrive to the party and a very shocked to see Brent Kline there the teacher. Brian liked what all the girls were wearing. He had a hard time choosing between Megan and Victoria they both were dressed nicely and cutsie. However Brian really liked Megan the most. He could tell Victoria had her eyes fixated on Marco Santi. A very cute and dreamy looking friend of Brian's who had delicious dimples, dark hair and a bit scruffy. Brian had to warn Victoria about Marco and how he is the real meaning of the word bad.
"You might want to watch out for your friend Victoria." Brian says to Megan.
"How come?" Megan asked.
"She's about to get herself into a world of trouble and heartache." Brian said.
"What makes you say that?" Megan asks.
"She has eye's for my friend Marco Santi. I know he's my friend and all but he's got some major issues." Brian explains.
"What kind of issues?" Megan asks.
"Bad ones and I mean very bad ones." Brian says.
Rachael was handed a beer bottle by Brent Kline. Rachael found it strange that a teacher would give their student an alcoholic beverage just like that. He was extremely handsome though. Rachael takes the bottle and thanks Brent for it. Brent was an already married man. Rachael could tell by the Wedding ring on Brent's finger. She had to ask if his wife was okay with him hanging at his students homes and parties flirting with other women. Brent admits his wife doesn't know where he's at. All she knows is that he's busy at the library grading students paper work. A handsome fell named Ryan Costello whom had dark hair, greyish blue eyes, and a killer physique was a good friend of Brent Kline's. He was pretty much friends with all the guys. However him and Brian were the only two of the bunch with their heads on straight. Ryan hands Marissa a beer bottle and Marissa accepts. He excuses himself to have a talk with his good friend Brent.
"Come on Brent I think it's time for you to leave." Ryan says.
"All I did was give a pretty chick a bottle of beer and all of sudden I have to leave." Brent says.
"You are a married man Brent." Ryan says.
"I have no intentions of cheating on my wife. I'm just having some fun." Brent admits.
Brent returns to Rachael and Rachael wonders what him and his dark haired friend discussed. Brent claims it wasn't anything important. Rachael however didn't want to be a homewrecker. She walks away from Brent. Ryan returns to Marissa as he keeps his eye on Brent and his next move.
"Is there something going on with your friend?" Marissa asks.
"Just trying to save your teacher from making the biggest mistake of his life." Ryan says.
Victoria sits next to Marco and gladly introduces herself. Marco turns his attention to her and shakes her hand. He offers her a  beer bottle and she gladly accepts. Marco wondered what was a girl like her doing creeping over to him. Victoria had to confess she liked what she saw. Marco could see the twinkles in her eyes. Megan however takes Brian's advice and goes over to Victoria quickly.
"Victoria I'm sorry but we have to go." Megan says.
"What! Megan we just got here." Victoria replies.
"It's okay you should listen to your friend." Marco says before he goes to get another beer for himself.

Victoria leaves with Megan and Rachael and Marissa follow behind. Once they leave Brian's house Victoria questions Megan about why she wanted them to leave so fast.

"Victoria we have been friends for a long time. I don't want you to get hurt." Megan says.

"I'm capable of handling things on my own." Victoria replies.

"I'm just listening to Brian's advice about his friend." Megan says.

"What is that Megan?" Rachael asked.

"He's not the only one." Rachael says.

"Brian should have room to talk. I'm pretty sure he's done some things that were bad." Victoria replies.

"Victoria please just try to understand." Megan says.

Victoria smiles warmly at Megan and they both hug one another. Victoria thanks Megan for being a true friend and looking out for her. At school Victoria accidentally runs into Marco and drops her books. Marco picks them up for her and she smiles at him and tells him thank you. She watches Marco leave her as she tries her best to stay away. Rachael could tell Victoria liked him. She tries to convince Victoria that even though Megan mean't well. Rachael brings up the fact that maybe there's another side to Marco. Victoria agreed with Rachael and decided to maybe possibly try talking to Marco. It was lunch time and Victoria choose to sit by Marco. Megan tries to go after her but Rachael stops her.

"You need to forget whatever Brian said to you and let Victoria find out for herself about Marco." Rachael says.

"I'm trying to be the better friend here and spare her pain." Megan says.

"Victoria is in no pain." Rachael admits.

"Hi Megan." Brian says.

Megan says hit to Brian as Rachael backs off. Megan wants to so much to tell Victoria to get away from Marco. Brian could see in  her that she wanted to. Brian encourages her to do the right thing. Megan ignores Rachael and goes to sit next to Victoria. Victoria didn't even notice she was to busy trying to figure Marco Santi out. Megan gently nudges Victoria to get her attention and asks her to leave. Victoria tells Megan not right now and continues flirting with Marco. Brent Kline comes to Rachael and tells her and Marissa about his wife leaving for a few days. He was planning and wanted them to come to his house. Marissa happily said yes but Ryan advised against it. Rachael had to much respect for Brent's wife that she agreed with Ryan.

"Come on I'm just asking for a good time. I'm not trying to wreck my marriage I swear." Brent admits.

"I will be there." Marissa replies.

"Marissa no that's not a good idea." Ryan says.

"Ryan come on learn to have a little fun." Marissa replies.

Brent get's ready for his party as he starts taking beer bottles out. Brent's wife Linda asks Brent what he's doing with the beer bottles. Brent convinces her that he's having a few friends over. Linda gives Brent a kiss on the lips and leaves the house with her luggage. Brian and Ryan were among the first to show up. Brent offers both of them a drink. Ryan has Brent assure him that he's not going to use this party to flirt with Rachael Bliss. Brent promises Ryan he's not doing anything to jeapordize his marriage. Marco Santi arrives and takes a beer bottle. The girls arrive and the party heats up. Marco gives Victoria a beer bottle and she accepts only if Marco tells her things about himself she should know about. Victoria kisses Marco on the lips and a big red flag goes up in Megan.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but I seriously need to talk to my friend." Megan tells Marco.

Marco caresses Victoria's chin and leaves her to be with her friend.

"Megan this is getting  old." Victoria says.

"You need to count your blessings that you have a friend who cares." Megan replies.

"You should listen to Megan." Brian says.

"Marco is not going to hurt me." Victoria says.

"Hey Victoria just hear me out I know this is hard but coming from someone who knows Marco. You are looking at a lifetime of danger and heartache." Brian replies.

"I'll take my chances I don't see Marco going after other girls." Victoria replies.

Suddenly Victoria see's Marco conversating with her friend Marissa Tomez so Victoria goes to hang with Ryan Costello. Rachael is given a beer bottle by Brent. Rachael wasn't sure she should accept it. Brent promises her he's just coming to her as a friend and a teacher. Rachael takes the beer bottle and starts to take a drink. Brent asks they make a toast to a good friendship. The two then start to drink to that. Victoria comes to see what Marissa and Marco are talking about. Marissa assures Victoria they were just having a conversation about guns. Ryan makes sure that Marco is not trying to get Marissa involved in anything wrong. Marissa tries to convince Ryan it's nothing she couldn't handle. Marissa was known for getting a little dangerous. Marco puts his arm around Victoria's waist. Victoria grabs him by the arm and they head outside. Megan wanted to go outside but nothing she did or say would keep Victoria from hanging with Marco. Brian decides maybe Victoria is stronger then Megan thinks. Megan on the other hand knew better Victoria was not strong. Brent and Rachael were drunk and joking around in the kitchen. Suddenly Brent grabs a hold of Rachael and kisses her. Rachael was so drunk that she thought nothing of it. Marissa walks in on it and tries to get Rachae's attention. Rachael responds and Marissa tries to get her to break away from Brent. Rachael accidentally spills her beer and Brent tries to help her as he almost slips. Ryan comes in and see's all this  happening. He takes Brent's beer bottle and takes him into another part of the house.

"Rachael what are you doing?" Marissa asks.

"Having fun." Rachael says.

"Yeah you've had enough to drink your not thinking straight." Marissa says.

Victoria and Marco were getting intimate as they were kissing. Marco had his arms wrapped around Victoria's waist. Victoria had her hands on Marco's face caressing his cheeks. She the ran her hands through his hair. Victoria whisper's in Marco's ear to be her's. Marco puts his hands on her ass and lifts her up as Victoria wraps her legs around Marco's torso. Victoria begins to unbutton Marco's shirt. Marco goes to kiss her neck. Marco has to stop when he recieves a phone call. He had to leave Victoria didn't want him to go. Marco kisses her and takes off. Marissa comes outside with a really drunk Rachael. Victoria wonders what happend. Megan comes out from behind glad to see Victoria is okay. Rachael however she was concerned about. The girls head to the coffee shop and get Rachael some water.

"Why did you guys make me leave. Brent and I were just laughing." Rachael says.

"You were doing more then laughing." Marissa replies.

"Oh no what did you do Rachael. You know he's a married man. Not to mention our teacher." Megan says.

"You two need to learn t have a little fun." Rachael says.

"Not with a married man Rachael." Victoria says.

"Coming from someone whose attracted to the most dangerous guy at Angel High." Rachael replies.

"There is more to him then that and he's not married." Victoria states.

It was time for school and Rachael had her head on straight. Victoria quickly looks for Marco but he's nowhere to be found. Victoria get's worried and goes to the table to find out where Marco is. Brian tries to encourage Victoria to cut her losses with Marco. Victoria tries to tell Brian she can't she is falling in love with him. Ryan, Brian, and Brent couldn't tell Victoria anything and Megan could tell Victoria was getting pulled in. Rachael was feeling guilty about her actions at Brent's party. Marissa told her what she was doing with Brent. Rachael promises not to accept another beer bottle from Brent again. Victoria returns to the table with her girlfriends. Megan didn't know what to say to her but she decided to cheer Rachael and Victoria up with talks about their upcoming football event where they would be showing off their cheerleading skills. It helped Rachael and Victoria focus on something other then Marco and Brent. Brent get's a phone call from his wife and they have a big argument that makes Brent pretty pissed off. Ryan and Brian wonder if it had anything to do with the party. Brent ends up leaving the school for the day as he  heads to a bar and starts to drink. He runs into Marco Santi whom he noticed had a bruised up lip. Marco also was having a few drinks and the two get to talking about what sent them to the bar. Marco tells Brent he got in a little trouble with some guys over money. Brent tells Marco that his wife and him had a bad argument. Marco asks if it had anything to do with Rachael Bliss. Brent tells Marco his wife doesn't know anything about Rachael. Brent asks Marco what he's going to do about his situation. Marco confesses he need's a gun and Brent asks Marco if he's going to commit murder. Marco tells Brent he has to. Brent had only a couple of drinks so he was not drunk. He tries to get through to Marco about his lifestyle. Brent even tries to explain how this could get him kicked out of Angel High and  no chance of college. Marco confesses that he has no plans of going to college he had other plans for his future. Brent even asks if Victoria Martinez was involved in that future somewhere. Marco admits Victoria may run away from him. It was friday night and time for some highschool football. Megan, Marissa, Rachael, and Victoria were all dressed in their cheerleading outfits. The guys came to watch the girls cheer as well as the football game. Brent was even there with his wife Linda. Marco even shows up  but he was an outsider looking in. He see's Victoria all dolled up in her cheerleading outfit with her long hair in a ponytail looking real cutsy. Victoria doesn't notice him as she is busy looking around at other people and chatting with her girlfriends. Marco had a beer bottle with him and was drinking. Brian and Ryan notice Marco hanging out  on the otherside of the fence. They both decide to go over and hang with their troubled best friend. They notice the scar on his lip and start asking questions about where he's been and what happend.
"Got in a little trouble." Marco says.
"Marco come on man this is your last year. Not to mention Victoria has been worried about you." Brian says.
"What are we going to do between you and Brent." Ryan replies.
"I saw Brent the other day we were at the bar talking. It looks like he's worked things out with his wife. I think deep down he wants Rachael." Marco explains.
"What about you Marco." Ryan says.
"I'll be alright." Marco replies.
Suddenly Victoria see's Marco and she waves to  him. Megan saw Marco on the other side of the fence with Ryan and Brian. Megan let's Victoria be she doesn't say anything. Megan though still felt the need in her heart to save her best friend. Brent has his eyes fixated on Rachael as she looked so pretty in her cheerleading outfit. Rachael didn't even notice Brent as she was busy checking out the football players. Once the game was over Marco get's ready to leave but Victoria shouts his name to wait for her. She tells Marco how she was worried about him. She notices the bruise on his lip.
"Marco what happend?" Victoria asks.
"Oh just a little something I got myself into. You don't have to worry sweetheart I'll be alright." Marco says.
"But I'm worried." Victoria says.
Victoria notices the gun in  Marco's pocket it worries her even more. She questions Marco about it and he promises her things are going to be alright. Victoria however didn't see it that way. She asks Marco not to do anything that would take him away from her. Marco admits to her she's going to leave him when she finds out what he's gotten himself into and can't get out. Victoria tells Marco she loves him and she wouldn't leave him. Marco doesn't know what to tell Victoria she was being so opened and honest with him from the heart. Marco pulls Victoria into a passionate kiss and Megan could see Victoria was falling hard. Brian comes up from behind Megan and tries to get her to start thinking about what she wanted. He could see trying to get Victoria away from Marco was not helping. Brian tells Megan that he's been thinking about her and started developing feelings for her. He knows he could have any girl in the world but doesn't want to because he's found her. Megan didn't know what to say she was speechless but she had to admit she has seen good in him. Brian goes to kiss Megan and Megan responds back. Ryan and Marissa stand by watching as their friends were making out. Ryan turns his attention to Marissa and wonder's why Marco didn't choose her the one that likes to live dangerously. Marissa though understood that Victoria was going through a stage in her life that may or may not change her. Brent finds a way to see Rachael. Rachael wanted nothing to do with him. Brent however has to confess to her how he feels about her. Rachael knew in her heart it was wrong to lust after a married man. However something inside of her was telling her she had feelings for Brent. She however had to shut those feelings off and tell Brent how things were going to be. It was getting closer to the prom and each girl was getting ready for Prom night. Victoria was still in love with Marco even though he has ended his days at Angel High. She has not seen him and has been missing him deeply. Victoria however couldn't put her life on hold she had to move on. Victoria in the meantime has been hanging around Ryan which was making Marissa jealous. Marissa decides to help Victoria locate Marco. However Ryan and Victoria were getting close and it was causing problems for Marissa. Ryan asks Victoria to be his date for the prom. Marissa finds out and is deeply hurt.
"Why would you accept a date to the prom with Ryan. When you know good and well he had plans to take me." Marissa explains.
"Marissa I"m not trying to take Ryan from you. He's just being a good friend to me." Victoria replies.
"He's being more then a friend. You two are falling for each other and leaving me out in the cold. How could you do this to me Victoria." Marissa says.
Megan and Rachael come in between the conversation before it got worse.
"Guys Guys what's going on why are you fussing." Megan asks.
"Victoria is going to the prom with Ryan." Marissa says.
"As a friend only." Victoria replies.
"Why can't you take them both?" Rachael asks.
"Sounds like a good idea to me." Brian adds.
"Maybe Victoria should chase Marco Santi down I'm pretty sure he's not far." Marissa admitted.
Victoria walks off and Megan and Rachael didn't know what to do to solve this issue. It was prom night and Marissa and Victoria were not speaking to each other. Ryan comes to get both girls with two corsagie for both of them. Brian comes right behind him for Megan. Ryan takes both Marissa and Victoria by the arm and guides them to the limo. Megan and Rachael try to tell to enjoy tonight and let go of the anger. Brian pours the champagne and they all make a toast to have a good time at the prom. Ryan makes it known he wants to dance with Marissa first. Victoria goes outside in her lovely white off the shoulder prom dress. She hear's someone call her name. Victoria turns around only to see it was Marco Santi. She runs to him and hugs him she begins to kiss him.
"Your beautifull." Marco says.
"It was all for you." Victoria replies.
"I saw that you came with Ryan he's a good guy you know." Marco says.
"I don't want Ryan I want you." Victoria admits.
"Baby I just don't think I'm the guy for you. My life is not really peachy clean." Marco replies.
"My love will save you." Victoria adds.
Marissa comes outside where Marco and Victoria were. She wonders what's going on. Marco tells Marissa to hold Victoria from going after him. Marissa however choose to help Marco out. Marco didn't want Marissa to jeapardize her graduation. Marco leaves and Marissa tries apologizing to Victoria. Victoria however dropped to her knees and began crying. Rachael was having a good time dancing in the ballroom but when she went back to her table Brent was right there.
"You look incredible tonight." Brent says.
"Brent I." Rachael tries to say but Brent cuts her off solftly.
"Hear me out my marriage to Linda is just not working out. I don't want to hurt her but...." Brent tries to explain.
"No Brent I'm not helping you wreck your marriage." Rachael replies.
"It's already wrecked baby long before you came along." Brent says.
Ryan comes outside and see's Victoria sobbing her heart out. Marissa explains how Marco had to turn her away from him. Ryan goes to comfort Victoria which made Marissa a bit jealous. Marissa walks off leaving the prom all together. Brian and Megan were having a good time dancing that they forgot about their friends. Brent and Rachael head to a local Motel and get a room. Rachael didn't know why she had Brent talk her into doing this. Brent pulls Rachael into a kiss and she tries to pull away but Brent wraps his arms tightly around her prom dress. He slides her straps off her shoulders letting the dress fall to the floor. Rachael was stripped down to her blue lace bra and panties. Brent slowly pulls her panties down as she goes to suck on her ass cheek. He slides his hand up her stomach and begins caressing it as he undoes her bra letting it fall off her shoulder's. He cups her breast in his hand. Brian kisses Megan and she slowly responds to his kiss. It was time to announce who was prom king and queen it was Ryan and Victoria. Megan and Brian looked around no sign of Ryan or Victoria anywhere. Suddenly they both make their way to the platform. Megan had wondered where Rachael and Marissa were. She tells Brian she has to find her friends. Ryan wanted to quickly get this prom thing over with so he could find  Marissa. Marissa goes after Marco. Marco  turns around only to see Marissa Tomez coming in his direction.
"Marissa wha what are you doing?" Marco asked.
"I came to be of some assistance." Marissa replies.
"No you can't it's too dangerous." Marco says.
"It's too dangerous for Victoria." Marissa replies.
Marco thinks about it and allows Marissa to come along with him. Once the prom was  over Ryan starts asking for Marissa and her whereabouts. Nobody knew not even her friends. Megan and Brian though notice Brent and Rachael were missing as well. Ryan automatically thinks the worse and it doesn't get any better when Brent's wife Linda arrives. Nobody knew what to tell her except that Brent was missing. Linda tries to call Brent but Brent totally ignores the call. Brent turned his attention back to Rachael whom was naked with him as she lay on top of him. At school Marissa still was nowhere to be found. Rachael was guilty about her prom night with Brent.
"Rachael where were you?" Victoria asks.
"I went home early got a bit sick. It probably was the food." Rachael lied.
The girls enter the classroom and Rachael had a hard time looking Brent in the eye. She felt totally dirty about herself right now. Brian and Megan come into the classroom holding each other by the hand. Victoria, Rachael, were happy to see their good friend finally in a relationship of her own. It was getting close to graduation time and Victoria, Rachael, and Megan were upset to find out Marissa wouldn't be attending. Rachael has cut Brent out of her life for weeks. She however couldn't get over the fact she was falling for him and she realized she was leaving him to go to college. All three young ladies were considering starting a Cosmetics company called Passion Cosmetics.It was now time for college and Marissa shows up but not to come to college but to reunite with her friends. Megan had got engaged to Brian. Ryan and Victoria were a  couple and Marissa had a special secret that could crush Victoria. Marissa however kept it to herself because she didn't want to upset Victoria. Rachael has not seen Brent  Kline since she's left Highschool. She however was starting to get envious of Brian and Megan's relationship. She however had to remember that Megan was her best friend.
"Marissa!" Victoria shouts.
"Marissa!" Rachael replies.
Ryan couldn't believe it Marissa had always been beautiful. Ryan though couldn't get over how good she looked. He though had to remember he was with the lovely Victoria. He didn't want to break Victoria's heart. He however couldn't resist talking to her to see how life has been treating her.
"I've missed you guys." Marissa says.
"Where have you been?" Rachael asks.
"Well things for me got complicated and I'm a dancer at a strip joint." Marissa mentions.
"Your a stripper!" Megan says in shock.
"Yeah." Marissa replies.
Ryan notices an engagement ring on Marissa's finger. He didn't want to get into Marissa's personal business but he just had to know about the lucky man.
"Whose the lucky guy?" Ryan asks.
"Oh um a good friend I met." Marissa replies.
"Congrats!" Victoria says.
"Whoever it is I hope he can lead you away from being a stripper it's so degrading." Megan says.
"Maybe you can join us in starting that cosmetics company we always talked about." Rachael replies.
"Yeah we are starting to work on that." Victoria says.
"I don't know guys if you knew what I got myself into you'd change your mind." Marissa says.
"Well are you going to tell us what you got yourself into?" Ryan asks.
"No I can't." Marissa replies.
Marissa begins to leave and everyone was sad to see her go.

Ryan decides that him and Victoria have been together long enough. He wanted to propose to Victoria he waited until their dinner date Friday. Marissa heads inside an apartment that belonged to Marco Santi. The two share a passionate kiss. Marissa tells Marco that Victoria is with Ryan. Marco was happy to know Victoria had moved on. Megan, Victoria, and Rachael began to start working on that cosmetics company. It was graduation time from College and two big Weddings were going to take place real soon. Marissa comes back into the picture  with news she’s pregnant and marrying Marco Santi. Victoria was deeply hurt but she had to remember she was about to  marry Ryan.

“How could you Marissa.” Victoria says.

“Look Victoria I’m the better woman for Marco. I can handle his troubled life.” Marissa replies.

“And  what you think I can’t.” Victoria says.

Rachael was seeing how things were blowing up between Victoria and Marissa over Marco. Megan decides to get in the middle to squash this fight. A part of Ryan was breaking he had thought Victoria was over Marco. Ryan though still had deep feelings towards Marissa. Rachael could read the heartbreak on Ryan’s face. Victoria turned to see how this was affecting Ryan. She quickly ends things between her and Marissa. She goes to Ryan and apologizes. Ryan accepts her apology but he had wondered was he just the side guy in Victoria’s life.  It was finally Brian and Megan’s Wedding day and after their honeymoon would be the grand opening of Passion’s Cosmetics. Marissa came to  the Wedding as an outside guest she didn’t want to have a fight with Victoria. Megan was happy on her big day but wish Marissa could’ve been a bridesmaid. Victoria notices Marissa outside looking in at the Wedding. Victoria was deeply hurt that one of her friends would go after the one man she was in love with. Megan however was glad that Victoria and Marissa were not fighting on her special day. Rachael on the other hand surprised when she saw Brent Kline show up with his wife Linda. Brent so still wanted to be with Rachael but he has not gone fourth with pursuing her. Once the ceremony was over Brent goes to Rachael to tell her how beautiful she was. He offers to get her some champagne. Rachael had wished he would’ve forgotten about her but apparently he hasn’t. Brent leaves Rachael be. A part of Rachael was wanting to be with Brent. She saw the happiness in Megan and the love she has found in Brian. It was making jealous inside Rachael wanted that too. Victoria was having second thoughts about marrying Ryan especially since she knew Marco was alright. She had to find a way to get to him. Rachael goes to have a couple drinks but her jealousy was taking control of her. The last thing she wanted to do was be a homewrecker. She also didn’t want to do something that would separate her from her friends. Megan could see this was hurting Rachael in some  sort of way. She leaves Brian  to go chat with Rachael.

“Oh you should be enjoying your day not bothering with me.” Rachael says.

“Rachael your drinking like crazy.” Megan replies.

Victoria decides to leave the Wedding and to go find Marco. She writes  a long letter to Ryan and takes off. Rachael to ends up leaving the Wedding party and goes home to her apartment still drunk. She starts laughing at herself and then get’s a interesting knock at her door. It was Linda Kline Brent’s wife. Linda wanted to know if there was something going on between Rachael and her husband Brent. Rachael let Linda know they slept together one night back when she was a senior in highschool. Linda smacks her and calls Rachael the very thing she didn’t want to be called a homewrecker. Rachael pours liquor all over Linda and the two get into a big fight. Brent  quickly comes in to separate the two. Linda smacks Brent and leaves. Brent asks Rachael what happened. Rachael begins to laugh and says that Linda knows about their affair. Marissa returns to Marco where she lets him know that Victoria is  engaged to Ryan. Marco and Marissa kiss and begin to make love. Victoria needed a job and fast she auditions to become a supermodel. Ryan was heartbroken by Victoria’s letter. He shares it with Brian and Megan once they got back from their honeymoon. Megan didn’t know what to do. She wanted to find Victoria but Brian advised against the idea. Rachael had crossed Brent out of her life for turning her into the one thing she didn’t want to be. She runs into Brian and they discuss about  Brent. Brian was not aware of the affair between Brent and Rachael. Brian let’s Rachael know that she to was going to find happiness. Rachael found herself seeing Brian as more then just a friend. She however had to shake those thoughts she didn’t want her best friend Megan to  leave her side. Marco was busy working when he notices a billboard with a picture of Victoria. He decides to go inside and suddenly he hears a voice. He turns and it was Victoria she had finally found him. Marco on the other hand wished she didn’t. She goes to him and gently lifts up his shirt and caresses his bare chest. Marco just doesn’t know what to do but stand there and she begins to kiss him and caresses his bare back. Marco however had to remember he was engaged to  Marissa. Marco tries to pull away but Victoria tells him not to stop. The two head inside as Victoria takes Marco’s shirt off. Marco undresses her and they both make love as Marco caresses up and down Victoria’s bare back. Victoria caresses Marco’s naked stomach and chest. Marco goes down to  kiss and  suck on each of her boobs. Marissa just happens to walk in and was angry with Victoria.

“How could you!” Marissa shouts.

Victoria turns to Marissa as Marco puts his hands on both of her boobs.  Victoria however was not sorry for what she has done. Marco just looks down at the floor. He doesn’t know what to say.

“I’m not sorry Marissa.” Victoria says.

“What happened to Ryan.” Marissa says.

“We broke up I had to end things with him. My heart belongs to Marco.” Victoria explains.

“You are not the woman Marco wants. You couldn’t handle his lifestyle. I can Victoria.” Says Marissa.

“I’am just the  woman Marco wants.” Victoria replies.

Marco asks Marissa  if he can talk to Victoria in private. Marissa throws her engagement ring and walks out. Victoria turns to  Marco and  even though  he loved Victoria very much he  had to send her back into Ryan’s arms. Victoria however refused to leave Marco. She goes to suck and kiss on Marco’s bare stomach and chest. Marco gives in and  turns her around. Victoria bends over and Marco slowly but gently enters her he caresses her ass as Victoria moans. Marissa was in a coffee shop angry and betrayed by both Marco and Victoria. To her surprise Ryan shows up searching for Victoria. Marissa broke the news to him. Ryan could see the anger and hurt in Marissa. Ryan let Marissa know that Rachael needed her she was all alone. Brent get’s into another argument with his wife over Rachael he threatens to divorce her. Brent walks out on her and heads to find Rachael. Rachael however just wanted to be alone.Brent though didn’t  think it was good for Rachael to be alone. He slams a wet kiss on her lips  and Rachael couldn’t help but give in and they ended up making love.  Megan was  thinking about Rachael she didn’t know what  to  do  to help her  friend.  Brian tries to get her to think about the great life  they  were  going to have but Megan couldn’t think about herself and her happiness right now.  Rachael wakes up next to Brent.  She no longer felt guilty for what she had done. Brent wakes up next to her and also didn’t feel guilty he felt good  to be laying next to Rachael.  Marissa  and Ryan wake up together in a motel room.  Marissa decided she needed to be there for Rachael. Ryan was glad she  took his advice and decided to return home.

Ryan didn’t know what he was going to do. It was pretty obvious that Victoria made her choice. Marco lies in bed with Victoria who was sound asleep. Marco slowly get’s up and goes to take a shower. Ryan knocks on the door where Marco and Victoria were. Victoria goes to answer the door surprised to see Ryan after the letter she wrote him. Ryan could tell she wasn’t alone and knew what had happened the night before. Victoria had hoped he didn’t show up. Ryan though gives her his blessing and leaves heartbroken. Rachael and Brent’s wife get into a physical fight over Brent. Brent goes to break up the fight and tells his own wife to leave because they are finished. However his wife would deal with Brent and Rachael in court. Brent apologizes to Rachael who was bleeding from her busted lip.


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