Crazy Kathy (aka themeangirl3)

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An article about a now dead malicious internet stalker and troll.

Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



Blogger's Note:

Crazy Kathy has since died, passing away from an illness. The legacy she has left is a twisted one, even her own family abandoned her in the end and she died alone. Just goes to show that all this basement trolling really doesn't pay.

Crazy Kathy is an online cyber stalker and troll who has an unhealthy obsession with young teenagers and children and who despises religion. Many of her targets are on YouTube and are often harassed by her for years on end. Her targets normally are teenagers and religious people but it's not out of the ordinary for her to also harass other atheists who do not share her anti-theist views, irrational hatred towards religious people or disturbed disgusting bizarre sexual gay-pedo fantasies and fetishes.

In the past two years, Kathy has moved off of YouTube ever since a group got many of her accounts suspended and exposed her mental illnesses to the world (in the form of videos where she "privately corresponded" with people posing as her friends to gain information, to them, she admitted that she regularly sees a psychologist for her mental issues).

This blog post will be speaking about who she was.

Crazy Kathy goes by many names online, some of the more famous ones are:

themeangirl3 (Also other meangirl accounts with different numbers at the end. These accounts were her main accounts until they all got suspended).
Kathypwninglosers (Also like the meangirl accounts in that they often have different numbers at the end. These accounts were dedicated to solely attacking the people who responded to her harassing but most were also suspended) .
tubathon4 (An account solely dedicated to attacking a user called "saynotodarwin" a creationist Christian who Kathy was unable to defeat in debate. Saynotodarwin was suspended from YouTube in 2009 but Kathy continued writing and obsessing over him until 2013 perhaps showing how much he butthurt her).
Kathy4ever (Her recent main account on YouTube which she has since abandoned no longer able to cope with the counter-trolls who ruined the name of this account which she used to try and establish a new reputation as an innocent YouTube user uploading her favorite music which she has since deleted).
ArpenetMale (An account she dedicated to attacking a group of people - who she mistakenly thought was one person - that she called "The AARmy" but back in 2013 she shut the account down when it got extensively trolled).

There were numerous other accounts that she created while still on YouTube, some with similar names, others with strange names and some that were simply impersonation accounts of users who had made her butt mad. If there was an award for "most suspended accounts on YouTube" then this stalker would probably have it, having at least 300 suspended accounts in less than three years.

In her time on YouTube, Kathy managed to win a gullible helping from a few emotionally/mentally unhinged individuals who were either willfully ignorant to her cyber-stalking or simply didn't care, these users (most now suspended for their hate speech) were:

FelidaTheGeek / FelidaTheG33k (She would harass people who opposed her false DMCA claims. She had an irrational hatred towards religious people as well as towards people who criticized her poor parenting and alcoholism. She was later suspended).
Kookyinc / Kooky1nc (One of Kathy's main allies who came up with the term "AARmy" to refer to a group of trolls that he thought was one creationist Christian. Kathy joined him in his excessive cyber stalking and documenting of this group. Kookyinc was a teenager with delusional views, he believed himself to be a scientist and refused to debate with any theist who wasn't a creationist in fear of being humiliated with his emotional arguments which could only work against creationists. Eventually he was suspended from YouTube due to impersonating another user).
Booste30 (Not very significant as Kookyinc but he often joined Kathy in her cyberstalking. A mentally unhinged individual, he would often burst into rants full of swear words whenever someone criticized atheism).
Neoginis (He was an ally of Kathy at one point before his suspension for hate videos directed at religious people).
CNCRoadKill (Another ally of Kathy's who thought himself smart because he refuted an obviously faked bogus "survey" saying that 99% of atheists were homosexual. He vehemently despised religion but devoutly supported war in all circumstances along with communism which ironically has killed more than any religion in the past century alone which CNC wilfully overlooked. His spelling - his words were often missing letters or were simply spelled wrong - hinted that he might have suffered from dyslexia, might have just been plain stupid or perhaps he rushed his writing due to the cognitive dissonance he clearly experienced from holding contradicting beliefs to be true).
01101100d / Godofatheism1 (A user almost as obsessive as Kathy who developed a stalker obsession with a Christian who refuted his belief that "most scientists are atheist." This user often would burst into rants full of swear words whenever he had his beliefs either questioned or debunked. Describing himself as a "defender of atheism and evolution" he had admitted numerous times that he literally hated creationists and wanted them dead simply because they did not accept the evidence for evolution - which I might add that he himself barely understood which got him very angry and defensive whenever someone pointed this out).
VenomFrogX / ExtraFrogX / Dia Beetus (Another stalker who had an obsession not just with a select group of Christians but also with some insignificant kid who stole YouTube videos. Dia Beetus would create "Hitler Parody" videos and blog posts speaking of his irrational hatred towards the "Youtube thief" - this included fantasies of killing the thief - and even ended up writing several huge blog posts all about the thief. After this he focused his mental angst on a Christian who simply pointed out his strange behaviours, stalking obsession, Hitler obsession and defence of both Kathy and FelidaTheGeek who had since been outed as cyber stalkers and dox droppers).

What we find from these users are similar characteristics: All are mentally or emotionally unhinged in some way and all hate religion and religious people. Some were also stalkers just like Kathy. It's clear why Kathy gained their "friendship" as similar minds often group together and all of these minds were quite clearly deranged.

Out of these users, only Booste30, CNCRoadKill, Godofatheism1 and Dia Beetus remain non-suspended and out of these accounts, only the later two are still active.

Kathy's kinship with these people extended to obsessively stalking people who criticized them day after day with her numerous accounts and even called them friends, from this, we can see that Kathy quite clearly came to regard these people as real friends since she was offended on their behalf often and would go beyond the call of duty often writing things on other sites and in her blog posts insulting people who criticized the works and beliefs of these individuals even in situations when they themselves weren't offended. I should note that Kathy didn't know any of these individuals personally in real life and apart from Kookyinc and FelidaTheGeek, the rest didn't consider Kathy a friend at all.

From this, we can draw the conclusion that Kathy is a lonely deranged individual who, having no friends in real life due to her mental issues, is forced to make friends online and becomes obsessively defensive of them in a bid to keep them as friends.

It should be noted that many of the targets that Kathy attacked were often people linked in some way to the individuals that she considered "friends" and the targets were either people who simply commented negatively on their videos (i.e "this video sucks) or people who criticized their atheist views. If Kathy's "friends" commented towards YouTube users attacking them, Kathy would join in and begin stalking them (even if the user receiving the comment hasn't replied back, Kathy would visit their account and spam their wall with abusive messages and use her many accounts to down-rate any videos that they might have) and it didn't matter if Kathy's "friends" were the ones being abusive because as far as she was concerned they could do no wrong and she was desperate for their friendship.

Some users that Kathy stalked would be found by herself. The users were normally religious and all must have said something that "clicked" in Kathy's brain to make her stalk them obsessively, developing weird and bizarre fantasies of them ranging from sexual fantasies to violent ones. Kathy would not only stalk their activity on YouTube but would follow them to every video often commenting with heavy abuse and she would go on for hours and hours to those that responded, only to return the next day and the day after to continue. Most of these people ignored Kathy and simply blocked the numerous accounts she used to flood their channels and videos with filth, reporting every comment (which led to the suspensions of many of her accounts).

Kathy, having joined YouTube in 2006 clearly as a means to socialize being unable to do so in real life due to the clear social problems and mental issues that she had, was able to troll and stalk people unhindered all until 2009 when one religious person finally started trolling her back. This extended to other people including non-religious people until separate groups came established all from different backgrounds, some were counter-trolls who simply wanted to see an end to their stalking from Crazy Kathy and others were trolls who were amused by Kathy's often emotional outbursts and antics as well as for her emotional defence of her "friends" who were all eventually suspended over the years. 

These trolls found Kathy a peculiar specimen and simply provoked her for fun to see her over-the-top responses (which ranged from setting up entire sites about the trolls who used expendable accounts and changed names regularly to spamming their walls with sexual garbage).

Eventually these groups got the best of Kathy and successfully provoked Kathy to make terms of service violation content that they reported to get many of Kathy's accounts suspended. Always taking YouTube too seriously, Kathy was played like a puppet by these trolls.

Today, little remains of Kathy on YouTube (many of her videos and comments from her numerous accounts having been deleted when her accounts were suspended) and she has since stopped using it altogether and instead uses a site called "UploadSociety" where, still being a mentally unhinged insecure troll, she is far more tamed, blocking anyone who doesn't praise her on her channel.

My thoughts on Kathy:

I'm no psychologist but this crazed individual clearly has many mental issues. These mental issues clearly impact her in real life which is why she is online for preposterous lengths of time, trying to befriend easily influenced and mentally unhinged teenagers on social media sites. Personally I think one of her mental conditions must be a personality disorder, Schizotypal personality disorder to be precise, "People with this disorder feel extreme discomfort with maintaining close relationships with people, so they avoid forming them. Peculiar speech mannerisms and odd modes of dress are also diagnostic signs of this disorder. In some cases, people with STPD may react oddly in conversations, not respond, or talk to themselves." 

If Kathy has this disorder then it might explain why she is forced to go online where, instead of being forced into social situations and close contact with people, Kathy can interact through text and express herself more clearly after typing. This disorder would also explain Kathy's often strange speech even in text as well as her speech mannerism (which I can only describe as being a decades backwards dialect that is often emotional and angry with the over-lurking theme of bitter sarcasm).

According to famous psychologist Theodore Millon, the schizotypal personality is defined as:

"Eccentric, self-estranged, bizarre, absent. Exhibits peculiar mannerisms and behaviours. Thinks can read thoughts of others. Preoccupied with odd daydreams and beliefs. Blurs line between reality and fantasy. Magical thinking and strange beliefs. People with schizotypal personality disorder are often described as odd or eccentric and usually have few, if any, close relationships. They generally don't understand how relationships form or the impact of their behaviour on others."

I think this describes Kathy very well. When attacking her targets, she often comes up with lies about them that she genuinely believes, apparently knowing their thoughts and motives. Taking online too seriously, Kathy has a blurred line between reality and fantasy and often takes sarcasm and metaphors to be literal including YouTube roleplay accounts and her behaviour and stalking is eccentric and her sexual fetishes are bizarre. 

I also think Kathy suffers from paranoia and perhaps bipolar disorder but as with all internet nut cases, there's no true way to be sure of what mental illnesses these disturbed individuals really possess.

All I can say is, I hope this individual is sectioned soon for her own mental well-being.

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