Amber Monet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written 2015 By Amber Monet Monique Karazsia

*This book is intended for mature teens/young adults/adults and mature audiences.*

"Shhhhh...Don't you know, that sex, is freedom?" Prepare yourself as you enter the top secret and sexual realm known as "The Rough". Surround yourself with London's finest prostitutes, geniuses, transsexuals, homosexuals, bellydancers, fortune-tellers, the rich and famous- as you await the moment you will gaze your eyes upon the prized and worshipped Amber Monet.

Amber Monique is a pure and sheltered adolescent, seeking more adventure out of life, and becomes manipulated by two very successful business-oriented noblemen. She is persuaded to enter the secret world of high-priced prostitution, being named "Amber Monet", and is strategically advertised to become a worshipped idol to the public. Her virginity is arranged to be sold during an auction at a privately owned sex club named "The Rough". As Amber Monet begins to evolve from an adolescent to a woman, her new identity becomes her liberation. This ultimately leads to her sexual and emotional freedom, and is expressed in detail throughout the book. Marquess Blythe, the owner and nobleman of Amber Monet, finds himself falling in love, with what he interprets as his very own "Created Woman". This story not only has the most unique reason for being written, it is also a monumental, imperfect advance in the written world, which will seize the hearts and minds of those who read it.

Amber Monet is a written expression of the author's own alter-ego. Written with a vulgar and raw tone, the book is intended to be seen as a very long poem, with hidden meaning behind everything. It is based on some true life facts and experiences of the writer, including her very own internal struggles. The author was formerly involved in a cult that performed multiple exorcisms on her. She was completely brainwashed, and tried to kill herself, because of the torment. Impossible as it seems, she has escaped the cult and is alive today. She now lives to tell her story. Purposefully written with flaws, inaccuracies, over dramatization, and an amateur writing style, the author strategically planned imperfection, to share with the world the beautiful, raw, and imperfect reality of the journey of life and all of its impurities. The author's character is designed to be extremely self-exhalted, so that the fictional story can be a release of torment and despair. The story is for others who have also been abused, so they can elevate themselves against their grief. Written in a mental institution after the author tried to commit suicide in her kitchen with a knife, the life of Amber Monet was created so that she may be able to live vicariously through the character, giving herself life and freedom with every word.

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Amber Monet

Submitted: June 23, 2016

Amber Monet Written By Amber-Monet Monique Karazsia 2015   "When the whole world is always against you, you know you... Read Chapter