The Trusting Teacher

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You never know what some kids will do.

Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



The Trusting Teacher

By Shadowgate

Jane Wills was a 50 year old elementary school teacher. Just recently she started teaching at a private school for children with learning disabilities.

It was 11 AM and her students were writing essays. She had a plant on her desk because a secret admirer had sent it to her. She had a pretty good idea of who it was that sent the plant.

While the students were doing their essays she was looking over her grade book. She didn't notice nine year old Harry Gomer getting up. Harry walked over to her desk and pulled the plant out of the pot. He then planted it on top of Miss Will's head.

When Miss Wills looked up and said "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HARRY?"

The class looked up and laughed when they saw a plant on the teacher's head.

Harry said "oh I'm sorry Miss Wills I just had this silly idea of what the plant would look like if it was on top of your head."

Nine year old William Barry stood up and said "it must be time for your medication Harry."

Harry gave William the finger. William said "I'll whoop you after school."

Nine year old Thomas Cassidy said "I'll whoop you too."

Miss Wills said "oh that's enough out of both of you Thomas and William. Everyone be quiet!"

Miss Wills went on to say "I have to keep my eye on this class constantly. I can't even take time to look at my grade book without one or more of you doing something silly. Oh I think the plant is stuck in my head."

Miss Wills struggled with a plant that was put into her hair.




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