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Submitted: June 23, 2016

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Submitted: June 23, 2016



How can you be so shallow

Can you not see the pain in her eyes

The fear she is masking

The past she is hiding from

You are so self-obsorbed you are ignoring the obvious

She needs help and you do not bother to stop

I thought I knew who you were but you changed

She cries for mercy yet you turn away

Your money is to good for her dirty hands

Your doctors to perfect for her cuts

Your time to precious for her words


How can you be so shallow

You were once kind and compassionate

You never turned a blind eye

She is yearning your love 

She does not seek mine or anyone elses

She does not want others just yours


How can you be so shallow

She is dying right in front of you 

Yet you are on your phone

You do not even seem to notice


Maybe you are not anymore shallow

Maybe the one I loved hasn't changed

Maybe I am less naive as I once was

But somehow I didn't notice this monster

How can you be so shallow

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