Three Thief Fallen From Heaven

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This poem is just a summary of all devotion our heart hopes for peace when we pray. Hope this is a blessing for you always ever. :)

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



God forever watched radiance of our existence,

Above this sacred divine energy bonds of oneness in our foundation,

Gave dearest child of God with all creation,

An eternal bond of taskforce in thought and intent,

They say three souls at all places call upon ones consciouness,

All creation sublime meditation of your universe receiving God's love,

More important than anything in our time,

One day an angel in our times,

For inertia from any life gained the need to be for your earthly guidance,

If this Earth angel meet your soul for the university of all teachings,

Which heart to heart emotional concern may guide this three thief awake in time your call upon us guides loved ones unconditionally?

First thief that make us in the fragment of relationships is time,

In this temple of harmony we forget to take care intutive feeling of those who made us, why?

When light of God transmit as our guardians,

Do you address concerns with love and loyality when you meet young old age people ?

How far will you speak for their forgetness of little things in their aging health ?

Have you ever thought of giving a care for the children landless living around our neighbourhood ?

If Christ came for us to love others in a courage to express your true self,

Will you take everything granted in this life that embrace situations as path to shine your brilliance upon this world ?

Secondly thief that definitely touched my life is love I thanked God sending His greatness in this life,

As this transcend situation the power to lead us comes from the beauty of sacrifices,

If this flow of every souls meet my teacher I rebuild myself in faith,

Will you follow our space in this temple of God where your heart hold the key ?

This innermost affirmation makes me feel gratitude of conscious mind my life travel in search of knowledge admist living songs of happiness,

Have you ever surrendered for this goodness praying always within giving reflections in these bonds of humanity,

When love matters forgiveness of surpressed guilt for all,

When love matters highest good of support given for others,

When love matters helping all of service when they ask,

When love matters caring freewill of serving deep connected actions,

More than this love is a manifestation of next birth of all physical desires,

How I am within words and action belong to this aloneness without deepest silence helping I trust myself to take action if I dont love my own beautiful world where I live ?

Third thief is illusory tricks we in pure and good of lifes natural existence serve pre-ordained path of sustainence,

Some call this as intellignece to succeed in wisdom I seek within my honesty,

Some name this as thoughts words and action around space I stay right my positivity,

Yet all reown this as blessings productive to sell themselves for living karmic influence in their lifes purpose,

How can I transcend my natural living through all this sharing and receiving what I am for highest good with ease and grace?

In this tangible form as human,

Three thief fallen from heaven wanted journey down this reading wall to live up to the will of all these affirmations in this universe,

They wanted to tell me,

My life is the effect of loving the path of goodness that directs me within,

How I take this cause care all reflection of any unserving act where sense and compassion are my greatest joy of its embodiment?

When this awareness contribute Gods guidance I find answers for guided steps open to listen any negligence I am constantly a part of,

I find my purpose in this life unique,

Serving this divine health I find our entire planet abundant in the constant flow of this secure peace,

It comes from the three thief fallen from heaven for it is where life to be lived is,

As these three experience light our path from darkness we never know,

May be this is our greatest financial freedom for any security on this Earth,

Let our guidance from the source of all existence rinse our daily life with peace with happiness, hope with love and duty with prayers we seek ahead... :)

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