my last night

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i wrote this based off of a prompt i found.

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



( the prompt) As you are walking down the street, you hear loud sirens. Before you can figure out the reason, you see a giant flash of light and you pass out. You wake up in a giant pile of rubble. What has happened and where do you go from here?


It’s a dark night, but warm nonetheless. I decided to sneak out and wander around town. I couldn’t sleep. I hate this. Sometimes I just wish my brain would stop moving for like five seconds. I do this often as one could imagine. I get very little sleep these days no matter how hard I try. One gets used to this I suppose. I do enjoy these little walks. So quiet, and I’m actually alone, instead of just feeling like I am.

 I head to the park that’s just down the street from my house. The street lamps in my neighborhood all have motion sensors and turn on as I pass by. The neighborhood is quiet. Which doesn’t mean anything considering how late it is.

I’m about a block away from the park, what’s that noise? Are those sirens? They are getting closer… I wonder. There's a blinding flash of light .

“Ugh.” I mutter as I stand up. “Where am I?” I began to regain feeling in my body… I’m laying on a pile of rocks. I heave myself up and look around. It’s still dark. Am I in a junkyard? I can barely make out the shapes of skeleton cars. Large piles of useless metals lay everywhere. I hear someone walking.

“Well, you're awake I see .” A smooth voice says nonchalantly. “I was wondering how long it would take you.” He stands in front of me,  but I can only make out his silhouette.  “Welcome, to my humble… abode.” Okay this guy is weird, what does he want? “ I suppose you’d like to know who I am.”

“Actually, I’d prefer to know what you want.” I blurt, then I clench my mouth shut, hoping that wasn’t a mistake.

“Ah, yes, I suppose that makes sense.” The strange man answered, I could hear the smile. “You ask the tough questions don’t you? You’re smart, probably couldn’t sleep with a brain like that on your shoulders.” I don’t respond, I just keep looking at him. The man doesn’t continue talking. Instead  he pulls out a lantern, and then lights it. The lantern illuminates the man. He’s wearing a suit and a tie, he’s fairly burley, and rather tall. His face is covered in scars as well as dirt. He’s smiling, his teeth are too perfect… I don’t like this.

“ I am, put quite simply, John Alkchov.” He states. I hold my breath. This is the biggest crime lord in this entire city. He’s ruthless, he’ll do anything to make a buck, or to avoid being caught by the authorities. “ I was like you once. I could never sleep, I just couldn’t shut off my brain. Always thinking, plotting. I always felt alone too, like no one ever actually understood me. I was on my own, and that hasn’t changed.”

“What do you want with me?” I ask.

“Well, I was thinking of using you as a hostage, Yet it seems that may not be necessary. The authorities … gave up looking for me you could say. And I like you child, you remind me of myself.” He seems to trail off

“I am nothing like you.” I state venomously.

“Oh, no?” he asks “How often do you actually feel that the people around you don’t actually want to talk to you huh? How often do you feel alone, no one wants you, oh no you’re quite isolated. You can’t talk to anyone, they won’t believe you, or they’ll tell you to suckc it up like and llive everyone else.You and I, we are the same child. I know who you are, the night is the only time you feel fine, wrapped in your blanket of darkness and isolation.” He stopped his rant, and gave me time to think. I don’t want to admit it, but he described the way I feel almost perfectly…

“ Child, you have to options: option one, you come under my wing. Option two, I kill you.” He pulls out a gun and with his left hand aims it at me, his right is offering to be shaken.  

“ We could end up becoming the kings of this forsaken town, all you have to do is accept my generous offer.” I look at him. I don’t really have A choice do I? It’s die or become a crime lord…

I walk towards John. I grab his hand, he smiles “good choice.” something inside me explodes, I deck him in the face with my left hand, he falls to the ground, I run. I hear the sound of gunshots, bullets flying past me, hitting the ground beside me. There’s A sudden, very sharp and evil pain in my leg, I fall to the ground due to the suddenness. I can feel the blood trickling down my leg. I have to escape. I crawl, using i’ll my strength to pull myself out of this. IU hear footsteps behind me.

“You foolish child, there are no heroes in this world, none that survive anyway.” He kicks my side, ugh, I think he cracked some of my ribs, I can't breath. He rolls me over. I see him aiming his gun at me, his lantern still illuminating my face, which is covered by a malevolent smile. “This is what happens to the wannabe heroes with their holier than thou attitudes.” he spits.


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