Moving On Through The Past

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The past is unchangeable but you can move on.

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



Remembering the past, it makes my heart beat fast.

Surrounded by the chaos, it brings all of it back.

Sometimes I can't think of the good that I've had.

Memories flood in and I feel so sad.

At least I'm not trapped in that shell and I'm glad.

I was at one time, but I'm free from it now.

I have been different yet the same some how.

Lately, I can see the sun.

It shines as healing has truly begun.

My life is better cause I have changed.

Things that used to haunt me are estranged.

It has been a struggle I must say.

But things are looking up more and more each day.

I find things that I like to do.

Things that are good about me too.

I don't hate life as much, the people in it, or myself and such.

Been through a lot coming out on the other side.

As if it is me in a dark tunnel ride.

Although, I'm glad I have been through it all.

After the mess, my heart is now big, not small.

If I could change one thing, I would go back.

I'd never pick up that rock of crack.

I'd put that cig down, and not sleep around.

I guess that is more than one thing.

Oh well, It's over now but still not over the sting.

My past is the past.

Recover from the blast.

I can only move on and stay strong,

From now on.

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