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Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



Out of the Darkness


We are in need of a desire to focus in on feeling and seeing the elegant light of a beautiful life.  Even in the gloom, there is light.  We are liable to forget or never know what a normal life is.  However, everyone has a different definition of what is normal.  A life of true happiness is sometimes the furthest from the truth for you. 


No difficulty can impede you from obtaining the living life you deserve.  Many people regardless of the situation find themselves in a feeling of confusion and frequently wish to give up.  People say it is the easy way out by giving up however it is the most comfortable place for that person.  It is not beneficial, settling for the easy way and  being truly happy is poles apart from contentment.  If I only knew then, what I know now; isn’t that everyone’s wish?


There are countless instances of a life where there is the absence of light to be seen or so we think. It is difficult to understand the light when there is much darkness.  A few issues are financial, educational, mental illness, alcoholism, and addiction to mention a few of the everyday struggle for some.  However, it firmly believes God opens the way for a better life at least in people I have met.  Others find motivation to see the light in ways that are just their own.  It is amazing the differences in how people amend their lives for the better!


Walking through the park today, I came across a few people men and women who appear to be homeless. It's very sad knowing they are feeling lost in their own life. I was once homeless and those feelings all came back in a rush! I wanted to tell them that there is a better life for them. It could've caused more harm than good. Some people are willing to stay in the dark and not allow the light shine through. That is their choice.


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