Of slimes and men or both, kinda.

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The silly story of a a dead man, a wayward love child and sentient slime creature,

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



Of slimes and men or both, kinda.

This will be the first time I string word’s together to form some sort of story, so be gentle with me.

Of slimes and men - Prologue

Twelve hours into a long and turbulent flight one passenger slept carefree snoring loudly, a comical open mouthed snoring that gained much attention from other passengers in front.

“Mommy can you stop that man snoring, it’s weird!”

“Now dear it’s not nice to talk to people like that…”

That’s when a loud snort from the snoring man cut her speech short, following this the planes lights began to flicker starting at the front and in a perfect unison towards the back of the plane.

Due to a number of complaints one of the more beefy air stewardesses was tasked with waking the sleeping man.

“Sir… Please wake up, you’re causing a scene” her gentle tap turned into a full shoulder shake, then with one final less than gentle shove the man was sent face first into the window only to produce a more air blocked snore.

Just before the air stewardesses went in for her second bout she noticed her hat slowly raise, the sudden shift in gravity didn’t register with passengers until the chaos of unfastened bodies being flung towards the back end of the plane as has the jet began its rapid descent.

The sudden descent had the planes captains in a state of panic as the cockpit electrical systems went offline and online in a repeat frenzy, panic was soon replaced with confusion as there plummet through a selection of clouds revealed rolling desert and daytime.

Which the passengers considered weird for of a mid-Atlantic flight at 2am.

The Interdimensional fall had put just the right amount of pressure on the plane causing a side tear leading to the forceful removal of some unlucky passengers, one of them being a certain snoring man.

The now downwards traveling man began to stir from his sleep only to be greeted by the rapidly growing desert landmass, there was little time for understanding before crashing face first into soft jelly like ball.

A soft landing was a welcomed distraction, well for the man’s head at least the rest of his body hit the ground with speeds that killed him instantly.

Once the dust had settled from the impact blue jelly like creatures similar to the dead man’s current pillow began inspection of the body, with a slug like crawl moving closer ready for their next meal.

This was when a certain and slightly crushed slime creature fully enveloped the broken man head and began the slow process of digesting the decapitated head floating inside its body, fully visible for all to see.

Slime monster gained [low level human intelligence] or decapitated human head gained [small slime body]


OSAM Chapter 1 – People made of jelly


I woke with the worst headache, the kind of headache you get after days of repeated drinking but for the life I can’t remember why.

Trying to bring my hands up to my head was proving a real struggle, but I was snapped out of my sudden daze by the weirdest scream which didn’t help the ringing sensation in my head.

Focusing forward with sudden shock at the towering figure of a man brandishing a rough looking hatchet, followed by several more screams was all the warning I needed to retreat to nearby cover.

Although hidden I could still the sickening gore sounds this is when morbid curiosity took hold turning to see the giant slice up small jelly like creatures, confused as what was happening I watched the not so delicate removal of the creatures core a small colored stone which was pretty like a gem and judging by the pleasure in the giant face this must be his motive.

After removing several more cores I noticed the big man had friends several more large humanoids each covered in a similar slime like gore, I couldn’t catch their conversation but each smiled showing their packs full or the shiny cores.

As they began to leave I notice hatchet man had dropped one of his slimy gemstone on the ground I waited until they were clear before I left the safety of my rock, trying my best to avoid the gore of the previous display which was difficult and passing through some of the leftovers just felt wrong.

[Slime absorption skill increased] - Absorbing raw materials or lower class items to increase slime’s total mass.

Getting a closer look at the forgotten stone I can confirm that there was a certain beauty to it and if I didn’t take it someone else will but as I reached out my arms I saw thin little blue nubs present themselves.

The loss of hands is truly unfortunate, taking a moment to inspect the nubs they were an aqua colored and slightly see through.

Inspecting the gem a fun discover was that my thin appendages are quite sticky so picking items up was not a total chore, staring into the gem the reflection confirmed it I too was little blue slime creature the only visible difference was a fleshless skull floating in my centre.

Seems like leaned in a little too close as the gem got sucked inside of me, strange as I could still see the gem the skull must be where my field of vision starts.

My body’s new addition began to fizzle and crumble away providing a slight satisfaction similar to eating something tasty, I just waited watching the strange process after all its not every day you get to watch the digestion.

As the last chunks of slime were absorbed curiosity struck, mainly why I’m a slime creature and slightly okay with the fact.

[Current experience spent on intellect role]  

 A 19 was rolled on a 20 sided dice in an alternative dimension.

It was like a spark had been set off in my head as the information began to flow I had memories of a human falling to his death and crushing a slime creature, both of which had died in process.

Meaning that I was neither of those being but some kind of wayward love child , strange the realization that I had parents and that they were both dead I clapped my make shift arms together for a quick pray still unsure why but it felt right.

[Slime instincts Level 1 gained] 
[Human student level intelligent gained]

Seems I gained my some fathers intelligent in his passing but I understand he was not a full adult either way it will give a better start, my mother’s… gift was just the basic instinct slime creatures have to eat everything.

So far these gifts have kept me alive and away from the now normal sized giant human who had harvested the lesser slime’s, I plan to keep that way.

Authors note of sorts - While I am fond of writing stories and silly ideas similar to this I don’t consider myself a writer, so I have had a crack at editing this but I understand I have some learning to do.


Chapter 2 - Gotta climb before you can walk

Getting on top of the rock gave me the opportunity to take in the current surroundings from a higher point, in the local area seems to be a small grassy patch with a single tree then rolling desert miles of it sporting several more green patches in the distance.

It had taken me awhile to notice but the current patch had slowly started to regain slime creatures from where or how I have no idea, what I do know is the tree on this patch looks like it has fruit.

I don't think slimes get hungry but there definitely some desire to digest tasty food and the tree seems like it’s only ten maybe twelve human steps away, after several minutes and only being halfway to the tree it hit me how slow slimes truly are.

No wonder we get caught all the time, I stretched out my stump arms in protest I knew they wouldn't get my  there faster it just made me feel better, reaching the base of the tree I let my three little arms retract eyeing the tasty fruit.

From my father’s memories the fruit was like a strange pineapple just slightly grey, slowly making a move up the tree vertically had me worried but I was reaching the fruit branch and gravity hadn’t taken proving the usefulness of how sticky I was.

Hanging upside down face to face with the exotic opponent my stumps presented themselves ready to box this fruit into oblivion, another fun fact small slimes are weak in physical combat so giving up on trying to knock the fruit from the tree I just enveloped myself over it.

Slowly the fruit began to crumble in on itself it was sweet on the inside but the outer skin mustn't edible to a normal stomach as it took longer to absorb, bored of waiting I moved onto the next fruit the tree had a total of three and I was hungry metaphorically speaking.

Working on the absorbing second fruit I eyed third still sour at my lack of strength I began to beat the hell out of it first a left hook then a right, another left, another right and finished with two simultaneous lefts which knocked the fruit clear of the branch.

Raising my short dukes in victory well downwards as I was still hanging onto a fruit, part of me feels like having three arms is weird I need to stop thinking that I’m bound a human form.

During my activities with the fruit I had failed to notice Hatchet making his way back to properly claim the new slimes, the slimes didn't know what was coming or more likely didn't have the intelligence to understand they were being herded together.

I was safe from my vantage point but witnessing the second bout of slime slaying still made me uneasy, hatchet had cleared about a dozen slimes in total the same pleased look on his face as he stuffed the cores into his pack when he noticed the fallen fruit. 

He made his way over to the fruit directly underneath me, an opportunity not to be passed on. 

Releasing from the branch I fell straight onto Hatchet and enveloped his head into my slime, staring straight into his eyes skull to face I could see he was panicking at surprise attack and lose of oxygen. 

My victim began clawing desperately at his covered face and let's just say I was enjoying the situation a little too much, not being able to breathe I don't know what it's like to be suffocated but it oblivious makes you desperate as Hatchet brought his killing tool straight towards me.

At least I now I can morph my jelly like body out the way of incoming death weapons, can't say the same for Hatchet poor bloke stuck himself in the head.

[Slime body control level 2 achieved] 

His body went limp as it hit the ground with a loud thud, following this I looked over the fallen corpse a greedy part of me just wanted to try and absorb his entire form

But that would be awkward when his friends come looking for him, so I took his backpack and rested it on top of my head figuring there must be fun stuff to investigate inside rather than let my internal storage fry it up.

Giving the hatchet a good pull confirmed it was stuck nice and deep though each tug caused his leg to twitch a little... heh, giving up the rest of the corpse I tossed the odd pineapple inside my slime and moved to the safety of a rock.

Popping open the backpack I paused to look at the contents [loot roll]

[a d20 landed on 16 in some distant reality]

Seems hatchet was a busy guy having sixteen slimes cores in his pack and a small metal rectangle, a part know what this device was and that it belonged to my father.

Turning it around I noticed writing on the back of the device this must have been his name, Samsung... I shall treasure your gift father.


Chapter 3 - Jelly in the desert sun


From the safety rock I began to consume the slime creatures cores donated by Hatchet and with each one of cores fully absorbed I wasn't getting any larger but more flexible being able to shape my slimy form better.

Eight slimes cores later and I could maintain more stump like extension at different angles too but the longer extensions required more slime, so I’m gonna need to get busy if I want a permanent set of arms.

I was about to pop another core when the two other humans came for Hatchet oh this should be fun, since leaving hatchet several slimes had made their way to his corpse so he was missing several chunks.

The second human who shall be labelled as Machete began to swipe at the slimes with anger, while the human female who is known now as loud and annoying was screaming over Hatchet’s corpse.

Popping a tenth core and materializing a fifth stumpy tentacle I watched them cover Hatchet up they must plan to eat him later those greedy humans, from what I overheard the humans would take the body back to their camp and finish for the day.

I'll find this camp later for now the search for tasty fruit continues. 

After eating the sixteenth cores I had control over six extensions but having this many out at once consumed a lot of slime from my main form, so much so that my skull was nearly showing which I imagine the closest thing to being naked so it was slightly embarrassing.

From the top of my rock I got a better look of the distance to the next grassy areas, there were three close patches each green with a set of trees which I hoped only supported slimes. From the rock I carefully raised myself up using the six new appendages trying to keep a steady balance, only to fall off and land slime first.

[Level 2 achieved - slime evolution, somewhat spider slime legs] dramatic increase in speed and manoeuvrability but lose of larger form.

Hoisting myself out the sand I took a few steps, waddles or some form of movement in a straight line. Making a move from a grassy surface to desert sand was a pain at first at least my legs skitter quite quick so they didn't get too hot, the next green patch was approaching but gave me time to think on what I know so far.

When I absorbed the fruit I definitely grew in size if only slightly and consuming the strange slime cores helped me with control over my form, so sooner I can get some fruit and grow bigger the better though I don't want to kill slimes for their cores so I’ll have to find a replacement to shape my new mass.

But what was the point?

The strange thought ground my tiny legs to a halt, my slime instincts told me that the larger I became the more chance of survival I had. Was that my destiny, my purpose to grow large and survive alone?

The burning sensation in my make shift legs reminded me the sand was pretty hot, so continuing onward to fruit with one final thought on the survival subject.

Screw destiny we're going big.

Reaching the new patch of grass I noticed there were quite a few slime creatures here which I’m guessing is a result of the farmers leaving early, climbing the tree I had time to wonder if the slimes keep spawning if left unchecked.

The tree currently had five weird pineapple fruits on its branches such a happy day, hanging upside down and enveloping the first fruit this time hanging onto the branch for safety with my new legs gave me the chance to observe the other slimes.

They blob around without much motive just slowly making their way round the grassy lot, while eating the third fruit and slime watching something strange happened. Two of the slimes had circled into each other, I couldn't tell if the slimes were struggling to separate or huddle closer together but after a minute or so a larger single slime emerged.

It was pretty hot.

Finishing off the fifth new island fruit and making my way back down the tree having trouble as a few of the fruits spike edges were difficult to digest and were clogging me up, trying to digest the triangle shaped scraps was a pain.

Yanking them out wasn't going to work so morphing small holes in my body pulling and my slime back creating a slingshot to try force the scraps out, with an audible twang the pointy leftovers were sent rocketing out.

[Projectile launch learned - using body as a slingshot]

Well that got rid of them but sadly the recent large slime sported at least ten holes giving it a swiss cheese effect... whoops, the recent damage must have been too much for the slime to maintain its new form as it flopped to the ground into a more liquid state.

Making a grab for the large slime’s core before the others slimes made a move into it revealed that the two smaller cores had definitely merged, only difference was the colour which now was a mixture of the two separate cores making it beautiful and I'm guessing delicious.

As the core bubbled inside my stomach and or whole body I decided to leave the circle slime’s and make a move towards the next patch of grass, crossing the desert there were two things that stuck out. The first was the setting sun signalling the day was coming to a close and the second was that this next grass area was considerably larger than the last two.

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