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Do we really know each other? Have we walked the same paths?

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



Each step was a punishment. Why was she like this? Was she meant to feel this way? She could feel the eyes looking at her, judging her. She could hear the voices of hateful remarks. She could taste the bitterness by the other girls. And each step she took, it hurt her. 

She was always a happy girl, she would also smile as a little child. She didn't really care about what others thought about her, as to her, there was nothing serious to judge about. The world was her oyster. 

Then came that one day. She was sat down on her own on the school bench when suddenly it hit her. Her mind switched, her thoughts turned negative and her eyes became teary. Was anyone say next to her? Was anyone talking to her?  

She realised that she was alone with no one to talk to. 

That was the day that it all changed. 

She ran home and chucked her school bag I tot her bathroom and locked herself with it. Her back slid against the door, sliding down the door. She just stares at the wall and slowly, tears streamed down her beautiful blue eyes. She slowly moved her shaking hand towards her bag. She unzipped the bag slowly and shakily. She clutched her pencil case and took out her pencil sharpener, she unscrewed the screw u till just the blade and she case was there. She turned the tap on and let it run for a couple minutes. 

She then rolled up her sleeves and moved over the water filled sink. From there, she draw the blade against her dainty arm. The blade drew a picture. A picture depicting pain and sorrow. 

This was her now. This is now her life. 

*sorry if it was graphic or anything*

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