My father was always what you would call a

"stubborn" man.

I come from a planet called Malison. Great name? Ya right, it means hateful, naughty, no-no. Yes I did just say no-no, deal with it. Sorry I wasn't in charge of naming the planet. That was my older brother Mike, he got to do everything.

When the planet was first formed there were many families or groups. Each separated by a mountain range. I lived in the Zodiac family, my dad gave each of his original twelve children a zodiac sign for a middle name, then he left his wife and started dating around, that’s how I have around five hundred siblings. The original twelve get a section of siblings to look after and share the zodiac name. I am a Scorpio, under the eighth sibling, Jasper; she has the power of Telekinesis. She is also lazy, so imagine the supervision I got.

Anyways, my father was one for the science and creative things while I just wanted to be a writer. My twin brother Aron also wanted to be a writer. If you saw Aron, you would never guess that we were related.

So what happened to my dream of being an author? Bang, pow! Flushed down the toilet, sorry! That dream was killed the moment I thought of it because my father had other ideas. He had over 150 kids, and there will probably be more of us, just you wait. I am child number 149, also my name is Stella by the way.

Dad had the idea that since one of his older sons decided to rebel against him, that he had to destroy him. So lucky numbers 100 and on got the great honor to train to be war machines to destroy our older brother, number seven. Nothing brings a family closer together then a giant war to kill each other, right? Don't ask me what seven's name was because I have no idea.

Anyways, Aron and me were not cut out to be military. Aron is so kind and compassionate that if he did happen to hit someone he would apologize about a million times and then go cry himself to sleep.

Did you guess it? Because that's exactly what happened when he came face to face with seven and the only reason dad didn't strike Aron down was because of me. I managed to get seven's source of power. But dad was still not impressed.

So what did he do Stella? Tell us! I'm getting to that. Relax please. When number three rebelled and tried fight dad face-to-face and managed to kill half of us kids. Dad created a wonderful prison to send him. Most of us call this place Earth, he recently sent five there for originally giving seven his powers.

So basically dad sent Aron and me down to Earth.

But don't worry! He did give us a curse.

-Stella Scorpio

Table of Contents

Stella {Malison}

Before the birth of our universe, billions of years ago there was nothing. No energy or matter of any kind, even the emptiness ... Read Chapter

Luke {Malison}

"I did everything just right." Mike breathed, his voice cracking. I cradled his head full of blond hair in my lap, my hands wip... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

Everyone expects that when they get an acceptance letter in the mail it will be for something amazing. A new collage opportunit... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

The first day of school sucked.  Everyone said hi to me and complimented me. I just wanted to be left alone. They all ha... Read Chapter

Stella {Malison}

  My name is Stella Scorpio. 149th child of the current Zodiac family inhabiting the planet Malison. I have a twin bro... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

Weeks and weeks followed with nothing interesting from school. I woke up. Road the bus to school. Went to classes or sat in the lunch... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

"Let's move out of the sports and into the arts." Vestry suggested after school one day. "There must be something you like." "Vestry,... Read Chapter

Ames {Malison}

"Four must we go on this mission?" Twelve begged me. "It's risky and we may not make it back." "I told you." I said. "Other... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I tried out for basketball with Ames and Hudson and I made the team! At the bottom of the list, but I made it all the same.&nbs... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I let her go back to where she came from. Keeping our new secret under ground. From play practice I walk over to Copper Cove to... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I dropped her off at her house last night, then walked back to my mall job where Vestry was mending the bar tables. The room wa... Read Chapter

Seven {Malison}

My throne was made of the finest gold. Built from the ruins of this city. My wings scraped the ground as I walked, I could neve... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I sit there on my Net-Pad and cry. I don't know for how long. Time doesn't matter anymore if she isn't there by my side.  ... Read Chapter

Stella {Malison}

The Twelve all left us.  Mike, Luke, Ames, Dustan, Jasper, Aspen, Emler, and Larkin.  They are all gone, like Ves... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I dove down the road. The road that left the busy city behind in my rear view mirror. The dark trees lines the road as I drove ... Read Chapter

Aron {Earth}

I rushed into the hallway, I had to do anything to get away from that fighting, even if it meant facing Seven on my own. The ro... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

Soren wakes up to see doctors taking him into sergery  Vestry screams at him to stay alive  Parrallem to beginnin... Read Chapter

Aron {Earth}

Aron arrived in earth Travel through to earth how it feels He sees his pet Firefox in a mist beside him . I felt myself... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

STILL WRITTING Comment so i remember to update this! Read Chapter

Mike {Malison}

Luke paces back and forth in front of our desk. He doesn't know what to do. I can tell he is stressed by being the brains of ou... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}


Oberon {Alberich}

Mike & Luke Zodiac, We made an arrangement dear nephews when you won our battle. But you broke the deal, we fought a Great War bu... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I just can't take it anymore.  Every moment without her is like getting my heart removed with a butter knife. The pain i... Read Chapter

Soren {Earth}

I just can't take it anymore.  Every moment without her is like getting my heart removed with a butter knife. The pain is unbearab... Read Chapter

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