Inventing A Curse

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Prolog (v.1) - Stella {Malison}

Submitted: September 05, 2016

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Submitted: September 05, 2016



Before the birth of our universe, billions of years ago there was nothing. No energy or matter of any kind, even the emptiness of space did not exist. Then an event that some planets call the "Big Bang" took place, and it changed everything. Both energy and matter became a part of our universe, creating stars, life forms, gold, and germs. Of the many things created the first life form name was Atom Zodiac. If you think space was empty now, you couldn't of imagined what it was like for Atom. He took what was created and used it to create more. He built mountains, streams, valleys and building that stretched to the sky on a planet. Everything he did would blow away your mind. He had children with his wife Chemistry, that was the birth of the Zodiac family.

For centuries, the Zodiac family watched over the superior planet Malison. They brought peace to its citizens with their gifts. Twelve pieces of glass shattered from a mirror a long time ago brought great power to the family. It is told to never be open until a certain day.

That day was ninety years ago. Now the twelve eldest of the Zodiac family each received a piece of the mirror. Each piece brought a new greater power then ever before seen upon them as they each turned fourteen.

The original twelve protect the city from invaders from the southern planets. Some can teleport to where they need to be. Luke can turn back time to get the fight just right and another could bring an army to the surface in seconds. Ames use light to see throughout the planet and heal the sick and weak. Dustan turns the tides to move the storms. Seven can fly above the clouds and talk without using his voice. Frost forms wherever Aspen's fingers touch the ground. Lightning strikes from the sky each time Emler blinks her delicate blue eyes. Fire sparks from Arielle's hair. The wind gushes each time Larkin take a deep breath. They all travel across the land, fighting off invaders with bravery and strength. They are just so immunizing, the heroes that made Malison into what it is today.

Thank goodness they don't do that anymore. Am I right?

I would like to be like them. Don't get me wrong. To be like the twelve oldest of all my siblings, chosen to be the leaders of the world, to be famous. Your names stretched across the stars. It would be nice.

If it wasn't for that divorce. She left my father and he remarried. Thousands of marriages and affairs, my brother and I were born. With each relationship my father grew angrier until no one could even look him in the eye, we were too afraid. Then the Seventh eldest child stood up for himself, with the power of flight he defied dad. Some say he was a hero, others say he is he enemy. I don't know who to side with in this civil war. Seven fought dad, sword against sword, fist against fist, his wings against the air. They say it was the battle of the century. But everyone knows that Seven never stood a chance, dad was just too powerful. With one quick move dad banished Seven to Earth, a galactic prison. If you get sent to Earth, you won't ever return. You can never see any thing or any one again. Worst of all, they can choose to take away your memories. You won't be able to recall anything from your past. Unless someone defiles everything to get your memories back for you. Like anyone would do that? They would would be sent to the prison if they even think about it.

Seven fought back against all laws and probability. He broke out of Earth. To this day no one knows how, but he did and that's all that matters. The rest of us are now divided, some on Seven's side and some on dad's.

I believe I made the right choice but I'm not so sure. My brother, Aron, stands beside me ready to fight with me. We chose dad's side together.

The twelve now train us to become warriors instead of protectors. They laid aside their helping tools and dug up their weapons of war. I fight with a bow and short sword while Aron fights with a regular sword. The other children tell stories that Seven is a master of unique weapons, like the bow and arrow and whip blade. These take decades even centuries sometimes to master.

Going into this war with only six months of training frightens me. But I fear for Aron more, he is so kind and compassionate. If he did happen to bump into someone, he would apologize a million times and then go cry himself to sleep. Aron can not fight in this war. He is unfit, he will never survive and I can't always be around to protect him. He is the only real brother I have, he is all I got.

Before all this we were going to be writers. We would make up stories when we were younger, draw pictures of our imagination. We planned to write thousands of books and publish them for the whole galaxy to enjoy. But that dream is gone. Now their is only war.

Tomorrow I lead my group to take down Seven. The twelve won't be joining us. They all deserted off this planet to be bounty hunters. So it just our group against Seven, the rest of the groups will fight against the army that Seven has recruited. There are more of us, I know we will win. But if all those things they say about Seven are true, then we are never going to defeat him.

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