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Just as Alisha had promised, the whole crew had passed out by the next hour. They laid asleep everywhere in the deck, the captains were asleep at our feet. I couldn't see Soren in the dark. I knew I saw him passed out by the captains room door.

"How are we getting out of these ropes?" I impatiently asked.

"Peace Aron." Simeon assured me. "My sister gots this."

Alisha held her arm a over her head and slide down the wood post behind her, the rope was now at her chin. There was not enough room for her to get her head out of the rope. She slide back up the pole and grabbed onto a wire above, she pulled herself out of the rope and let go, she was quiet as a mouse when she hit the ground.

"Simeon can you squeeze out now?" Alisha asked.

"Yeah, I think so." Simeon whispered.

He went over the rope as well, moving silently, to not wake the Pirates, he was just as agile as his sister. When he got out of the restrain the ropes fell to my feet. We were free.

"You two get supplies." Alisha whispered to us. "I'll get the boat on the pulleys."

Simeon and I watched our steps as we went from box to box looking for food and water. We gathered apples and dried meat for food and a couple of canteens of water. We said nothing, communication with our fingers and nods. We also found some extra daggers and swords along with our weapons. They ought to come in handy for something.

"Get in the boat." Alisha told Simeon, she hoped in herself.

"Slowly let us down then slide down the rope." She told me. I nodded.

The ropes were think, making them quiet on the steel pulleys. I slowly let go of the rope, it inched it's way to the water.

"Slow and steady." Alisha told me.

"We are looking great." Simeon assured me.

They were halfway to the water, the rope was halfway done. We were so close to freedom. I was so close to never having to see Soren again, he found his gang, he can live here forever for all I care.

That was when I felt a pain in my left arm that sent me flying back into the deck with a bang. The rope flew from my hands, sending the rowboat down into the water with a giant splash. I looked around at the crew, no one had awaken thankfully. I went back to the edge of the boat. Simeon and Alisha were fine, thank goodness.

"You inspire my inner serial killer." I heard a cool quick voice behind me, I recognized it, of course it had to be Soren. This has to happen to me.

"Soren be quiet!" I hissed, the guy was practically yelling.

"Why?" Soren yelled again. "I had all these guys get drunk so you could escape and you don't even ask if I want to go."

Since when did Soren ever want to be with us? He has hated every moment here. He had done nothing but whine and complain about being here and he always want to leave. What was this guy's deal? Sometimes I wish I could read his mind.

"Send me a postcard." I snapped, walking to the edge of the boat.

"Aww, you'll miss me?" Soren teased. "I don't think a postcard can capture my hotness."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and jumped onto the edge, ready to jump onto the rowboat below.

"Wait where are you going?" Soren demanded. "You can not jump."

"I will live." I snapped back.

"Or you won't." Soren told me.

"Then at least I won't have to listen to you hit on yourself all the time." I complained.

"Hey." He said, obviously he got offended by that. "I put the hot in psychotic."

He grabbed a stick and swiped at my legs, making me lose my balance and fall back into the boat. I got to my feet in time to see that he had already drawn his bow and it was aiming right at me.

"Soren, your my friend man." I reached for my sword. "We can all be friends here."

"I have too many friends." He snapped. "All I need is an enemy to play with." He let the arrow go, it whisked past me, barely missing my ear.

"Mmmm, you shouldn't have done that." I said. I clicked my sword, the dark red blade shot out of the black dragon handle. I had a deep feeling that the blade knew me, I knew what I ate for dinner last night. The blade was firm in my hand, I was one with the blade.

I slashed at Soren, he barely dodged my attack. He whispered something, his bow turned into a sword. A giant silver sword that broke apart and fell into pieced. The pieces were all joined together by a sting steel cable. The weapon I saw looked like a whip and a sword bounded together.

I felt the blade hum in my hands, the blade bounded with my hand. These two blades were meant to fight. Soren and I were born to be rivals, our battle would be legendary. Whip and sword, silver and red. It will rain in all stories, from generation to generation.

The sword became a part of me. Not a real part, just a figurative part. It was a part of myself. It spoke to me, telling me what to do, where to strike. Soren's blade collided with mine, the sparks made by the blades were bright and white hot, they floated up the sky as we twisted and turned.

We fought on the deck of a wooden pirate ship in the twenty first century, crazy this was. The blade hummed in my hand, asking me to marry it. Figuratively again, I don't need a dress or a ring to marry a blade. I sealed myself with this blade.

"Let me tell you a story." Soren hissed at me.

His blade worked with him as he attacked me. His whip moves all around me, he was fast but I was faster. My blade moved with me all around me, hitting away the whip from my body.

"There was a boy who was me." Soren said. "It was my birthday and I bathed in a bath filled with tomato juice. The year was 40,000,007 BC."

He swiped his blade in front of him, forcing me to get further and further away from him.  I held my blade tightly in my hand, I was comfortable and confident with this blade.

"I had reached the age of fourteen and had matured into adulthood. I was able to get my power, my wings. It was my first gift ever from dad, and you took it away from me."

"I said I was sorry." I snapped. "Why don't you tell something better like your fire story."

I knew that was the exact thing to say to get between his guard. I threw my sword at him, it pierced him in his left lung. I strode over to him, jamming the sword from him. I clicked the blade back into the handle. With the deep red blade, his blood could not be seen.

"I won't let you leave." Soren gasped.

"You can stay here then." I snapped. "Steal this pirate ship and leave me alone."

"Who seals a pirate ship, honestly." Soren said, he was healing quickly I had leave before he got his strength back.

"You're scared." Soren said to me. "I can feel it inside you."

That wasn't creepy at all.

"I'm leaving." I stated. I placed my sword back in my belt and went to the edge of the boat.

"It's ok to be scared." Soren said. "Even heroes know when to be scared. That's the difference between you and me. I don't know what to be scared for in this life, you do."

What was he trying to tell me? Was he seeing the panic in my eyes or the deep feeling I had in my heart. Soren had read my emotions before, I think it is part of his curse. His power seems to only be used for good, he was made to help people. Yet, he just destroys them.

"Just to let you know, monsters have nightmares too." Soren said. "You don't need to worry about if you will find your sister, you will. I know you will. You have gone searching everywhere in the world to find her."

"You have nightmares?" I whispered. "That's why you kick and scream all night."

"I can not sleep anymore." Soren said. "All I can hear is the screaming."

"I'm sorry for your pain Soren." I said. "But I got to go find my sister."

"You will need me." Soren snapped.

"No." I commanded him. "Stay here, it's better for everybody."

Hurt fell onto him face, like a puppy left in the street. He got to his feet, completely healed. The only damaged was the blood stain on his white shirt.

"I guess you don't need a weapon if you were born one." Soren said. "It's not for defensive stuff." He turned and walked to the other side of the boat. Leaving me alone on the edge.

I looked down into the water below, it was dark and cold. I could see the little rowboat close by, giving me enough room to dive into the water and not hit the boat.

I leapt from the side, my face closest to water as I hit the hard surface. The perfect dive, just close enough to the boat. I swam over to the boat and threw myself over the side.

"What happened up there?" Simeon asked. Alisha handed me a blanket to warm myself up.

"Just difficulties regarding-" I started to say.

I heard and felt and splash next to us. Then I saw Soren's face pop out of the water, he screamed and kicked, but he couldn't swim.

"He can't swim." I gasped.

"What is he doing down here?" Alisha asked.

I didn't hesitate when I saw Soren's face, I threw the blacker off me and jumped into the water after him. He was not going to die like this, not when he could live. He could redeem himself, be the person I knew he could be. The water was cold and dark. I managed to grab Soren's arm and pull him to the surface, I could feel his heartbeat against my body when I carried him onto the rowboat.

"Your crazy." Alisha said. "You rescued a psychopath!"

"Sociopath technically if you study the human mind and earth psychology." Soren spat water out of his mouth. "But in Malison I would be called a psychopath, the planets in the northernmost of the universe I would be a cereal killer. In the south I would be a psychopath too. So on most planets I would be a psychopath."

"Seriously." Simeon gasped. "He is nerd now."

"Guys." I said. "Let's drop this subject and get out to sea before anyone notices we are gone."

"Fine." Alisha rolled her eyes. "I found some duct tape and rope." She handed them to me.

"Please no." Soren begged.

I needed some sleep tonight and peace and quiet while we rowed away. I put a stripe of tape on his mouth and tied his hands together. He was now a prisoner again.

"Let's move." Alisha demanded.

He three go us all took an oar and swiped against the water. We were free from the danger for now. Now time to find my sister.


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