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I wake up in a patch of grass, it's midday, like we slept through the whole night. Pieces of glass poked at my hand, I released them onto the ground before they could damage me more. 

"Where am I?" Harry yelled, he was lying next to me. "Where are we? What is going on? It was night, not it is day."

"That usually happens when you sleep." I rubbed my eyes. "It's very typical."

"But it was night." Harry stared off, full of total confusion. "And now it is day."

"Yes we established that." 

"But night, day." 

"Great ant." I hissed under my breath. "We time traveled." 

Harry froze, with a rather unattractive look on his face, as if he had seen the ghost of his dead father tell him to kill his uncle.

"Time traveled?" He stammered. 

"Either time or space travel." I corrected. "Now come on." I tried to grab him off the ground. 

"But we were there and now we are here." Harry wouldn't budge. "How is that even possible? It's not possible is it?"

"Come on!" I grunted. "We gotta go! I have no idea where we are."

"Traveling through time is hard to do right? So how did we do it? We were just standing there and now we are and here and it's daytime but before it was night and we were my the ocean and now we are on grass by a-"

I grabbed his chin and slammed my lips against his. This completely caught him off guard. His body released its tension and I was able to quickly pull him off the ground. 

"That was a rather pleasant way telling me to shut up." Harry smiled, blushing. 

I felt myself blush as well. But I did not have a crush on him. That would be bad, considering my first boyfriend ended up being a psychopath, but the second one couldn't be as bad as Soren. I mean, this is Harry, a general and a protector. He is nothing like Soren. 

"Oh shut up and kiss me again." I begged. 

That's exactly what we did, kissed again. In the sunlight, the world moving a thousand miles per a second and we were just standing on a little hill somewhere. I love magical moment, it's a shame they never can last. 

"Yo there!" A mans voice yelled from behind us. "You from the Union?"

"Sorry sir." Harry tipped his hat. "Don't mean to be of troubles to you, but what is the Union?"

"The North." The man yelled back. "By the looks of your uniform you look as if you are, and we Southern states fight against the North!"

"I think I know where we are." I whispered to Harry. "But we must double check."

"What you two love birds whispering about?" The man yelled from below. 

"We are engaged!" I lied. "Soon to be married, this is my fiancée Father's coat from the the revolutionary war, way back a long time ago. We will be on our marry way now!"

"Alrighty Miss!" The man yelled. "You make sure you watch fro Northern snipers!"

"We shall!" I yelled, then turned to Harry. "Ditch the coat."

"My coat?"

"Yes your coat and while your at it, lose the hat."

"But these are my rankings."

"Here you can be an enemy and we shall both die. At least turn it inside out so they can't tell what it is."

Harry groaned, but listened to what I had to say. He wore his coat inside out, it looked a bit weird, but it did the trick. I made sure to grab the rest of his portal buttons that he did not know he possessed. 

"Let's find a town." I demanded. 

"Why don't you use the Dragonfly suit to find us one, then you can come back for me." Harry suggested. 

"But that observe." I argued. "I can not just leave you."

"Your fast." Harry smiled taking my hand. "You will find a town and be back before I count to seven." 


"Is that too soon?"

"No it's just bad memories about that number." I shrugged off my thoughts of Soren. "How about something else like 148."

"148? That's a bit long."

"I like that number a lot better."

"Alright. I shall start counting and you can start flying."

I released my small hands from his. I ran in the direction away from him, searching for a town, I hovered above the ground. Ten seconds have past. I couldn't see anything in sight, there a bit of smoke in the distance, it was a long shot but it was all I could go off of. I ran to the smoke area. There was a small camp set up, almost like a war camp. My hunch was looking rather correct right now. 

"Alright men." I heard an oddly familiar voice. "We can attack the Union anywhere on our land, we have the advantage of our generals and knowledge of our land."

"But sir-"

"Yes private?"

"The north has more industry and people, we are sure to lose."

"Then we have the fight be brought to us. They can not use transport on their trains to aid them if they are fighting miles from the track."

"But what about the men?"

I followed the voices. Staying silent in the shadows, seeking for their owners. 

"They must lose, we must fight. We succeeded from them, we gotta show we are capable of independence."

I found the source of the voices, in the commander tent. I placed my feet gently on the ground, trying not to make a sound. A confederate flag flew on a mask by the tent. My theory was correct about this being the Civil War of the USA. 

"Do whatever it takes." The man told the private, then walked out of the tent. 

He didn't seam to see me, I was less then a foot away. I held my breath, if I get caught, I die. It had been 100 seconds. 

"You girl." 

The private saw me. Then the general turned around. Now I know why I recognized the voice. It was Soren, again. How he could be in three places at the same time was absolutely insane. Soren must have a twin, or two. That is the only logical explanation to why neither of these two recognized me. 

"That suit." Soren pointed out. "I made that suit, where did you get that?"

I released my breath. What do I say? What can I say? This man is a psychopath. 

"Now that's just rude." Soren said, as if he was reading my thoughts. "I am as far as they get from psychotic. I'm more narcissist or maybe even a bit rude, but psychotic? More like a sociopath."

"Umm." I stammered. 

My lips couldn't do any talking. My feet did however, talked me all the way out of the awkward situation and brought me right back to my dear Harry. Not that we are a thing, but he like me and I like him. My feet flew me back to him, because I had 8 seconds left. 

"147, 148!" Harry grabbed me. "You really are fast."

"Harry we are in the USA Civil War." I gasped for air. "And to make it worst Soren is here too."


"Soren is also from my time, as well as yours. I'm not from here, I will explain it all to you later. But right now we need to get out of here."

"Stella, what do you mean by your not from here?"

"I'm from another planet, Soren is too. He is a very dangerous man and if he is here no one is safe."

"You promise you will answer all my questions in a moment, right?"

"Yes I do."

"Then I shall follow you blindly." 

He pressed his lips against mine. My third kiss with him. It felt like I had butterflies in my tummy. 

"Let's get out of here." I told him. 

"I shall go wherever you go."

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I didn't see those kisses coming and it's weird that Soren can be in three places unless he can live a very long time.

Tue, November 15th, 2016 4:45am


You didn't see those kisses coming in a good way or a bad way?

Tue, November 15th, 2016 3:16pm

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