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I don't hate people, I just feel a whole lot better when they aren't around. I probably look extremely calm on this rowboat, enjoying the water and getting sick in my stomach and not being able to throw up because I have duck tape on my mouth so I got to swollen my food again. I have also killed all three of them, in my mind, at least three times.

Pyrokinesis is what I have confirmed as Aron's curse. I won't ever tell him, I can't first of all, but I never would anyways. His power is so strong it out powers me a thousand to one. Every time he breaths I can feel his power in the air, hot and dense like tropical climates. I fear his power, he could destroy me from the inside out with a blink of his eye. I don't want to give him that option.

I could take him on in a fight however, his power is not used for defense, while mine could be.

If I had these ropes off me I would first kick him in notes or the eyes, throwing off his senses, that can distract him. Then I would move to Alisha who would come at me next. I would kick her in the knee, disabling her, then she would be off balance. I could knock her into the water quickly. All I would have left to deal with is Simeon. He would be a little tricky. Hydrokinesis is Simeon's curse. Yay, I know they are from Malison too, even if they won't admit it. I have seen them there. They were master assassins that worked for dad. Surprisingly he didn't use them to track me down, he left that to the war machines and bounty hunters.

Simeon would know my moves before I did them. I could try to hit him in the groin or kidney. If I was a better fighter I could hit him in the solar plexus, then he would be out of the fight. I couldn't knock him in the water though, that would give him an advantage over me. He would overpower me and then I would be sleeping with the fishes.

We would probably die before any of that ever happens. We can only last seven days without water. I have gone three days so far, it has been miserable. Everyone else gets to drink but me. I have to watch them day after day drink. I can't talk or mumble or do anything to get water.

The salty ocean water would do no good to drink, it is fourth degrees right now down there. Even if I could swim I would only last thirty minutes at the most. So no way of escaping.

I have not eaten anything since the coconut at that island. So it has been almost a week since then. My stomach has been growling, begging me for food that I couldn't give. The only thing worse then watching them all drink water is watching them eat in front of me.

Aron grabbed a canteen of water and took a swig of it. I tried to get his attention, but the ropes were so tight that I couldn't move. I tried to slam into his shoulder but I barely tapped him.

"What!" He snapped at me.

I tried to talk with the duct tape on, it just came out as mumbles. He ripped the tape off my face. Leaving my mouth stinging with pain.

"Owe!" I screamed. "Why did you make it hurt so much?"

"What are you bugging me for?" He said.

"I am thirsty and hungry and cold." I complained. "Can I please have something to eat. I haven't eaten anything for the past week and I have gone three days without water."

"Fine." Aron groaned. He tipped the canteen over my mouth, the water drizzled in.

Oh the relief that water gave me. I felt like a plant. I know strange, but plants love water.

Aron grabbed the water jug away from me before I could drink it all.

"Well your charming." I smirked.

I felt as if I was in the middle of a civil war on this boat. 'To kill or not to kill me?' Alisha was  on the kill me side. She stares intensity at me from the moment I was on this boat. She had a dagger in her hand. She was probably thinking about killing me, like I have about her. She only wished she could kill me.

Aron was on the not kill me side. If he wanted me dead he would have done that a long time ago. I think he has grown fond of me, like brothers. No, eww, not brothers. We can be cousins maybe, or really good acquaintances.

Simeon was stuck in the middle. I am glad that he can never come to a decision. It makes life great for me. He likes to keep the peace, I think he is a hippie.

"Guys!" Aron exclaimed, pointing off in the distance. "An island!"

"Land ho!" Simeon yelled.

"Quick." Alisha threw an oar at her brother. "Let's paddle there."

I yawned, making my ears pop. From the island I could hear noises. Chanting. Human chanting. We should not go there.

"If you hear ominous chanting, the appropriate response is to run." I told Aron.

"Don't be such a sissy." Aron said. "It's all in your head. If there are people there I will protect you, your majesty."

Ever since we ran into those pirates and Aron battled me with a sword, I'm not saying he won that battle because he didn't officially. I did not get beat by him. The record does not state that. Anyways, Aron has been acting super manly, heroic and playing a bad cop character.

If you know Aron as well as I do, you know that Aron is considered the kind one. He got kicked out of the military because he couldn't find the guts to take me down. So technically it is his fault we are all here on earth. Just saying. I know he has muscles and is super strong, but he is not the bronze type.

"Aron what is the matter?" I whispered to him.

Alisha and Simeon were busy rowing on the front of the boat. Aron and I were basically alone in the back.

"Shut up Soren." He said, continuing to row.

"No." I said. "Something is different about you, you are not being yourself."

"Since when have you cared."

"Always. Back in school you were the only one nice to me."

"What?" Aron gasped, stopping his rowing.

"You always said hi to me." I said. "The first time we meet you ran into me asking me where you were. You knocked my books out of my hand, you helped me pick them up."

"Soren what does that have to do with anything?" Aron spat at me. "What does this have to do with finding my sister and getting to that island?"

"I was going to end my life." I said. "I was returning all my books that I borrowed from the library. You showed some kindness to me, so I decided to give it one more day. Then that day I ran into you again. I only saw you for less than five minutes but you smiled at me in the hallway. That made my day."

"Your life is amazing." Aron snapped. "I don't buy this story."

"It's true." I went on. "I arrived on earth a week before you the day after you arrived was when I met Stella in the pool. You two did something that made me feel normal. So I got the fake identity and stated a new life. It would have worked out if the bounty hunters hadn't shown up and made me accidentally hurt you, then hurt them, and Hudson, and Stella."

"They didn't make you do anything." Aron said. "You killed them all on your own, you should have let me die too."

"How could I let someone die who showed so much kindness to me. A life for a life."

"Whatever." He turned away, I could see his smile as he continued to row.

He hadn't slept in days, all he ever did was row and row. I wish I could help, but they don't trust me. All I could do was sit here and sleep.

"You know I can't swim." I said.

"My!" Aron groaned. "Where did that duck tape go?"

"I can't swim." I repeated. "So I can't go anywhere. Untie me Aron, you can sleep and I will row for you."

"That's never happening." Aron said. "Not ever again. Nope."

I huffed and rolled my eyes. Hey I tried. I should get an award for that, and best hair of course. I want a shiny gold star pin that says you tried. That would be the best award.

"Well anyways Aron." I concluded. "What I was trying to say was, that you should just be yourself. Everyone won't like you anyways. No matter how much you change they will always find a flaw and make sure you know about it. That's why I don't care for others, because they won't care for me."

Aron stopped rowing. Was it something I said?  It wasn't something I did, I didn't kill with my words. I'm pretty sure I didn't. I haven't done that trick for a while and I'm sure if he was dead he would have fallen over into the water.

"Aron?" I whispered. "Did you die?"

"Aron!" Simeon called out. "Come sit up front."

Aron got up and make his way to the front of the boat. He switched rowing spots with Simeon. Oh please don't have Simeon sit by me. He made his way back to me. No! Don't sit by me. He sat next to me. Great! Let's all play musical chairs on the freaking boat. Did I mention how much I hate people. Now I got to sit next to one.

"We are about a thousand yard from the shore." Simeon yelled out.

"Keep rowing." Alisha encouraged.

Simeon's rowing was sloppy and splashed me in the face. Of course he had to annoy me.

"I know what you can do." I whispered to him. "You can get the boat to shore a lot quicker."

"I suggest you stay quiet if you want to keep your head." Simeon threatened me.

Wow, that was out of character. I thought he was a peacemaker. Obviously these people have never taken a drama class in their lives. They would know how to stay in the characters better.

"So why don't you tell Aron?" I whispered back.

"Only my sister knows. I don't even think you truly know." He rowed on.

"Your right." I laughed. "It's not like I have the power to see others powers, that would be ridiculous."

"My curse is better than." Simeon splashed me.

"I think I have the better curse." I snapped.

"Oh really?" Simeon encouraged me, challenging me. "What can be better then being able to control over half the earth?"

"I can control over half the earth." I replied. "I can control you."

Simeon laughed.

"It's true." I said. "One if my curses is the power of love, by making you fall incredible in love with me, I can control you and use your curse to my liking."

"Nice." Simeon said. "Good luck doing that."

He splashed me again. I hated the ocean being wet and full of water. I wanted to lash my power at him, make him be mine. Use his power, show him what I can do. But I didn't, I count see his whole power, just parts. Also I would have two other people attacking me if I did that.

We were so close to landing on the beach now, the chanting was getting louder and louder. I could barely hear muskeg think over the noise. But the second Aron's feet hit the sand, the noise stops. Silence filled the air around us. It was too quiet, they knew we were here.

"Check this out." Alisha called.

Aron and Simeon pulled the boat in. I got out of the boat and followed them over to Alisha. My ropes were still tied around me, it was stupid, where was I going to go? This island wasn't as big as they think it is.

"Portal zone: time frame-a blur." Simeon read off the rock.

"I recognized the carving." I said. "It's twos writing, he can control time."

"So Stella could be here." Aron said.

"It's sounds like it." Alisha said.

"Shall we go looking?" Simeon asked.

"The island is not that big." I tried to tell them, but they ran off. Leaving me by the stupid rock.

"Seriously guys!" I yelled after them. "I can see the other side of the island from here! She is not here and I'm still worried about the chanting!"

They didn't listen to me. They just kept running around the island. They were determined and fearless. Somethings that I did not have.

I wiggled my hands around till I was able to find a sharp piece of rock in the sand. I cut the ropes, freeing myself. I took a deep breath in, something I hadn't been able to do for a while. I slide my coat off of my shoulders, revealing my arms to the cool wind. A single feather fell from my coat, that was all that remained of my wings.

I watched them run across the sand. Aron's built figure fighting against the his asthma as he followed the siblings. Alisha's beautiful black hair flying behind her with each step she took. Simeon ran like a girl, who

could blame him?

I sat on the Rock and thought:
Aw, they are so young and willing to get themselves killed.


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Another great chapter and poor Soren, the other three are so mean to him.

Sun, November 20th, 2016 5:09am


Yeah, I torture him a lot. lol.
I am planning the basics of the next books of this, since I have finished planning the rest of this book. Do you think I should give Soren a lover? OR...
I'm debating if I should give him some happiness in the next one, cause he certainly doesn't get a lot in this book.

Sun, November 20th, 2016 5:05pm

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