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I get sea sick so bad, let me tell you that. Those fries were not doing me any favors on this stupid idiotic trip.
So you think Aron forgets to feed me and let me drink water before, he did it even less now that we were on a boat.
I fear for his future children. I really do.

I was not lying when I said I wanted to help him. I feel quite bad about his sister's disappearance, which was not my fault by the way. She was the one who grabbed my necklace, I told her not to. Nobody ever listens to me.

I also wish I wasn't a prisoner. The best way to keep me from escaping to make sure he thinks that I is not a prisoner. Nothing makes me wants to escape more than the thought that I am trapped. I wish I was strong enough to escape, I want to break the cords, have the cords flying off my body, hitting Aron in the face and having a great moment of strength as I overpower him and then he can be the prisoner.

I just hope I don't get eaten by pirates. They are bloodthirsty beasts out here. The Bermuda Triangle is known for its strange activities regarding time, so time all falls together. You will see most mythical creatures, Snitches and yes, Pirates too.
Snitches are pretty bad too, but not as bad a pirates. I am begging that whoever we meet don't recognize me.

Another thing I hate, my hair is growing. I probably look like a slob. I haven't shaved ever in my life, my hair is touching down the side my of face and I don't even know what my face looks like. My hands are discussing, they haven't been washed in a long time.
I hate washing my hands in public restrooms because I can't ever get them to dry, so I just don't wash them. I couldn't help but think of all the months of germs on my hands then Aron held the cuff in my hand at the airport. I hope he dies of a strange disease, well I don't hope it, then I would be stuck out here with a dead body and that's just creepy.

Aron kept rowing and rowing the boat along out to sea. His giant muscle arms keeps cranking at the oars. I think we have gone in circles a few times now.
I am going to die out here.
If starvation doesn't hit me first, the Sharks will eat me, or the Pirates will.
How would I like to die today? Pirate or shark?

Well a shark would have to drag me into the water and I would be in a lot of pain, my fabulous body would also get messed up. But a pirate will shoot me, which is w fast and easy death making my life gone in a second if he shoots right, or he could make me walk the plank, then I have the same fair as I would the with the Sharks.

"Aron." I call out to him. "Around 400 million years ago the whole world was covered in mushrooms."

"I get it." Aron said. "Your super old, and intelligent, now can it."

I guess I shall shut up now, thinking my own thoughts.
So about the fire thing, that keeps coming up in my mind a lot. Every time I think about it I cringe a little. It was so horrible, so selfish, so devastating that I can't share it with anyone.
This is when I think of all the high school kids who are skipping classes because they are too busy crying in the bathroom. I was one of those kids, to begin with. I had dark secrets too.
When I was little my siblings didn't like me very much, they would pick on me and treat me badly. Mike and Luke would tuck me in at night, but that was about it. My only friend was my older brother Azun.
Azun was the best! He would play with me and teach me how to use my power, we were total opposites, brown hair, black hair, blue eye, silver eyes.
Oh yeah, I did have brown hair for my childhood, the. I revived my power of flight when I matured at age 14. The sun damaged my hair overtime, so I am blond now. I think I look better this way anyways.
Azun was my only friend and when he died I didn't know what to do with myself, dad made me join the army and I freaked out and went crazy with power that I borrowed.
I am not evil, I don't know why people can't see that. I wouldn't forgive myself for the things I did either if I was Aron. I still haven't dog oven myself for the things to did to myself, my family, my friends and my love.
That's why I promised to never love again after her, things would just get worst for everyone.
I rolled down in my chains of rope and tried to sleep, my stomach felt like it was coming out of me, but I had nothing to throw up. So I just had to sit there and be miserable the whole way.

I woke up to find us still on the boat. My stomach growling, begging for food I didn't have. The ropes were tied around my whole body, my arms had fallen asleep and were buzzing. I tried to stretch them out, but I couldn't. It would be hard to swim if I fell over into the water.

"Aron." I said. "I don't know how to swim in general, with these ropes on my like this it will make swimming a lot harder."

Aron rolled his eyes at me, he did that a lot. "Why would you need to swim?" He said. "You are staying in this boat."

"Yes I know I got to stay in the boat." I replied. "But what if the boat flipped over and we both fell in, then I would have to swim."

"That's not going to happen." Aron assured me.

He did not understand the ways of the ocean. I did because for a week I was a pirate. There are constant storms on the sea and people fall into the water when there is a storm. Our little row boat won't stand a chance.
The Pirates were evil and mean or a little guy like me, the only thing worse than pirates was a mermaid, worst then a mermaid you got a Snitch.
I noticed a flow in the water, that was unnatural for the ocean currents, there was something down there.

"Aron!" I cried out.

"Soren can it!" He yelled back, continuing to row.

"Unlike the other things I say." I said. "This may actually be of good use."

Why wouldn't he listen to me? His life could be at stake, my life is at stake. I have no clue how to swim. The pools at school were shallow, so I could touch and walk around on the bottom. In the thousand of miles deep ocean, I can not touch.

"Aron there is something in the water." I state.

"It's the ocean." Aron groaned. "There are lots of things in the water."

"Aron, no! Listen to me."

"Soren I have had enough of your crap."

"But Aron! There is something down there and I have a feeling.

"Oh you have a feeling? That changes everything. Go on and tell me all your feelings, tell me about what's in the water, why are are so afraid of the fire, tell me everything."

That hurt. That was low. I could feel tears in my eyes when he brought up the fire. It was too soon, too soon to talk about the fire. I hated how he kept bringing it up. It's like he wanted to see me hurt. I thought he was the kind one.

"Soren I'm sorry." He said. "About bringing it up again. I know you're sensitive of that subject and I need to respect that line."

I stayed silent. If there is something in that water, he can die for all I care. I can use my power to make the thing not eat me. Haha, take that Aron.

"Hello sailor." I heard a female voice say, her voice was like silk, making my heart skip a beat. "How about you handsome fellas come in and get a kiss?"

The voice was coming behind me, Aron could see the women but I could not. I think we got a mermaid on us. I hate mermaids, so much! They are so freaking annoying. I had to keep Aron out of the water, the mermaids effect had no effect on me, but she was certainly doing a lot to pull Aron.

"Aron why don't you come join me here in the boat." I used my charm speak on him. "We would have such a dandy time here in the boat, safe and sound."

I knew this wasn't going to work. My charm doesn't have a strong effect on people from Malison as it does on regular Earthlings. The mermaid it would have no effect on. I can't give Aron anything the mermaid can't top, dandy time? Haha, the kiss from a pretty women sounded better than staying here in the boat.
Aron leaned over the edge and stared into the water, he was under her charm. The mermaid swam over to the side, I could see her now. She had long blond hair and fair skin, her scales were bright pink. Dang it, she was gorgeous. Not as gorgeous as me of course, but beautiful for a girl.

"Join me in the water." She sang and splashed beneath the waves. "Come my handsome sailor."

"Aron I promise you will have a lot better time if you stay in the boat." I tried to block her charm. "Don't get in the water!"

"Come into the water." The mermaid sang beneath the waves. "Bring your friend too."

Aron walked over to me and picked me up, untying the ropes. I was dead, I knew it. He held me in his arms like a baby and carried me over to the edge of the water.

"Aron remember your sister." I tried to block the mermaids charm with my own. I was also struggling to break free of Aron's hold on me, but he was way too strong. "I know where she is." I lied. "I will tell you if you put me down."

Aron obeyed me. I was in control. Take that you fancy mermaid. I was the better charmer. Even I know his little sister is his weak spot.

"Give me a weapon or something." I commanded. "Then sit down and plug your ears."

Aron obeyed me. He handed me a pistol. Are you serious? We had a gun this whole time? I took aim in the water and let the bullet fly, I heard a streak and then the water turned red. The Sharks would be coming soon. I snapped, breaking my charm from Aron.

"Why do you have a gun?" Aron yelled, he grabbed the gun from and hand and shoved me back into my seat, tieing my hand to the side.

"What no thank you for saving your life?" I asked.

"What are you talking about?" Aron asked.

"Wait, you don't remember?"

"Remember what? You're insane."

"I know." I sighed. At least he didn't remember my promise to tell him where his sister was, that would have been a disaster.
Aron went back to his side of the boat and continued rowing on.

I stared at the water for a few hours, we were getting nowhere, we needed a propeller or something. I could see all around me now, behind us our wave spread further and further out. Another wave followed us, probably another monster. I shall keep my eye on it, waiting till I can tell what is following us this time.


Submitted: July 08, 2016

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This story has bags of potential. My only advice is that you give it some serious proof reading. Too many small mistakes ruin a good story.

On the flip side, I found the comic relief very refreshing. Your characters are sarcastic in a funny way. Siren is, without doubt, narcissistic. A trait that makes him come alive. Nice.

Wed, September 7th, 2016 5:06pm


Thanks! I have edited and revised this story a lot.

Sun, November 20th, 2016 5:09pm


This story is good but it needs to be edited. My suggestion is to read it out loud and see how it sounds.

Wed, September 14th, 2016 4:18am


ok! Thanks for the tip!

Wed, November 23rd, 2016 11:07pm

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