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My arms ached from rowing and rowing for the past three days now. I still don't know what happened when Soren got out, I can't seem to pin down a good enough explanation for it.

"Hey Aron." Soren called out to me again.

I was so done with his talking, we had no more food or fresh water and his talking was giving me a headache.

"Yes?" I answered. If I don't answer he won't stop talking.

"We are being followed." He said.

Whatever Soren. Behind us was just our wake. I kept my eyes behind us, just in case Soren isn't completely crazy. The wind was picking up now, moving my hair in and out of my eyes. The sky was turning gray. We had a storm coming, our rowboat was going to take quite the damage. I just hoped this wasn't a hurricane.

"Aron I swear we are being followed by someone." Soren said again.

"Someone?" I asked. "Don't you mean something?"

"I have been watching it for a good three hours and it is swimming like a person, I think we go a Banshee or a Xana, maybe even a Curupira."

"Soren be serious, those are just legends.."

"Legends are lessons for the future." Soren assured me. "I should know, I helped in writing a few."

"Fine then tell me what we are dealing with."

Soren raised his eyebrow at me. "Let me off this leash."

"Fine." I released him. Where was he going to go?

Soren let light come off his fingertips, making a three dimensional map of our boat and the water below. He stretched the line of our wave and the mystery person's wake into the water.

"The wake begins here." Soren pointed behind the boat. "It's keeping its distance, so it must be smaller than the boat, or else it would attack us. The wave starts and ends here, giving me the size that it's around six feet. The size of a human."

"Many fish are six feet." I argued. "You prove nothing."

"But on-contrary." Soren said. "I got a shadow of the figure when it came too close to the surface. It's a human figure, four limbs and a head. It also never comes up for air, giving me the sense that it is a monster."

Soren did have a point about all this. It made a lot of sense and if he had been studying this creature for that long. He wasn't stupid, he was probably right.

"Then what are we dealing with?" I asked. "Start with your options."

"Banshee." Soren stated. "That's a creature who wanders the world going after souls with great pain. It kills it's victims with its high pitch scream."

"So how do we kill it?" I asked.

"You can't, it's already dead." Soren rolled his eyes. "You can cut off its head and put it in a box, that will at least stop it."

"Ok, we don't have a box or a knife." I told him. "We got a gun, that's it."

"Ok next option." Soren continued, he reflected the light showing a picture of the next monster. "Xana, a women with extra mean beauty. They live in water and lure people to their death with their voices. They can be killed like any human."

"So the shotgun will work?" I asked.

"Yes." Soren sighed, switching the picture to the next monster. "Curupira, a genie with bright red hair and backwards feet. They kill people who hunt more than they need. I think you kill them by plastic or something."

"So hope we are being followed by a Xana." I said. "That's the only one we can fight off."

Soren let the light go into the air, the image disappeared. I wish I knew my curse, my power. Then I would be better at defending myself, my sister and the rest of the world. I could be the hero that Stella sees me as. With my great power I could find her, get rid of Soren and go back home, then I could live my life how I choose.

"Aron look out!" Soren screamed.

I barely had time to react before a wave hit our boat, knocking it over and everything inside into the water. I hadn't noticed the storm had come upon us, we were so busy discussing that the storm creeped right on top of us. I kicked my legs and treated water, the storm's winds knocked waves onto my face. Sorry Soren, you are on your own now. I swam over to the boat, the waves pushing me side to side, I managed to climb onto the top of the flipped over boat. I grabbed onto the side, trying to flip it back over. Another wave hit, sending me into the cold dark water.
My leg hit something hard, breaking the bone, the water turned red all around me, I couldn't feel my leg. With my one good leg and two arms I paddled myself back to the boat, the only thing in the vast ocean that floated.
Lightning struck the waves next to me as I climbed onto the boat again. My leg was bleeding and bent out of shape the cold salt water burned on the wound. I was breathing fast, I had to keep myself from passing out. I grabbed the side of the boat and pulled, falling into the water. I got the boat back over, I climbed into the center and tried to find anything I could use to get out of the storm. All the supplies was gone, I couldn't see anything in the dark storm. Soren was nowhere to be found.
He said he couldn't swim, now he was probably dead in the ocean, never to be found again.
Another wave hit me, knocking the boat and me back into the water, the boats pieces snapped and scattered across the water. My one thing that could save my life was gone. My other leg went stiff and I sunk into the ocean.
I couldn't hold my breath any longer, I was going to drown. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was a shadow coming right for me, and it was big

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