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My eyes cracked open to see logs and straw above me. My face was to the side, I saw a wooden handmade chair and side desk with a couple of towels on it. I was on my left side, wait that's not how I sleep. The bed is warm and soft, probably made of feathers. I close my eyes and roll onto my right side, much more comfortable. I feel warm wind on my face, soothing me into sleep.

If this was heaven, I was loving it. Being dead wasn't so bad. Well I guess I'm dead, something must of ate me when I blacked out, or I drowned. Either way I am dead.

My eyelids crack open to see the sky, the brightest blue sky I had ever seen. Heaven was wonderful. Except for the black part of the sky, that was just weird. Why would their be black dots in the sky? Oh wait.

I felt a shove and a kick in my chest, sending me off the bed, one of my legs hung from the rim of the bed. Wow my leg was harry, no wait, I didn't have on any pants, or a shirt, or anything.

This just got a whole lot more awkward.

"What in the helicopters are you doing?" Soren screamed at me. He grabbed the sheet and pulled it up to his chin. "I think this is my bed."

Well I'm not in heaven if he is here. That leaves me with two other options and I know one of them is not this nice. So I must be alive. I grabbed one of the towels and wrapped it around my waist.

"Come on." I commanded him. "We gotta find out where we are."

"I'm not leaving this room until I get clothes." He argued.

"You can have cloths when we find them." I said, throwing him the other towel.

"No." Soren hissed at me. He ducked under cover and was gone.

Whatever Soren, be a wimp like that. I walked out the little door into a bigger room. It must be a living area, a kitchen was in one corner and a couch with some books was in the other corner. The room was dark, the only sound was a rock banging against something.

The kitchen was small and didn't have a fridge, the living room was even smaller and had a window. I went to open the shutters and let some light in. It was much easier to see after that. The kitchen was made out of bamboo stuff and the couch was carved out of a piece of wood, the corner of the room had a girl sitting there sharpening her knife and there was also a lantern in the kitchen. Wait what did I just see?

My eye did not play tricks on me. There really was a girl in the corner sharpening a knife. She got up out of the stool and threw the sharpening rock over her shoulder, she held the knife up and walked slowly to me. Each step she took was quiet and deadly.

"So this is what the waters dragged in." She hissed at me. Her voice was taunting and powerful, her jet black hair was flat and smooth, barely moving as she walked.

"Hi." I said to her. "I'm Aron and I don't know how I got here, so if you could put down the knife?"

She let the knife fly from her fingers and land only inches from me.
It's a good thing it didn't hit me, it was at least four inches deep in the wood. A strike like that would go right through me.

"Let me aim this time." She said, holding the knife in position to strike again.

I gulped down the nervous sweat that was forming in my mouth. The window was very high up, I must be in a tree house. If I jump out the window I would never survive the fall.

"Alisha." I heard a calm male voice say. "Leave our guest alone."

Alisha rolled her eyes and put the knife back into her gold belt. Her clothing was tight and jet black, stretching from her wrist to her ankles.

"You are so lucky this time." She whispered as she went back to her corner to sharpen.

"Sorry about that." A guy said, he walked through the doorway and over to me. In his hands were a pile of clothes.

"Those are mine." I said.

"I know." The guy handed me the clothing. "I let them dry for the past day, you guys have been asleep for a while. I thought you would never wake up."

"Thank you?" I said, pulling on my pants and underclothing. I dropped the towel and put on my white shirt and grey button up shirt.

"I'm guessing this is the other guys?" He guy guessed. He looked exactly like the Alisha, but he was a boy and a bit younger. His floppy black hair and ocean colored eyes complimented his black and grey T-shirt and black swimming shorts.

"Yes that's Soren's." I said. "Who are you exactly?"

"Sorry." He apologized. "I am Simeon Virgo and that's my sister Alisha Virgo."

"Ok." I said, still unsteady about trusting them. "So why am I here?"

Simeon laughed. "I saved you from that storm."

"How?" I asked. That storm was impossible to navigate.

"I am an excellent swimmer." He explained. Yeah, like that answered everything.

"My brother can hold his breath for up to thirty minutes." Alisha commented. "He does not need to be in the storm when he can go under it." Thanks Alisha, giving more detail than your brother I see.

"I heard my name!" Soren exclaimed, he waddled into the room with the sheets draped around him like a burrito wrapped up around him. "My clothes!"

"Come on dude." I said. "Man up and get out of the sissy drapes."

"No." He argued.

"Doth his sister know he is wearing her drapes?" Simeon asked.

"Shut up." Soren snapped. "You don't get to see all this," he gestured to his body. "for free." He grabbed his clothes and shuffled back into the room.

"Sorry for him." I apologized. "He really is a pain in the butt."

"I can hear you!" Soren yelled from the other room.

"See?" I said.

"If you think he is a pain you should see my sister." Simeon said.

Alisha continued sharpening her knives, keeping her eyes gazed on me. I felt like a mouse being stalked by a hawk.

"Is she going to keep staring at me?" I asked.

"She is stalking her prey." Simeon explained. "Creepy right?"

"Yeah." I agreed. "Is this normal?"

"After a shark attacked her and dragged her out to sea, leaving her there and then she had to fight her way back." Simeon said. "She kinda got a protective instinct from the experience."

Yeah, because that made total sense! Thank you universe for confusing my life once again! First algebra and now this. When will it end?

"The fun has arrived." Soren sang as he entered the room. He was skipping, at least he was in a good mood, nothing bad should happen.

"Who's this little piece of a makeup kit?" Alisha sassed. I spoke too soon.

"Oh my gosh it spoke!" Soren gasped.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't get that?" Alisha said. "I don't speak idiot."

"What bird pooped on your windshield?" Soren made his comeback.

"Oh I'm sorry." Alisha paused. "Was I supposed to be offended?"

"If you're going to be two faced at least make one of them pretty." Soren snapped.

"I can get plastic surgery for my ugliness, but you will be stupid forever." Alisha stood up.

"Alisha." Simeon warned.

"Don't blame her." Soren said. "She is just the reason the middle finger was made."

"Soren!" I snapped.

"I bet you were up all night coming up with that one." Alisha whispered.

"Soren not another word." I commanded.

"I'll agree with her." He sighed. "But then we would both be wrong."

"Guys!" Simeon yelled. "Keep the peace."

"Maybe if you ate some of that make up you will be pretty on the inside." Alisha walked over to Soren, they were inches away from each other.

"Roses are red." Soren started.

"Soren end this." I said. "Walk away."

"Violets are blue." He whispered.

"Alisha step away." Simeon said.

"I was made pretty." Soren announced.

He paused for what seamed like forever. Alisha had a hand on one of her knives. Her eyes like laser beams on Soren. Soren was just smiling, he had thought of his comeback. Simeon and I were trying to creep up on them without them noticing so we couldn't grab them if things got out of hand, I'm sure it will.

"What happened to you?" Soren whispered.

Alisha grabbed her knife and slashed the air, Soren stepped away and pulled out a stick from his trench coat pocket. He pressed a button on the stick and it turned into a silver sword.

Why did Soren have a silver sword this whole time? What the heck Soren! Simeon and I tried to get in between them, Alisha was just too quick for us. She jumped, flipping, over us and landed perfectly next to Soren. Who were these people? She threw her knifes at Soren, he dodged each one or hit it away with his blade.

"Spotter." Soren said. He swooped his hand up by his face. A set of arrows appeared around his back and his sword had turned into a silver bow. He nocked an arrow onto the string and let it go at Alisha. She bent backwards, avoiding the arrow. The arrow landed right in between Simeon and I. Well at least it didn't hit us.

I spoke too soon again. The arrow let off an electric wave, shocking us to the ground. We were motionless against this battle. One of them was going to take the other out and we couldn't stop them.

Soren let another arrow fly, lower this time. Alisha did an aerial flip over it, throwing a knife at the same time. The knife landed in Soren's heart. Soren fell to his kneels.

"I won." Alisha snapped.

Soren pulled the knife out of him and let it go right into Alisha's stomach.

"Don't let your guard down." Soren snapped.

"You were dead." Alisha gasped.

"I'm immortal." Soren snapped. "Quick healing really pays off once in awhile, I was hoping that you would decapitate me. I have never had that happen to me before, curious to see how it feels."

Alisha choked, she was dying.

"Soren heal her now!" I called out, each syllable shocked me as I spoke.

"Fine." Soren grumped. He knelt next to Alisha and pulled the dagger from her. "Heal, seal and maintain." He mumbled.

I started to get feeling back into my legs and arms. I sat up and got a good look at the destruction they caused. A lamp had been knocked off the table and shattered, a few stools had been tipped over and the couch had an arrow in it. Nothing was permanently damaged, except maybe that lamp.

"You fight good." Alisha complemented. "For a boy of course."

"Your good fighter as girls go." Soren replied.

"Where'd you get that weapon?" She asked.

"I had my brother Vestry forge it for me when he gave me power." Soren explained.

"What power did you get?" Alisha asked.

"Territorial power." I interrupted. "He got a bunch of land inherited from his father and so he needed a mighty sword or bow thing to rule."

"You're a king?" Alisha asked.

"No." Soren laughed. "I'm an angel."

Great Soren, now you blew our cover. They were probably going to think we were insane. Alien from another planet and an angel here? They would just laugh.

"Try this coconut." Alisha said. She pushed a coconut with a straw stuck in the hole to Soren across the table.

"Why?" Soren asked. "You're trying to poison me now?"

"No." Alisha folded her arms.

Soren took a sip, then another, soon the whole thing was gone. He took a seat in the chair, putting his bow around his shoulder.

"It tastes familiar." Soren stated.

"Of course it is dummy." I said. "It's a coconut." I started to get feeling in my shoulders and hips.

"No." Soren commented. "It's not any ordinary coconut. It's almost like the fruit from Malison."

"Soren!" I snapped.

"Malison is where we get this fruit." Alisha explained. "You've been there?"

"Yeah, rarely." Soren said. Good thing he didn't sound so sarcastic when he said that.

"Simeon I want to throw these people into the volcano." Alisha said.

"Wait what?" I fell back into the ground.

"No you don't." Soren said, using his charm speak. "You want to let me go, give a boat and you can keep Aron."

"No you don't keep Aron." I argued.

"Fine you can put Aron in the boat too." Soren grumped.

"Why would I do that?" Alisha said. Soren almost looked shock that his charm didn't work.

"Alisha." Simeon called. "I think feeling is returning."

"Soren help us up." I commanded. Soren rolled his eyes and offered a hand in getting me off the ground.

My body felt weird, like the whole thing was asleep. Static electricity flowed through my veins. Strange feeling, I tried to shake it off. I made a note for myself not to touch any metal.

"So where did you guys come from?" Alisha asked.

"Florida." I replied before Soren could.

"Tell the truth." Alisha replied.

"Before that Chicago, then Utah then California." I stated. "We were born and raised there." I lied.

"Interesting." Alisha said, she went back to sharpening her knives.

"Hey where is your friend going?" Simeon asked.

I turned around, Soren was trying to get the door unlocked. That little cockroach, trying to escape again. I ran right to him and tackled him to the ground, I grabbed both his arms and hauled him away from the door.

"You think you're so smart don't you Aron." Soren grumped.

"Do you guys have a place I can tie him up?" I asked. Simeon tosses me a rope and pointed at the main tree trunk in the middle of the room. I tied Soren up nice and tight and left him there.

"Try using someone else's shower." Soren said.

"Soren." I said. "You need to learn to like people."

"But I don't like people." He argued.

"Then like their personalities." I said.

"I can't like their personalities." Soren grumped. "I don't even like their eyelashes."

I huffed and walked back over to Simeon, who was sitting in a stool. I took a seat next to him. What was I going to do with Soren? Why hadn't I killed him yet? Without him, I am never going to find Stella. With him, we will both get killed before we find her. Hard choices bring out the best results.

"Ok freshman." Alisha said, slamming her hands on the table. "Let's get down to business."


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Yay! two more characters with unique personalities. Awesome chapter!

Thu, September 15th, 2016 3:47am


Hope you continue to like them as well.

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