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Boston, Massachusetts. Why did this place sound so familiar? I learned next to nothing about Earth back on Malison. This place must be an important place that effected the whole planet. But what happens here? 

I couldn't think any longer. The woman had showed me to a spare room, next to the officers room. My room was bare and had nothing more then a bed, small table, a wardrobe and a lantern. I laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling, it was made out of dark timber. 

Sleep overcame me, my body was exhausted. I basically passed out the moment I closed my eyes. I wasn't prepared for the dream I would have. 

I fell like I'm falling. I can't control my falling. Then I hit the ground, in a cloud of dust. Dark mist spread all around me, shadows danced in the darkness. There was no where I could hide when I saw their eyes, the yellow snake eyes of the shadows, they were coming for me. 

My heart beat like a drum. The chase began, I ran through the darkness, they were behind me, chasing me, but I couldn't move. 

"You better stay cleaver." A voice whispered in the darkness. "If you want to survive." 

"Who's there!" I yelled. 

"The hunting for you has begun, sister." The voice said again. "Names Azun. I can be of great help to a pretty thing like you."

"You want my blood." I hissed. "I can fight!"

"Yes." The figure appeared, wearing a suit and tie, surrounded by darkness. "We never shoot, without asking question. We are going to kill the king." 

"What?" I gasped.

"Me and my monsters." Azun said. "Join me sister. We can rule together, we can be a part of all this together. You do not know what power you hold." 

Azun strode across the mist, the shadows surrounded him. They worshiped him. They bended with his hands and danced around his feet.

"Let me show you the darkness inside of yourself." Azun said. 

"What darkness?" 

Azun laughed. "How could you not feel it? That power deep inside your chest, pushing to get out."

"I'm sorry." I apologize. "I feel nothing." 

Azun ran his fingers through his hair and yelled off into the darkness. His frustration rang through the close quarters. His dream echoed through my skull.

"You should keep your pretty mouth shut." Azun whispered. 

"Why did you really come here?" I asked. 

"Trust no one." Azun said, walking into the shadows till he disappeared completely. 

That was when I woke up, in a cold sweat down my back and the sheets on the floor.

Sometimes I hated having a thousands brothers and sisters. It would be a lot easier to remember everyone's names if there was only a couple of us. Who was Azun, I knew his name from somewhere. He couldn't make this call to me from Earth, that must mean he is still on Malison. 

I know Ames, Vestry, Larkin and Soren are all here. Along with two others who I never got their names. Mike and Luke I know are still on Malison, at least for now. But I trained with them, so neither one of them could be posing as Azun. The two others that were with Ames, the girl with the orange hair and he boy with wimpy arms and black hair. They had to be in the top 20 children. 

Assuming those two are both part of the twelve that makes eight of twelve that I know where they are. Azun may not even be in the twelve. He could be a smaller part of the group, maybe a leader of another section like mine. 

I rolled out of bed and saw some clothes had been laid out for me on a chair. I went to change, still downing in my thoughts. 

If Azun was part of the twelve, what would he need me for? I don't have any powers that they possess or special gifts, I can barely fight. I'm 90% sure he is a leader of another section. Maybe the 90s section? I don't know, maybe this is all just a bad dream and none of that really happened. Who am I kidding? There are no dreams anymore, only nightmares and reality. 

The dress that I put on was made of fine silk, dark purple and white. Three quarter length sleeves made of the finest white material I had ever seen brushed against my arms as I pulled the dress on. Deep royal purple covered my torso and bottom half of my dress. A slit was cut in the front of the gown to show white ruffles on the inside. I tied the little strings on my back into a tight not, securing the gown onto my body. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. 

The dress brought out my curves, accenting my thin waist and large hips. I always hated those hips, till now. I was beautiful now, stunning, absolutely gorgeous. I tied my dark brown hair into a French braid and threw the end behind my shoulders. My face was still kinda pale, I pinched my cheeks to make them pink, complimenting my purple eyes. Then I headed downstairs, where hopefully food was waiting.

Boy was I wrong. The women who took care of me last night was nowhere to be found. She left me some coins to go get food for myself however, which I guess is okay. I placed my tiny feet into white flats and went out into the streets to get myself some bread. 

Their were lots of shops lining the streets, each selling something different. Gowns, hats, shoes, food, and lots more. I wanted to buy everything. I had three copper coins, giving me just enough for bread. Shoes would have to wait, food was more important to survival. I bought a loaf of bread from a local baker and started to make my way around town as I chewed on the load. 

Hundreds of people with all different features lines the streets, busy as bees. Carpenters brought piles of wood in wagons down the street, farmers herded their animals down the side roads, bakers and fishermen brought their products out to stands, this was a cute little town. This is a sweet little town. It was a peaceful town. 

"Taxation without representation!" A young boy call out, shaking a newspaper. "Read all about it in the Boston Enterprise!"

"Fish for sale!" An old fisherman yelled from the docks. "We catch them so you can buy them!"

"Fresh bread!" A women called from a window. "Get it while it's hot!"

"English King draws the final line!" Another news boy called. "Read all about it for seventy-five cents!"

"Who does that redcoat think he is anyways?" Two teenagers chatted as they walked in front of me, I followed them out of curiosity. 

"He think he can tax my father that way." The boy complained. "Leave us with nothing, I'll show him." 

"Isn't that him right there?" The other boy asked. 

"I'm gonna give him a peace of my mind." The boy stormed off to the guard. "Hey you! This is for my father." He punched the solider in the noes. 

The whole street saw the boy beating the officer and gather around. The other boy joined in, beating the poor guy. Civilians threw rocks at the solider and shouted insults as the two boys continued hitting. 

A bang echoed across the streets as the building behind us door shot open. Out of the doorway filed out at least a dozen other soldiers, all loaded with guns and swords. After the men formed a line another figure came out of the building. The general. The man that was currently staying in the old ladies house that I was in. His boots stomped with each step he took, his electric blue eyes glared at each of us. 

I knew where I was now. Boston, Massachusetts and the date was March 5, 1770. I turn to run, knowing what was about to happen and that I shouldn't be in the middle of the massacre.  

"Fire." The general cried, the troops guns went off like clockwork. 

Bullets hit the ground beside me, left and right. A women screamed in pain as she fell to the ground clenching her arm. The teenage boy that beat up the guard went down first, dead. 

"Sir, can we stop?" One of the soldiers asked, lowering his gun. 

"No." The general smirked. "Advance." 

I dropped to the ground and covered my head like they taught me back on Malison. Play dead, play dead, play dead or you will be dead. I repeated that phrase over and over again in my mind till the shooting had stopped. I opened my eyes and ran, without looking back, I ran to the house. 

I had stumbled upon the Revolutionary War. One of the only things I learned about this planet, they are very particular about freedom and hamburgers. The Revolutionary War made a country known as America that now rules the planet, they could advance into space but are too busy staring down at their devices to see what there is out there. 

I bolted open the door, it banged against the wall, causing a hole in the wood. 

"What's wrong dear?" The women asked me. 

I ignored her and ran up he stairs into my room and slammed the door behind me. I opened my eyes to see the general by my bedside. 

"We need to talk." He commanded. 

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Great chapter! Poor Stella. . . I couldn't imagine being in the middle of the Boston massacre.

Thu, September 15th, 2016 3:55am


I torture my characters a lot. basically when i am plotting i think: "Whats the worst thing that could actually happen at this moment?" Usually i just go with that.
man the struggle is real for these guys. lol :)

Wed, November 23rd, 2016 11:09pm

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