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"Pirates have lined up around our island and are going to attack anyway." Alisha told me. "We need all the help we can get."

"Or if you have a cell phone or something. " Simeon commented.

"We can't." I replied. "I'm sorry guys, I wish we could help but Soren is not trustworthy."

"Then what about you?" Simeon asked.

"I got to find my sister." I said.

Alisha rolled her eyes and gave me a huff. Simeon looked concerned for me, like in a motherly way. Soren still was tied up, listening to the whole conversation. We couldn't help, not with Stella out there. I had to find her before something else does. I wasn't ever good at fighting anyways, my health difficulties sealed that fate for me.

"How you going to get off this island?" Alisha asked. "They will blow you to bits if you step forth in this water."

"How did Simeon get out?" I asked.

"I can swim." Simeon said. "I can't take others with me, you guys can't hold your breath for that long."

Soren whistled, a familiar tune. It sounded like a phone noise when you pressed the buttons. I kept track of the numbers he whistled. 126132. He taped onto the wood, morse code, 126132.

"Does the number 126132 mean anything to you?" I asked.

"No." Alisha responded quickly. Something wasn't quite right about them.

I could feel Soren's gaze on me, he was giving me a headache. What was he trying to tell me and why couldn't he say anything out loud? He was making me uneasy, a bit queasy.

"Do you guys wanna go outside?" I asked. "Let's look at what supplies you got, then we can get off this island."

"We can help you in your search for your sister." Simeon offered.

"Simeon." Alisha snapped. "Once we get out do here we are going to find mom and dad."

"Alisha." Simeon walked closer to her. "I think we both know that we will never find them."

Their parents were dead, at least we had something in common. My mom was probably murdered like the rest of my dads lovers, my father is basically dead to me. I only go to see him three times in my whole life. I took a better look at the island.

The island had lots of palm trees and bamboo stuff, along with vines, short grass and berries. The sand was smooth and soft against my feet. A crab and a seagull fought down by the water, a dolphin jumped in the ocean. This place was amazing. I saw the pirate boats off shore, at least five of them. What were they waiting for?

"We don't have much." Alisha said. "Poison dart frogs we use for hunting, we got a mine that we can forge minerals out of. There are strong wood deeper in the forest."

"We built this small fishing boat a while back." Simeon pointed to a little rowboat. "But we can't go out to sea with them there."

This was basically nothing, we couldn't built a bigger ship to work with. Soren's power of love and healing would do nothing against these pirates. I still didn't know my curse, I got the feeling awhile back that Soren knew, but he won't tell me.
So we got some rocks, wood and a baby boat?" I ran my fingers through my hair. We were doomed.

"I got a pointy stick." Soren's voice came behind me. How did he get out? He did indeed have a pointy stick, made of driftwood.

"How did you get out?" I demanded.

"Ok I'll tell you." Soren shrugged. "Only because you asked so nicely."

"Tell us now." Alisha said, drawing a dagger, ready to fire at any time.

"You know what Aron?" Soren told me. "My power of love and healing goes a lot longer than the words. Don't even think about underestimating me." He clicked his tongue and winked, a blue glow sweated around him. Then he was gone.

I was so confused first of all. What did he mean? The guy never makes any sense. How did he know my thoughts? And where in the world did he go? I couldn't answer any of my questions, so I ran. I ran in the other direction into a Forest. Alisha yelled at me to not go there, but I didn't listen. I was a fast runner when I wanted to be, but not for very long. I used to run slower until I got some work done on me in an experiment that went wrong. I kept running, pasting tree after tree till I fell to the ground. I didn't know where I came from or what direction to go to get back. I was lost in the jungle.

I heard a buzzing behind me, I thought it was just a bug in my ear, boy was I wrong. Over my shoulder was a massive bug, the size of a full grown man. It was wings at least six feet long and a long nose like a mosquito. It's body was big and round, it had no eyes or mouth. I flew right at me, I tried to move away by it pinned me against a tree. It's noes pierced my shoulder, it was sucking my blood.

Pain swept through my body as it sucked my blood. Stupid giant mosquito, this planet sucks because of these things. I could feel the blood leaving me, then I felt blood on me, all over me, Greek slimy blood.

Alisha stood in front of me, wiping her dagger on her sleeve. She had killed the mosquito, saving my life.

"Your welcome." She said. "Snitch is a nasty thing."

"Wait snitch?" I asked.

"Yeah." Alisha tucked her dagger back into her belt. "They suck the power right out of your battery."

"No." I mumbled. "It's just that, Soren mentioned the word snitch once."

"Then he must be a lucky guy to survive their attack." Alisha said.

"He seems to have a my of luck." I said.

"Come on." Alisha walked back into the trees. "Let's get back to the hut."

She lead me through the trees and grass fields. I ran quite far apparently, good for me. I wondered how Alisha could navigate through the trees that all looked the exact same. It was incredible, she would study a branch or the leaves above or the way of the wind and figure out which way to go.

"Now how do plan to get us all out of here?" Alisha asked when we arrived back on the beach where I left Simeon.

"I don't." I started.

"You have a plan right?" Simeon asked.

"My plan was to follow your plan." Alisha said.

"What do you mean by my plan?" I asked them. "I have never had a plan in my life."

That's when inspiration struck. Ideas flooded my brain, what to do and how to do it. My thoughts pieced together the perfect plan that had no chance of failing. I was going to get us out of here, captured Soren, find my curse and use it to find my sister.

"I think I have an idea." I stated.


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