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"We need to talk." The commander said, pulling me inside. 

"Why?" I hesitated to answer. 

This man just killed hundreds of innocent people and he was acting like it was no big deal. 

"We need a spy." 


"We need someone to find out who is planning all these attacks."

"You just killed people and are acting like it was just a walk in the park." I moved away from him, heading to the stairs.

"Self defense." He clicked his tongue. 


"Self defense."

"That was a full on massacre."

"We only killed two people." He walked over to me. "Now are you going to help us the easy way or the hard way."

"Neither." I snapped. "Why would I want to help a murderer?"

"Your cute when you angry."

"What did you say."

"It was self defense." He corrected. 

I stared at his icy blue eyes, he stared at mine. Those were not the eyes of a cold blooded killer. 

"I'll help." I agreed. "But I am going to need a change of clothes." 

"I can help with that." He smiled, taking my hand. 

He pulled me over to the closet door, tapped on it three times. The door clicked, unlocking it, he dragged me down the stairs. It was a whole other world, a vast underground area with teams of people working together. Scientist, generals and translators all working together. This is how a war runs. 

"We have been developing it for a while now." He dragged me across the room. "But I we need someone like you to test it."

"I'm sorry, but is this all normal to you?" I asked. "You still haven't even told me your name and yet your showing me everything."

"Harry Aquarius." He said. "Your name is?"

"Stella Scorpio." 

"Pleasure is all mine Stella." 

Ooh, his British accent when he said my name. It was to die for. 

"The suit is called the Dragonfly." Harry explained, taking me into a small room, in the center sat a skin suit, with gloves and boots, obviously made for a women. 

"Wow." I breathed. 

"Put it on." Harry commands. 

"Umm." I glared at him. 

"There is a small bathroom over there." Harry pointed to a door. 

"Thanks." I grabbed the outfit and went inside the bathroom. 

The suit was made of stretchy black and purple material. I pulled my hair up in a pony tail, slide on the rest of the outfit and went out to show him. 

"Amazing." Harry commented. "Press the button at your hips." 

I pressed it, two pairs of wings pipes out of the back. 

"What?" I gasped. "Wings?"

"Delicate material, spider silk." Harry rubbed his gloves against them. "It fits you perfectly."

"This tech." I asked. "Wouldn't you say it's a bit advance for this time and age?"

"Most defiantly, but we have our sources."

"Who is your source?"

"Don't ask stupid question." 

Harry pressed the button at my hip, the wings snapped back into place. 

"So spy." Harry looked me over. "Can you begin immediately?"

"I can."

Harry rolled out a scroll, the ink outlined the map of the town. He placed pieces on top of the map to show big landmarks, like building or their army base. 

"We want you to fly through all houses, look for their meeting base and report back what they are to do next." Harry pushed forward a dragonfly piece to the common houses. "Can you do it?"

"I'm sure I can." I eyed him. "It's not that difficult of a task."

"You underestimate these commoners." 

"Believe in me."

"I do."

I turned and started to head back the way I came. Being in pants felt different here, like I stood out. Almost like everyone looked at me differently as I walked out of the room. 

"Captain are you sure she can do it, all the others have failed." I heard a man whisper to Harry. 

"She won't fail." Harry whispered back. 

I walked up the stairs; leaving them all behind. I snapped open my wings and headed out the door. The wings helped my legs move fast, I darted in and out of people and around houses faster then I have ever before. It was almost as if I was moving at light speed. 

I could see everything at once, be in two places at the same time, hear every conversation. I started from house to house, searching for the victims. 

"We shall drop the tea in the harbor and show those red coats once and for all that we are not to be messed with! I heard a familiar voice. 

I raced backwards till I found the owner. There were about ten people, all covered in masks, heading to the harbor. I could recognize their leader from a mile away, it was that snake, Soren Sagittarius.

I raced back down into the secret area to find Harry. 

"They are going to throw the tea in the ocean." I told him. "They are being lean by Soren Sagittarius."

"Let's move!" Harry commanded. "I want ever man we have going after them."

"I can get there faster." I told him. 

"Soren, I should have suspected him." Harry grumbled, grabbing my arm.

"Harry, let me go." I yelled. "I can beat you all to them!"

"Stella stay here, you don't know these patriots."

"I know Soren."

"What do you know?"

"He is a snake."

"He is the most popular celebrity in America." Harry let go of my arm. "We must make sure each movement we do does not effect him or else we shall have a lot of angry colonists on our hands."

"Harry, I can make it there and at least stall till you can get your men there." 

"It's too dangerous."

The people rushed around us, all obeying Harry's every command. They grabbed weapons and helmets and ammo, then headed out their own ways. 

"Well then I shall take the risk." I smiled, pressing the button, the wings jutted out and I moved out of the bunker and out of the house. 

"Stella!" I heard Harry's voice call after me. 

I ran down the street, not a person noticed me. I arrived at the harbor to see Soren throwing a box of tea into the ocean. He and the rest of his crew were dressed up as Native Americans. I ran into the ships and collapsed the wings back into the suit. 

"Soren!" I yelled, he turned to look at me. 

"Stinger?" He gasped. "Stinger is that you?"

I took of the helmet and threw it to the ground, my hair tumbled out and around my shoulders. 

"Who are you?" Soren demanded. "Why do you have Stinger's suit?"

"Soren Sagittarius." I gridded my teeth together. "You will pay for what you did to me!"

"Hey, I don't know you." Soren's face looked different. "But unless your here to help us fight against the dreaded red coats I suggest you beat it."

He continued to unload the tea into the water. Thousands of dollars sat in the sand at the bottom. He had gone too far, he had destroyed too much. 

"Soren!" I yelled. 

"Will you please keep it down!" Soren whispered. "There are redcoats everywhere." 

I slammed my foot down on the deck. Soren drew a bow from his side, aiming an arrow at me. 

"I know." Soren whispered. "Your a spy aren't you." 

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying to buy Harry as much time as possible. 

"It's called: What I want." Soren walked around me, the arrow still pointed at my chest. "I don't expect you to understand."

"Try me."

"We are going to get ride of the English and start our own superpower."

"I don't believe you could do that."

"I am not, it's John Adams and James Madison you should be worrying about."

"Who are they?"

"I am the face of the operation, they are the brains."

"What are you saying?"

"Ta-ta for now." Soren smiled, shooting the arrow at me, missing my head and hitting the sail post. 

He then jumped off the ship onto a pier, then ran after his buddies into the woods. 

Harry grabbed my shoulders, nearly scarring me to death. 

"Why did you let him get away?" He yelled. "After him men!"

"I didn't let him." I argued. 

Harry's men followed Soren off the boat and into the forrest.

"We were so close!" Harry yelled, slamming his hands onto the deck. "I had him."

"We can still get them, he was saying something about an Adams and a Madison that I think you might be concerned about."

"No!" Harry punched the wood, making a hole. "Bloody!"

"Ok, you have some anger management issues here." I commented. "I think you should take a chill pill." 

"You take this!" He screamed, launching himself at me. 

He fell of top of me, knocking me to the ground, the helmet laid beside my head, I tried to grab it with one of my hands, but Harry grabbed it first. He sat on my stomach, the only thing I could hang onto was his coat as he raised a fist to punch me. I grabbed onto a button on his trying to get him off me in any way. The button cracked in my hands. 

A light swirled out from the broken button and engulfed both of us into the mist. We landed on grass, midday, we rolled down a hill. That was when I realized Harry was not a normal general.

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