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"See that coconut?" I told Alisha, she nodded. "I need a lot of them."

Alisha scaled the tree in less then ten second and got me a few coconuts, she raced back up for more.

"Simeon is there anything waterproof on this island?" I asked him.

"Yeah." Simeon nodded. "Giant wolf bat slime is indestructible, waterproof and can be molded into any shape and hardened with fire."

"Get me as much as possible." I commanded. He ran off into the forest.

I gathered vines and thick but light wood and bamboo. I tied the wood together, making a raft, measuring to six feet by six feet. I tied the bamboo onto the bottom, the perfect floating device.

Simeon rushed back with a wagon full of slime. It was discussing, but it will have to do.

"Alisha come down for a second." I called to her. "I think we have enough coconuts."

She skimmed down the tree and ran over to us. I placed a bit of slime in my mouth and blew a bubble with it, I grabbed the slime bubble and put it on the raft. I blew another bubble and stuck the two together. They formed one big bubble. This was working out perfectly.

"Alisha help me make one giant bubble on this raft, Simeon go get more slime." I told them.

Alisha stuck a big wade into her mouth and started to blow. Simeon ran off with another wagon.
Soon we had a giant bubble covering the whole raft.

"Ok let's see if this works." I whispered to myself as I stepped through the bubble. This slime was indestructible, but I couldn't breath inside. I rushed out of the bubble as quickly as I came in.

"We need plants inside to give us air." I said.

Simeon ran off to get some potted plants while Alisha and I gathered berries and fresh water for our journey. We placed the plants inside and waited overnight, in the morning we could easily breath inside.

"This is a crazy plan." Alisha said. "Mind telling us what it is?"

"A sub." I said. "We can harden the shell with fire from the inside and use oars to paddle under the ships. We let the coconuts sink us down and then release them to let us go back up when we cleared the Pirates."

"You are a brilliant genius." Simeon laughed.


"Let's get this out to sea." I said.

The siblings helped me push the sub into the water, before it sank we quickly jumped in and hardened it with fire from the inside. We pushed the oars out of the side and paddled along the ocean floor. I can't believe this worked!

Colonies of fish and other marine life swam around us, curious to see what kind of fish we were. Well fish, we are no fish. Above us we could see the bottom of the pirates boats. Just a bit longer and we would be out of sight from then.

"Aron." Alisha gasped.

I looked to see what she was looking at. She had every right to be afraid because a giant great white shark was speeding at us. I knew our plan was going to well. Why did I have to jinx it?

The shark crashes into us, knocking us to the side, the coconuts fell off of our flooring and into the ocean, without their weight we skyrocketed up to the top of the water. Our bubble bursted upon impact. We were right next to the pirate ship.

"Hey James get a load of what the ocean brought us." A pirate yelled from above. We were so dead.

"Noho! Sam! You gotta see this!" Another pirate yelled, that could only be James.

"The game is not in their favor." A pirate with a red cap said, he was throwing dice in his hand.

"Noho you are so right." Another pirate said, he had a sword for a hand and a big cup of ram in the other.

"Sam pull them in." James commanded.

Sam changed his sword to a hook then swung from a rope and grabbed all three of us with his hook, dropping us on deck.

"Say the pirate, what should we do with then?" Noho gnashed his teeth.

"Give them to caption St. Peter, he and the woman can decide." The first pirate said. Was his name really The Pirate? Strange people live on the ocean these days.

"Captain St. Peter!" James called. "We pulled out a present for you."

A man with a deep purple clock and a giant purple patriot came down from the upper deck, his boots banging against the wood. His dark eyes sharp and his short purple hair even sharper. Following him was a pirate woman, she wore pants and a military style shirt, both turquoise. Her light brown hair was put down, tangled in the wind. The other pirates looked like crap compared to them. James only had on crappy brown pants and a pirate style white shirt, his blond hair pulled up in a stripe of cloth. Sam had a lot of gadgets on him that made him look more like a pirate then it should have. The Pirate looked like how you would picture a normal pirate, like Jack Sparrow kinda. But comparing those four to the two captains, they were nothing.

"Gráinne Ni Mháille." St. Peter said. "What do you think we should do?"

"Well I say we shouldn't tie them up, then they can sleep with the fishes tonight." The girl pirate said.

"Then as she saids it. So shall it be done." Peter told the crew.

The four pirates grabbed us and tied us with tight ropes all next to each other to the mast pole. Great, how were we suppose to escape now?

"You know how I feel now." I warm voice came from behind us on the other side of the mast. None of us could see who it was, but I kinda had an idea.

"Hello Soren." I growled.

"Pleasure is all mine." Soren walked around the mast. "But let's just say that there is a new captain on this ship."

"You can not just replace someone like that." Alisha argued.

"You have no idea what I can do." Soren threatened. "It only took me less then five minutes till I was at top here." Soren walked down the ship to a wooden box and got up on it, making him a good two feet taller.

"What do plan for?" St. Peter asked Soren.

"Ram for all!" Soren exclaimed. The crew celebrated and cups were brought out, barrels were smashed to get the ram.

"Soren!" I yelled at him.

"Name's Captain Cock." Soren smirked.

"Cock." I yelled. "Please let us go! I will leave you be, you can be set free to ride to wind or feel the waves."

"Well Aron." Soren walked over to me. "I can't do that, because someone ripped my wings out of my body. But I won't kill you Aron, I just wanna have a little fun." He splashed the ram into my face, it spilled down my new white shirt, staining it.

"If he gets drunk?" Simeon said, he was uneasy.

"I don't even want to think about it." I commented.

"He will kill us." Alisha sighed.

No way, Soren is not the murder type. Me would much rather keep his victims alive to keep them miserable then to kill them, giving them a favor. That is how I know that Hudson, Ames and Larkin are not dead. But I don't know anymore. I am learning so much about Soren now that we had a lot of alone time, he isn't the person I thought he was. He had had six cups of ram already, drunk and with an attitude. The worst combination.

"You know I love you guys, right?" Soren flopped down next to us. "Really I fell in love the moment we meet, cuspids arrow flying high!" Soren's voice was high and pitchy, drunk Soren was kinda funny.

I stayed silent. I am not encouraging him.

"Aron." Soren stroked my face. "I didn't say I love you to hear it back. I was saying it to make sure that you knew." He winked at me, then fell flat on the deck. That's what happens when you drink, tis why I don't.

"We are dead people walking." Alisha said.

"No we need a plan." I argued.

"The whole crew will eventually end up like this." Alisha whispered. "In the night we can escape and get in one of those lifeboats."

"That's perfect." Simeon whispered back.

"We got to somehow cut these ropes." I said.

"They didn't take our weapons." Alisha whispered. She showed me a knife she had in her hand.

"You clever girl." I smiled.

"We get out of here and find your sister. Tonight." Alisha promised.


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Poor drunk Soren. . . hope the other three will be ok. Oh and where is chapter 8.

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Being written

Sun, September 18th, 2016 2:45pm

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