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As new Number 23, Mik must obey her master until the day she finally dies in an underground fight ring. She must use every ounce of strength she has to survive a system designed to destroy every Number no matter what. Can she figure a way out? Will she be able to survive fighting in the ring long enough to get her freedom back? As a victim of human trafficking, she is at the mercy of her master who determines how long she lives. Will she be able to escape?

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Submitted: June 24, 2016

  My heart fluttered as I walked up the stairs to Adam's front door. It was late at night, maybe around ten o'clock. The air was... Read Chapter

Down the Rabbit Hole

Submitted: June 25, 2016

This book is actually done. I will post chapters as fast as I can get them onto my computer (at least one a day). I appreciate feedback, thank you! Read Chapter

Feel the Waters

Submitted: June 25, 2016

I awoke to my face stinging. I let out a grunt and rubbed my head while blinking hard. I was back in my cell lying on the hay that covere... Read Chapter

Forbidden Fruit

Submitted: June 26, 2016

I awaited Nicole's return for what seemed like hours. I kept trying to tell myself that she was going to be okay. I knew she wouldn't be,... Read Chapter

Out to Sea

Submitted: June 27, 2016

  I slept for a long time. I didn't even wake up when they brought back Tracy. Any time I woke up, I checked to see if my door w... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 28, 2016

We stood in an elevator while I felt my adrenaline deflate. I kept my eyes closed as I felt my chest shaking with every breath I took. Im... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 29, 2016

  My next fight was against a small, younger girl who clearly never fought anyone in her life. It didn't take much to knock her ... Read Chapter


Submitted: July 03, 2016

“Mikayla? Mik? Wake up, please!” I heard a voice saying in panic. I tried to move but felt nothing. I opened my eyes slowly and saw s... Read Chapter

Out of the Skillet, into the Fire

Submitted: July 06, 2016

I'm sorry it may take a few days between chapters, I'm trying my best to get them posted quickly. I'm a mother during the day so I can only write at night and the chapters are long but I don't forget! I won't just leave this project I will post until it is finished Read Chapter


Submitted: July 08, 2016

I had a while to heal from my last fight with Seven. My wound in my head was almost completely healed and my knuckles were a lot better. ... Read Chapter

Lost and Found

Submitted: July 13, 2016

Master left me with a guard we ran into in the hallway to return me to my cell. I wrinkled my nose and cursed under my breath when he han... Read Chapter

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