Rumble Fish Sequel

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This is one of my early works. If you have ever read Rumble Fish, this is what I imagined happened after.

Submitted: June 24, 2016

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Submitted: June 24, 2016



 As I was walking into the door of The Weigel’s Sports Bar, the first thing I saw was Steve. Right as I walked in Steve saw me. “Rusty, man you came. I almost thought you weren’t going to come.” said Steve. “Well, I did.” But in my head I was thinking why I did again. Then I spotted Steve’s girl. He noticed and grabbed her waist a little tighter like he was worried I had the guts to take her or something. She was skinny, blonde, and had one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. Her blues were the most charming aspect about her. Then the waitress came by and asked, “What can I do for you folks tonight?” Steve and his girl answered at the same time “Water please.” “And for you?” she turned and faced me. “I’ll have a coke.”

Now it was Steve’s turn to annoy me,” So how has your life been since that one night? This is my girl Stacy. Stacy this is Rusty-James.” I sighed “Oh, well I finished public high school. I am saving all my tips to go to community college.” Stacy cut in just then, “Well hello Rusty. Steve has told me so much about you.” Her velvet voice was so soft and peaceful it felt like you were floating on a cloud every time she talked. I looked at Steve and then said, “Well what has Steve told you?” Steve shot me a glance of pure and utter fear. Almost like he thought I was going to get up and fight him right there in front of his girl. To tell you the truth I didn’t feel like fighting Steve right in front of Stacy or anywhere for that matter. “Well, just some stories like the one where you, and Steve got mugged. How the guys had, what Steve thought, killed you.” I looked at Steve and he flinched like I was going to hit him. “Oh well that night was really just a scare.” Steve cut in. I cut him short, “Well, did he ever tell you how we got saved cause I am still fuzzy about that fight?” “Oh well that part is my favorite.” Stacy whispered.

I was shocked at what she had said more to the fact that Steve had told her that part. Almost no one knew about Motorcycle Boy outside of the people that knew him in the old days. Steve cut-in again “Well, yea that part when you were knocked out was a huge scare for me and Motorcycle Boy both.” By then the waitress had come back with our drinks. Then she asked,” What can I get you folks to eat?’ I was the first one to answer. “I’ll have the steak with mashed potatoes and brown gravy.” As the waitress was scribbling down my order Steve asked Stacy what she wanted to eat; Steve and Stacy got the same exact thing, pork steak with a side salad and low calorie ranch.

I was tired of the small talk so I asked Stacy if she wanted to hear the one about Biff Wilcox. She said yes a little too excitedly. Okay, what I was really hoping to hear was no thanks. But hey what I was supposed to do, I already offered. So I told her the story then showed her the scar but the amazing thing was before me or Steve could stop her, she had reached out to trace her finger along the skinny pink line down my side. Right after that the food came; we all ate in silence then as I was getting up to leave Stacy got up and gave me a hug. Steve just shook my hand and whispered “Good-bye”. Like he knew it was last time he would ever see me again.

I was walking home and I saw Steve out in the middle of an alleyway across from this darker man who to me looked like a black Biff Wilcox. Skinny, large afro, and a coat made to hold anything and everything. Steve looked like he was about to fall over from anxiety. Then the darker man saw me and Steve turned around, dumb move by him, the darker man hit him over the head. That one hit brought back memories of the night I almost died.

I ran into the alleyway to save Steve. Good thing I had my switchblade knife on me or I would have been in trouble. I wasn’t in any shape to be fighting anyone. The guy pulled out a knife. We just stood there waiting for someone to make a move. I twitched and he slit my arm. Then, I slit that guy right down from shoulder to hip just like Biff Wilcox had done to me only the guy fell over from the lack of muscle. He wasn’t real meaty.

I turned around to see Steve breathing but just barely. He had a gash the size of my palm on the back of his head. I was so alert after that fight. It didn’t matter that my arm was bleeding so bad that everything was kind of blurry. I ran over to him and said “Steve, man talk to me.” All Steve was able to mumble was “Ugh.” “Well, that is at least something.’’ Even though my arm was bleeding pretty badly, I picked him up and carried him out to the street. I timed walking out of the alleyway way to well. An ambulance was cruising by and they saw Steve then me. Then they saw how we both looked like we got lucky that we didn’t get killed. Steve was barely breathing when they loaded him up on the gurney. Then out of nowhere I fell over. I had blacked out.

 It felt like forever for me to wake up. Finally, I woke up in the ICU of the St. James Memorial Hospital. The only reason I knew the name was when Motorcycle Boy had gotten killed that is where they did his autopsy. Also where they dragged me to let my hands heal. So I called the nurse, my voice was real scratchy when I asked her “Why am I in the ICU?” She responded “The night you had saved your friends life you had gone into a coma.” I asked her “How long have I been out?” She told me “At least two months.” I asked her about Steve. She said “Well he came close to crashing all he had was a heart attack and we had saved him.” Plus that his right leg is well she said disabled. I didn’t know what that word was so I asked her what disabled meant in plain English. She said he couldn’t use it. That is when I was really shocked. I had known Steve all my life, realizing that he almost died put some things into reality. Like I should have kept better touch with him. I should have understood that night at dinner when he said goodbye that it meant goodbye forever. Well it did until I cut in. He would have died that night two months ago if I hadn’t stop that black man from killing him. Well that meant one thing, Steve owed me his life like I owed Motorcycle Boy mine. So when that reality was realized I figured if I could walk I would go see my old friend tomorrow. I asked the nurse, “Hey, can I walk? I am just wondering because I wanted to visit my friend.” She answered,” Yea, I guess we could see if you can walk by yourself.” So we walked down the hall a couple of times. My legs felt numb the first time we walked down the hall. But I got the hang of it the second time. After that she told me we had to get me in bed.

 The very next day I got up and visited Steve. He didn’t look to hot when I saw him. The nurse that was in the room said that they had gotten him to say certain things and to almost wiggle his toes on his leg that he can’t use. Luckily he was awake when I went to see him. He kind of mumbled a hello. Or that is what I thought it was. The nurse started to check his wires and IV and all that other nonsense. The nurse kindly explained what everything was and what it did, to me. The only reason she did is because I had asked about pretty much every wire, computer thing, and anything else in the room. She told me I had to leave because it was time for my usual check-up routine in my own room. Because I had no insurance the doctors paid for my room until they were sure that I was completely recovered from my coma. Well I got back to my room the nurse that I saw when I woke up was the one to do the check-up. So she did the usual, putting me on a heart monitor, an IV, and a more comfortable bed.

I was so tired that I laid down and fell asleep. The nurse came in regularly so that they were sure I wasn’t going to die in my sleep because according to the nurse it happens a lot to coma patients. That was when I asked her, “What is your name?” She replied dryly, “My name is Sally.” Oh well that was a decent name by my standards. Next thing I know all I feel is this surging pain where my heart should be and I hear this awful beeping sound going completely crazy. The nurse started to freak out, calling in crash carts and doctors. The next thing that happened is so fuzzy as soon as it was over I asked the nurse what had happened she said, “You came close to dying and that the doctor that had saved Steve’s life saved yours too.” I was really quite thankful for that but now they said I had to stay an extra two weeks to be extra sure that I would be all better or good enough to get a job and live on my own.

Within the next two weeks the doctors had said I had made excellent progress with healing. Also that I and Steve could leave as soon as Steve could say his name and a sentence. Well every day for two weeks I went and helped Steve start talking again. He finally got “Hello, my name is Steve.” down enough that we got to leave. After that I and Steve went to live in an apartment together. He paid for rent, I paid for food and drinks. Water and salads for Steve and instant noodles and coke for me.

 I was working at the bar closest to my apartment. I was earning minimum wage. Well, don’t blame me it was putting food in my refrigerator. Even though most of my food was like instant noodles and bread it kept me alive.

The health inspector came by every other month. I kept it clean. No bottles on the floor or trash on the table. My room kept clean; even though all I had for a bed was a blanket. Steve’s room was always clean. He had the mattress. I got the blanket. He needed the mattress because of his head. If it got infected then he would either die or never be able to leave the hospital again. So I gave him the comfortable mattress.

He was always talking more and more as time went on. He learned my name and names of certain thing we had laying around the house. One morning he came out of his room and said, “Good morning Rusty.” I was shocked to hear him say that cause he had tried to say that every morning but he could only get out was Rusty. So I finally got to say good morning back without feeling like a complete fool. We ate the usual breakfast and went into the room with the T.V. in it but as usual Steve and I fought over what to watch. He always won just because I had to let him. I mean he has his time with me before I go to work every day and I don’t want to ruin it for him by arguing.

Like I said I work at a bar so I work really late. I call home every now and again to check on Steve. But all he ever says “I am fine.’’ So when I get done on the phone with him I have like ten drink orders to fill. At like ten o’clock I come home make me some dinner, make sure Steve is asleep and then get to bed myself.

One night as I was coming into his room to check on him I didn’t hear him breathing at all. I run into his room to see what is wrong and he isn’t breathing. I call the hospital and tell them that he can’t breathe and he is turning colors. Within the next ten minutes the ambulance is right outside our door, picking Steve up to put him on the gurney, and asking me if I wanted to ride with him to the hospital. Of course I said yes. So I jump in after they put Steve in the back and start driving. He looks over at me once they have the mask that gives him air and he wakes up. All he can do is try to smile. We get to the hospital and they rush Steve to the ER. Well he was in one of the rooms closest to the crash cart and the doctor made regular check-ups. Right before I was about to leave the doctor said that Steve is going to have to stay for a while so that they could figure out what caused his breathing troubles. I was completely okay with that I was planning on staying with him either way all I would have to do is call off work for a couple of days. So I call off work for a week to make sure I can see Steve without him watching me leave every day at the same time. He was talking again in full sentences by the second day I had off. We finally had our first conversation since that night we had dinner. Stacy came in as soon as I was leaving to clean up the house. I got home and asked the neighbors if I could borrow their vacuum cleaner, and any other cleaning product I needed to clean up the house so Steve wouldn’t get sick again.

 I got the house as spotless as I could within two hours of being home. Steve was supposed to come home in like a day is what the doctor told me. Well I had time to kill because I still had the next four days off. So I went down to the bar and ordered a beer. The lady that was covering was one that always tried to flirt with when I was working. So when I ordered she gave me her number on a napkin that she put under my drink. I tried to not look at it so I turned around and watched the TV in the bar. As I was walking home my head started to hurt so I literally ran as fast as I could home to find the Tylenol that I had stolen from the drug store down the street. Steve was already waiting in the TV room for me to come home only he was asleep so I picked him up put him in his clean room. Then I ran in the kitchen and took some Tylenol. My head didn’t hurt as bad as when I was walking home but it still hurt like hell. When I was done eating my instant noodles I checked on Steve he was fine. I went into my room and my headache came back full force. I held my tongue so I wouldn’t scream and wake up Steve. I called the hospital and told them about my headache. They told me to walk down there so they could check what was wrong, so I did. They told me to take off any metal I had on me. That meant taking my knife and my wallet off, it was a good thing my knife was in my wallet so they couldn’t see that I had it on me. They put me in a machine that takes pictures of my brain. I can’t remember what the doctor told me what it was so I couldn’t really tell you. They said I was going to be fine is I took this kind of medicine and drank a lot of water. Also if I ate better like salads and fruits. When I got home at 2:30 in the morning Steve was still asleep so I got real lucky that I didn’t wake him. I took one of his waters and sat down to watch some TV. All that was on was some dumb soap opera. I shut the TV off and took a walk. When I got back Steve was eating breakfast in the TV room. He turned around and looked me dead in the eye and said, “Hey your home. Where have you been?” I answered, “Out and about. Why does it matter?” He looked hurt then he responded, “Well I was only wondering because the hospital called and said you left your wallet there.” Oh shoot I totally forgot to grab that. I ran as fast as I could to the hospital and asked if I could have my wallet. The secretary asked me, “How much money is in it?” I wanted to scream but I replied roughly, “It has twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. Now give me my wallet.” She handed it to me and I turned to leave.

 This was the last day I saw myself as well me. I got fired from my job, Steve moved out to go live with Stacy. I was in such a wreck after that. It was like Steve took half of me with him. I felt like I was losing a brother I just got back. So I walked down to my usual bench at the beach. Next thing you know an old rival walks up to me and says “Hey Rusty, how you been doing?” I really didn’t want to talk to biff right now but just like Steve he offered me to dinner. I told him to give me a couple days to think about it. He left and I walked home. It was Tuesday when I finally called Biff up and said, “Sure I would love to come to dinner.” He was so happy he forgot to say goodbye before he hung up. So I got ready to leave, I grabbed my switchblade and walked down to the same diner I went to, to see Steve. I walked into the bar and sat down. As I was waiting for Biff a waitress came up and asked me, “What can I get you to drink cutie?” I answered sourly, “Just a water, no ice.” Just then Biff walked in and sat across from me. We kept silent for a minute or two. Then Biff said, “Well, hi. I am glad we can try to be friends.” “Yea, not really. Just friendly towards each other.” I responded. He looked really hurt from that. I saw a lump in Biffs’ coat pocket, it looked like a knife. I made sure I had my knife ready. The waitress came back with our drinks and asked what we wanted to eat. I told her, “I’ll take your turkey patty, a salad with low calorie ranch and extra tomatoes.” Biff ordered a steak extra onions. Then he looked at me and said, “Little bit of a health nut aren’t you.” “Well yea I am. Deal with it. I don’t want to die at 24.” He responded by saying, “Well, steak never hurt anyone.” “Yes, it clogs your blood veins.” “Oh well, when did you get so smart Rusty?” “When I realized that it is the only way you’ll make it in this world.” We ate in silence. Then Biff said he had to use the restroom. I told him I’m going to leave. So we walked our separate ways. As soon as I was out the door I felt like something was wrong so I pulled out my knife and tensed up ready for a fight.

 I got jumped on my way home. Can you guess who it was? Of course it was Biff. He slit my arm before I could even turn around. Next thing I know Biff is on top of me. He had his knife ready but I was too quick I turned around slit the arm holding his knife. He jumped off right quick and stood there holding his arm. Pure rage surged through my veins. How did I not know this was going to happen? I felt so stupid. Next thing I know me and Biff are on the ground again, tussling. I slit his throat; he fell over first to his knees then to his stomach. He got up and next thing he slits my leg as he falls again to his death and with his final breath he shouts,” I got my revenge Rusty. I got it.”

As I limped to the hospital I look back and see Biff lay there with a smile on his lifeless face. I rush through the doors of the hospital, the secretary looks at me then at my leg and my arm then calls a nurse down to help me. The nurse of course is the one that took care of me during my stay in the ICU. She looks absolutely surprised it is me again. She pushes me into a wheelchair and runs to the ER. I sit on the bed and she bandages my leg and my arm. We get to talking and next thing you know we are set for a date as soon as I get out of the hospital.


It was Friday when I got out. So the next day I picked up Sally for our date on the beach. At around 8:00 P.M. we walked to her house. For the next two years we dated. On the very day that made it two years exactly that we started dating, Sally broke up with me. The pain that Sally left hurt beyond the pain that Steve left behind.

That very same night I was walking home from Sally’s place. I just happened to stumble into my old work place. I was getting drunk. It was the one of the saddest nights I might ever have. You see I finally thought I was going to have one of them happy endings like in fairy tales but who really is ever going to have one of those? Yet again I felt utterly stupid. After my three day drinking spree. I went home and just fell asleep. Out of habit I walk into Steve’s room. Then realizing that he isn’t and wouldn’t ever be there again I started to cry. Next thing I know I hear someone at my door. I wasn’t really in the mood for company. I told whoever it was to just get lost. But to my surprise it was Sally. She stared to walk away when I recognized her familiar sobbing. I ran to the door opened it and saw her half way down the hall before I caught up with her almost out of breath. She turned around at the sounds of my heavy footsteps.


We embraced each other for just a moment. I asked, “What’s wrong Sally? You seem really worried about something.” She toke a deep breath and responded, “Well, I passed by the bar yesterday and saw you there and well just thought you did nothing wrong to me. It was family issues that I broke up with you for. I’m so sorry. Can I make it up to you somehow?” Gosh, I really don’t need a guilt trip right now. “Yes, maybe there is something you can do. You can give us one more chance together. How’s that sound?” Sally just looked into my eyes for a moment. Then answered, “Well, I suppose that will do.” I wanted to jump for joy but my leg still hurt from that cut. She saw how happy I was and she offered to come back to my place and spend the evening helping me get the apartment ready for her to move in within the next week. I was shocked she wanted to move in that soon. She saw the place and then looked at me.


She opened and shut her mouth several times like she really wanted to say something but couldn’t get it out. I said, “Just say it please your making me nervous.” She took a deep breath and said, “I never thought a guy living on his own would keep a place so clean.” I was even shocked at myself keeping this place so clean. “Well, most guys don’t have to keep their place clean. I have to because of my cuts.” She looked at me and then whispered, “You only keep it clean because of your cuts? Most guys wouldn’t care. You are the best guy ever then. I never asked you how you got those cuts on your leg and arm. Can you tell me?” I looked her dead in the eye and said, “Yes, I keep it so clean because of my cuts. Yes, I would gladly tell you how I got my cuts.” I told her about the three hours before I got the hospital that night two years and four weeks ago. She looked shocked but never once did she ask a single question. Then I told about the other fight I got into with Biff. After I showed her the scar. She looked at me and said, “Well, then you’re lucky to have me as your girlfriend. Because it looks like you’re going to need me.” Oh well I didn’t even think of it that way. That very night we were closer than we ever were when we dated four weeks ago.

Two days later, Sally came by with all of her things. This was the day we were both anticipating. Sally came in and we moved my stuff into Steve’s old room. Her dog was going to live in my room. I didn’t mind the dog. It was a German Sheppard mixed with a Grey Hound. He was really big but I learned how to handle it. We would walk him down to the beach every day. Then one day his leash snapped while he was trying to chase a cat. The cat ran into the road and well the dog got hit not the cat. We ran to save our dog. I picked him up as gently as I could and we ran him to veterinarian’s office that was a couple blocks from the beach and right across the street from our apartment. The vet said, “He might make it, if he can stay here for two or three days. Is that okay with you?” We though it over and finally told the vet yes. We went home and come three days’ time the vet called us and said, “We did everything in our power for him and he might not be able to move his back left leg so much anymore. But at least he is alive. Let him take it easy for a couple of days and then take him for a short walk like an hour a day then leave him be the rest of that day and see how everything goes. Here is some painkillers for him. Half a pill every day for two weeks then come have him check-in with me.” We were so happy that Rocky was going to make it out almost perfect that we celebrated with our bud back home. We went to bed that night really joyous.

“Hey Sal, where’s my coat?” “Which one Rusty?” “The one that is like a suit jacket but not.” “Oh that one well it is in the closet by the door.” “‘Kay, thank you.” Today I was going to try to get a decent job. Better than the one down at the bar. I wasn’t getting tipped much anymore because I couldn’t flirt anymore now that I had Sally. So I went down to the bar on a day off and asked to see the manager. I told him, “You know what this job isn’t paying as much as I need it to be paying. So I quit.” He staggered with being able to speak for a minute then finally sputtered, “Fine, I am losing one of my best bar tenders ever.” I had to leave that second so he couldn’t talk me into staying. I was already with another job. I had told the grocery shop manager that I was looking for a decent paying job with coupons thrown into the pay and he said he could help. I was so excited with that news that I almost ran home to tell Sally that I finally got the better of the two jobs. Only then did I realize that my leg hurt. More like screamed at me with pain. My leg never was right after that fight. Sally said that it was because of the knife he used. I asked why that was and she just answered that it might be poisoned. I was shocked that I actually understood what she said. Then everything went black. Sally was on me in seconds. I was everywhere then nowhere like that night in the alley. I was glad I would die in the arms of my other half and that my best friend was happy where ever he was.



The End

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