Right or Wrong

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Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



 Mr. Ramdayal was returning from his office to home by his car. It was heavy raining along with thundering and lightning. On the way home, near the church he noticed that somebody was showing thumb to his car in order to take lift. At first he tried to ignore the man but as he went nearer to that person, he appeared him familiar. But Ramdayal was unable to recognise him at that moment. Next moment when Ramdayal looked at his face through the glass of the window of the car, he found such a gloomy expression on the face of that person that he could not proceed by ignoring that person. He immediately stopped the car to give him lift. That person immediately entered the car and closed the door.

Ramdayal got surprised by observing that his body and clothes were dried in spite of heavy rain. Suddenly Ramdayal felt heat. It was as if the body of that person was emitting waves of heat. Ramdayal felt unease and asked him, “Where do you want to go?” That man gave no answer. He turned his face to Ramdayal and looked straight into Ramdayal’s eyes. There was a glow in the eyes of that person which cause Ramdayal to shiver with fear for a moment. Being suspicious Ramdayal again repeat his question with fear “Where do you want to go?”

That person stared into his eyes and answered, “To my destination.”

Ramdayal getting confused by his answer asked “what!” “What do you mean by destination?”

He smiled at asked, “Do you know me?”

Ramdayal replied, “No, I don’t know who you are.” After remaining silent for a while Ramdayal asked “You appear to be familiar but I am at this time unable to recognise you.”

He replied, “How easily you forget me!” “How easily you forget your sin, your crime.”

Ramdayal got angered at this and shouted, “Crime! Sin! I never in my life did any crime.”

He uttered with anger, “Don’t try to be innocent. I help you remember who I am and what crime you did.”

Ramdayal stared at him with anger and surprise, “what!”

He asked, “Remember, twenty years ago exactly from today what you did and since then what you have been doing.”


At this Ramdyal stopped his car and shout at him “you mad man. Who are you? What the hell do you to do with what I had done or what I am doing?” After a pause he shouted again, “Get out of my car immediately.”

that man did not react at this and begin to stare at him. At this Ramdayal opened the door of the car and tried to push him out of the car but to his utter amazement his hands felt no solid human body; his hand went across through that man’s torso. He then tried to catch that man by arm but no skin or bone came in his grip. It was a reflection. A reflection can’t be hurt or pushed or pulled. Ramdayal had never in his life saw such a thing. Ramdayal tried to run away from the scene but an invisible force again pulled him in the car. The door of the car was closed by itself. He was shaking with fear. He tried to scream but due to excess fear he could not even open his mouth. His whole body was soaked with sweat.

Both of them remained silent for one or two minutes.

Gathering all his courage, Ramdayal asked timidly, “What do you want? What will you do with me?”

He said, “I do not want anything from you. People like you do not take birth to give something to someone. As far doing anything with you, you have your own destiny and I have no power to interfere with your destiny therefore I could not do anything that is fatal to you. Hence you don’t need to afraid of me.” He paused for a while and looked at him and continued, “You are still not recognising me.”

Ramdayal looked at him with question in his eyes.

He told, “I am Ramesh whom you killed twenty years ago for the sake of money at the same spot where at present you are standing.”

Hearing this Ramdayal’s face turned pale. He was shaking with fear.

The spectre laughed at him and said, “Don’t afraid. I am not here to kill you.”

Hearing this, Ramdayal felt relieved to some degree. He was unable to understand how to treat and react to this ghostly thing.


The ghost looked at Ramdayal with aversion and said, “I was a young man of age twenty five. I was involved in the paternal business. As I was the only son of my parents, all their hopes were centred on me. I was the pillar for their old age.” The ghost remained silent for a moment or two and then again began to say, “That day, I was returning with a big amount of money to home from my workshop. In hurry to return home I hired a taxi. You were the driver of that taxi. Somehow you came to know that I am carrying a big amount. Perhaps you had been keeping an eye on me. Being possessed by the greed, you snatched the money from me and killed me on the way and run away from the spot. From that day my soul had been wandering.”

Ramdayal was looking at the ghost of Ramesh with eyes and mouth wide open. He was transfixed like a stone.

Ramdayal said, “I had no other way to quench my huger. I was poor and have no money to feed my children.”

Ghost argued, “Your hunger and poverty are just pretence. Only your greed is motive behind your misdeeds.”

Ramdayal protested, “No it is not right. I was helpless.”

The ghost said, “Were you still helpless after robbed me of my money? After death I kept an eye on you and I found you always involved in wrongdoings.”

Ramdayal said, “After that crime, I fall victim to the charms and pleasure of life. I had to adopt unfair means to earn more and more money to maintain my social status.”

The ghost told in excitement, “And your greed crossed all the limits and you lost all your moral sense.”

Ramdayal argued, “Do you think that only I am gathering money by adopting unfair means? I know several people who are gathering money by illegal ways. It is the way of life, you can’t do anything. It is a matter of mundanity. I think almost everybody in this world have to adopt such a ways in his life sooner or later, somewhere or the other. You too had to adopt an illegal or unmoral means to fulfil your wants.

The ghost remained silent for a while and then said, “No, I had never used such means. You killed me in my early age. I had my ideals. I was not a person like you.”

Ramdayal said, “I am sorry for my wrong doing. I was responsible for what happened to your family after your death.”

Ghost asked, “Only sorry is not sufficient for your deeds. You were so smart that you managed to escape from law. People like you were present everywhere to help you.”

Ramdayal, “You are right. There were many people like me whom I bribed to insure my escape from law.”

Ghost, “And after ensuring escape you invested the money robbed from me into business and soon with your cunningness you gathered millions of rupees and social prestige too whereas my soul could not find peace after my death and is still wandering.”

He paused for a moment and then said with bitterness, “In spite of being guilty of murder you are enjoying your life and I, in spite of being victim could not find justice.”

Ramdayal replied timidly, “It may be will of God.”

 Ghost shouted with bitterness, “I don’t believe in God, yours God, your saviour.......” “God did not come to help me when you were killing me.  He came forward to help you ......he is with you. I became atheist after that incident.”

He paused for a moment and then said spitefully, “You just need to pray to God and he will absolve you from your sins and guilt.”  

Randayal said timidly, “Everybody do so. Why do you have objection on it?”


The Ghost, “I don’t have any objection. After all he is your deliverer. It is he who overlooked your guilt and sin and gave you a lot of wealth and happiness. Not to speak of wealth and happiness, he did not give me even a place in heaven or hell after my death. Isn’t it an injustice to me?”

 Spectre stopped talking and stared at Ramdayal for a second or two and then began to look at another direction.

Ramdayal said politely, “of course it is injustice to you. I am guilty of murdering you. You can give me any punishment for my crime.”

“It is no use to punish you. As I already told you I have no power to punish you. If your God don’t want to punish you, I don’t need to care about your punishment.”

Ramdayal said with remorse, “You think I don’t have any penitence over what I had done to you. You don’t know my state of mind. Being submitted to poverty and being tempted by mortal things and physical pleasures, I committed crime. Since then I have been burning in the fire of penitence. Materialism makes us vulnerable to sins and crimes. In spite of gathering a lot of wealth and social prestige, I am not happy and feel a guilty.”

Both of them remain silent for a minute or two.

“If God had not made hunger, wants and desires the world would have been free from many of sins and crimes.”

There was still heavy raining. Lightning were dancing and the clouds were thundering in the sky. There was nobody in the road except the spectre and Ramdayal.

Next day people found the dead body of Ramdayal in his car.

© Copyright 2018 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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