Time Back To Home

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Let us furnish a promise that is inseparable so much time back to home will count. I have only mentioned its essence. May your dreams come true for our reality. :)

Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



My home is a very blessing I love to live forever till my life ends,

Some special ingredients reward my diety daily refershed on this prayer,

I play my daily routine on its dance floor,

I am awake rinsing on its steps when the entire world sleeps,

Unseen an image on its shade near this promise fall on happiness like its roof,

Dreams cherish gifted care for every brick that made its strength,

Life sang many songs of living gracious fortunes time played in its very love,

One mind so given out of infinite incarnations lived upto all wealth as its university of knowledge,

When I wander in this universe I take with me many gestures of experience laid long way in my memory,

If geometry of one alchemist made many chemistry of fun for our generations ever,

They who lived to light the presence of Godly gifted tenure of every birth may walk with us for long way ahead,

As I compile my collection of vision I page down in words,

There is a takeaway for every stranger who tresspassed this journey from unknown creation,

If someone came from our future back in time again,

They will tell us what make us so sublime in a journey spoken for worldly reasons of existence,

Where promised home share respect of the will that made us light our generation one step ahead,

In the near future they may visit our shrine who may be given for this Godly treasure,

When our ends are not the language of its death,

May shape the spirit of humanity how we all have this commitment live from the contentment of hearts happiness,

A soul flows in time from the beats of this heart,

They who carved our creation made for mankind on its inheritance,

In their language manmade arts are the gateway for all celebrations of our Earthly life,

If you shine around my home looking for a place like morning sun,

I am here longing for the nature of all songs played on this gallery,

Where those who travel through unseen tracks may fear what kind of life is unveiled upon them,

Here final word rest with one unknown force who always won its way through the jungle book of a travel zone,

If silence of time also mean their signs arise from the time we are spotted on this planet,

Our Earthly nature never crowded on this arena more than all the guards who saw us near its ends,

They may seek any life form harness eternal longtivity of distress many never be the doors of our mind,

Unless the unseen playground once again open for the destination why we are here tuned for our beautiful gifts of this world,

Every pleasure we make for this unseen event,

May never seek the deepest cry of humanity,

For being vulnerable than any creation,

It didnt stop us to live in a society,

Where social order in all our art of living is not only for daily bread as it has many known nature to be the fittest,

Today when my promised home live around the compassion of our global village,

No time in the entire history we were near the shore of this connectivity,

One word of thanksgiving for all that made us here,

If we look down within for nourishing this foundation all we may sustain its strength of survival at all times,

There is our dearest heart may once again be its workplace for the life we earnestly live up to its awesome beauty,

If we love this service for the entire creation so may be beginning how we can plan this purpose towards its onset of a new message,

How will you pray for the guidence from collecting every grain forming its harvest under the time we live for all this wonder why we are born in this age of our creation?

If my home serves one divine eternal energy,

If this energy solves one dividing questions endlessly,

Can you ask for anything more than one who knows how to start from where we are ?

Will our kingdom that shines on this shore power the brightest time back to home with the message that bring back love to creation and commitment to heart for making this reality?

For our promised home,

Let us not wear away but avoid the episodes of conflicts,

Let us gift our generation ahead safest tenure of prosperity that give greenery honored on this Earth,

Let us not pollute our world if we cannot recycle all that we throw away as waste,

Let us sustain our enviroment and its living inhabitant through right actions that make all harvest for our ecosystem,

Let us educate healthy lifestyle as something that brings back every natural resources for our future home,

Let us give everyone an opportunity where they are skilled and bring them living happiness at heart,

More than anything war and hatred created terrorism from proverty of lifeline,

If I ask something from you right now,

In this hope that shines on this story that begins everywhere,

It is a time back to home may we discover more than this message,

In my prayers let this succeed everyone who will lead us near this promised land,

As more than any wish we have some responsibility,

Let us endure this reason to be here for all we wanted in these days ahead... :)

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